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  1. MC Sencha

    1st Gen V-Max 2001 Carbon Canadian Imported in Tokyo, bought on Yahoo Auction JP

    Always dreamt about owning a Vmax since a teenager. This one is in a mint condition imported from Canada, bought here in Tokyo in a shop called SEED Motorcycles via Yahoo Auction! I Only had it for a few days. I had to change the tires, oil and battery. The only potential problem might be the...
  2. S

    1993 Stock VMAX from Canada

    I have a 1993 stock Yamaha VMAX from Canada with 64,175 km (39,876 miles). The bike hasn't been running for 10 years, but has been stored indoors. I live in Hawaii so shipping the whole bike may be an issue. If you are interested in parts than please let me know. I began the process of...
  3. liptoss

    Recovering Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    Wondering if there are any Canadian Vmax'rs out there that have recovered their Corbin Gunfighter seat or any other motorcycle seat for that matter? Rather than purchase a new Corbin seat, I'm looking for a reputable vendor to recover my Corbin. I'm not looking to ship it cross border, and...
  4. Itgoes

    Buying a VMax In Canada and Bringing it Across the Border

    I'm about to do that. Anyone know exactly what I'll face at the border with the bike on the trailer? I assume there will be several forms to fill out. I also just read the the bike needs to have the stock exhaust on it because they'll be looking for EPA and DOT markings. If anyone that...
  5. Fire-medic

    lot full of project cars in Canada $1.45 million CN

    I don't think this guy is gonna get anywhere near his asking price, and the cars are all in-need of varying degrees of work, but it would be fun to see a video inventory of what he's got, I'm sure there is some worthwhile stuff in there. “I’m 60 years old and won’t live long enough to restore...
  6. Traumahawk

    Hey Buster......Company is coming

    So, will these people actually head North?
  7. D

    Dave and Redbone invaded Canada...

    So this summer (I know, it's been a while) I met up with Brian-- Redbone-- and went on a totally epic journey through Maine, Atlantic Canada, and Newfoundland. We went to Miles Long's house, hung out, rode with him through New Brunswick, then moved on to Newfoundland for another ten(ish) days of...
  8. VMax-Mike

    Need help with Canada ride

    Lee and i are going to do a 5 day ride in Canada this year and we would like to know about all the cool places on our route. We will be going through the border into Sarnia and fallowing route 7 to route 21 to 6 and than back to 26 to 92 to river rd to tiny beach's rd to route 12 to 400 to 144...
  9. jayterrence

    2007 VMax for sale in Canada

    I am the 2nd owner of this very well kept 07 VMax, originally bought in Vancouver, I bought it 2 years ago and unfortunately it is up for sale. Signal LED's and drag bars with 1 inch riser, engine guards, bike had always been stored in my living room and i had many of the underparts powder...
  10. 9

    1996 Vmax For Sale Hamilton Ontario Canada--SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi Guys- this was a US bike imported to Canada a few years ago. Need $4,500 CDN. This bike has been well taken care of and garaged all of it's life, so it shows well. No dents, a few minor flaws and it shows a bit of its age but otherwise looks clean. The engine has been out...
  11. blaxmax

    From canada to usa

    Anyone know the procedure and cost of getting a canadian vmax title transferred to usa? Thanks for the help.
  12. snakecharmr

    Where to buy Alsa paint in Canada?

    Looking for any info on retailers in Canada, more precise - Southern Ontario to purchase Alsa paints. I found a few of the finishes that I would like to try out on my max before I bite the bullet and buy all new body pieces. Any help, advice or experiences with this company would be appreciated.
  13. Karmakatt

    Riding through the States from Canada

    Hi Everybody!! I plan on riding down to Kansas to have Sean do a whole lot on my bike: KarmaMaxx. I'm riding from Toronto, Canada and it should take many hours for me to arrive. Traumahawk suggested that those interested meet up. Not sure exactly when except I'm thinking March or April...
  14. RoMax

    2013 Western Canada Meet & Greet

    Our Annual Meet & Greet is a bit later that usual. Last yr. it was planned too early, and we had to re-route due to poor weather and go east, instead of the great trip west through the mountains. Before we learned of the poor weather, I had between 25-30 confirmed to attend the ride. We still...
  15. zxjim

    shipping a bike from canada to chicago

    I was curious as to whether anyone has any is in New Brunswick and going to Chicago...can get bike to windsor fairly cheap but getting it across border is the trick...was thinking of bringing back myself but not is an 82 Katana bought for next to nothing...thanks...
  16. rusty

    Tsunami-swept Harley found in Canada
  17. RoMax

    Western Canada

    I'm planning a Meet & Greet in Calgary in late Aug. Before I create this 'Event' I'm going to put this 'feeler' out there. The place has not been picked, but I'll promote it to as may people and shops as i can. I'll send messages to everyone on kijiji that is selling their Max in Alberta and ask...
  18. shicks16

    Anyone else effected by the Canada Post Strike

    Just curious if anyone else has been affected by the strike going on here in Canada, i know i have 4 packages stuck at the boarder, one of which is my busa brakes and lines coming from Sean along with a master cylinder, which means my bike is un ridable until it gets here. i have also been...
  19. Thevmaxrider

    Yamaha Canada Survey

    All, I have been contacted by Yamaha Canada in regards to a customer survey they are performing. As they have been awesome in supporting the VMax community I would like to ask that folks take the time to complete the survey and feel free to post comments here. Here is a link to the survey...
  20. S

    New to the Max from the East Coast of Canada

    New to this forum and to the VMAX, seasoned rider had too many bikes to list but my last rides we're a few R1's and a RS Warrior. Picked up this new to me 97 Max after a 3 year break (kids) and I'm absolutely in love! Lots of great info on this site. Cheers!