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  1. radley

    Want New Easy Mods, Mirrors, Lights...

    I'm looking for new mirrors to put on my 85 Vmax. Does anyone have recommendations? I have a stock looking Vmax, original purple color, nothing's been done aesthetically outside of some chroming done on side covers (scoops?) and couple other things here and there., What are the covers called...
  2. TB99Max

    Easy way to clean front rotors

    So my front brakes have been catching and I'm finally going to remove them and do it right! So what's the best way to clean the floating rotor bolts? (Or whatever they are called). Also, I want to replace the Allen bolts that hold the rotor on. Is stainless the way to go?? Thanks guys!
  3. Sweatysac

    Easy Rear tail light and licence plate mod

    Here is a little mod that I find beautiful, costs only 30$ and takes 30 minutes to do!
  4. vmax1968

    Gen 2 easy horn upgrade

    I found a box in the garage with a Hella Strong Tone. Not the loudest but much better than stock and no mod needed to install :punk:
  5. jagco1

    Paint remove easy head light bracket

    If you have some old part needed to remove the paint off of them you may try brake fluid DOT-3 - it work for me. It can't hurt to try it. No hand work no mass. I have a head light bracket that the black paint was scratch up a little that I was going to have it powder paint today but man the...
  6. Fire-medic

    easy fix-headlight rocker switch

    I think this was a write-up before by someone here in FL-patmax? ninjaneer?-but I'm gonna post my experience. Addendum: I found the post, from ninjaneer: http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=20783 I have been doing a lot of work on my bike, and those of you who recognize my...
  7. Miles Long

    Electrical theory - made easy!

    I've heard people verbally equate electrical principles to common plumbing terms, but have never seen it in print - till now. This sure makes it all easier to understand! Cheers!
  8. dannymax

    Game time....it's an easy one!

    What bike is this? :ummm:
  9. thundermax

    It's not easy

    Looking for an album, it's not easy. Hoping someone can post a link to it. Thanks
  10. thundermax

    Easy rust removal & prevention

    New to Vmax. Bought a 98, kind of a project, in shop right now, first is de-rusting gas tank and sealing. Then to starting and tuning. Anyway, my thread is rust on the bike. Am posting pics of the rust I am talking about. I would like to have a rust remover I can spray on and remove the rust. Is...
  11. E

    Easy Fork Dissasembley Tool cost 2$

    Just done my fork seals and bushes on a 91, my lower allen bolts would not budge with forks in the tripple tree or out, then one turned and I thought my luck was in but the damper just turned with it. Read here on the forum several quick home made tool options for holding the internal damper...
  12. GREEN light BLITZ

    Easy question...wheres this hose go?

    So...4 guys took my motor out...guess who wasnt the guy that took the cooling system off! ME!!! Got this last hose that seems to have no home. Book doesnt say much about it specificallly either. Its the little one that points strait down next to the temp switch. And yes I know this is the...
  13. zxjim

    Easy three spoke front rim

    Is there a relatively simple three spoke front rim that can be used on a vmax retaining the stock discs/brakes? Just want to match same spoke pattern on rear of bike-thanks, Jim Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  14. Nicki66

    Brake bleeding, made easy!

    I have read on here before about bleeding brakes in this fashion, so I thought about giving it a try. I am installing R1 calipers and Galfer braided brake lines, front and rear. I also will change the clutch line. First off I had the pistons on the calipers all the way compressed into the...
  15. M

    easy barnett question

    I bought a Barnett clutch kit. (the purple one) The instructions are a single page showing that you removed the old one and bolt in the new one. Is it that easy? I haven't taken a Vmax clutch apart in 10 years and remember none of it.
  16. yukonerdave

    Nothing's ever easy...

    Finally listened to my baby ROAR to life today! MAN she sounds good. I've got a lot of adjustments to make still, but its good to know that she's alive. Here's my newest problem: No idea how that crack got there. It wasn't there last season, so maybe when I was moving the engine around...
  17. ghostntheshell

    Tire letter paint! Quick n easy

    Because people asked - I shall answer :) Like the original look of the white lettered Dunlop Qualifiers that came on the Max at some point in it's history? I sure did - as it really gives it that "muscle car" look. I was asked by three separate people this weekend at the bike show how I did...
  18. kaboom

    An easy mistake.....JAIL!!!!!

    http://www.kirotv.com/consumer/21725257/detail.html YIKES!!!!!! I live in a border town and it's just known that you don't bring firearms into Canada........but WOW!!!!! People around here carry guns in their vehicles all the time....... When the Canada Customs folks find out you have a...
  19. GREEN light BLITZ

    Easy front fender alternative

    You can swoop one of these things off Ebay for $30. Front fender off a 07 CBR 600R/R... You need to notch the top slightly to use the frame brace and that the hardest part (taking all of 10 minutes with a Dremmel) I made some brackets from the brakes to the bottom of the fender with some...
  20. M

    Easy way to tow my Max?

    Hello guys, I was looking for an easy way to tow my Max for possible small trips and or brake downs ( I know vmax's never break:biglaugh:). I have no space to store a traliler and I ran across this Hitch like thing on Ebay and the posting even shows it towing a Max...