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  1. R

    2nd generation final drive assembly

    In the middle of a supercharger install, I decided to replace my drive unit with an Otec case. Many parts unavailable and on backorder. Been waiting since December. I'm in need of a used fully assembled rear drive unit so that we can finish this build while waiting on backorder to arive. Any...
  2. frank5079

    Venture final drive swap

    Hey guys, I just got this Venture rear diff today and am planning to swap it in place of my stock Max rear. I scraped the plastic off the hole where the shock mounts and there is a stud in there. I'm wondering how to remove it?? Do I use a Dremel cutting disc and cut a groove in the middle and...
  3. Traumahawk

    Santa grants final wish to dying child

    He’s six feet tall, weighs 310 pounds with “just enough of a lap for the kids to sit on” and spent four years in the Army with the 75th Rangers, but that didn’t make this job any easier for Eric Schmitt-Matzen, who portrays the quintessential Santa Claus at Christmastime. With a...
  4. D-Max2012

    Final Drive Gear oil

    I was going to pick up some final drive gear oil today. I have no leaks. The manual states to "add if needed". I checked it last season and the level looked fine. Went to pick up a quart today to have if needed. The manual says, DOT3 SAE 80W hypoid oil. Went to the local bike store...
  5. J

    Please verify Venture final drive years...

    Well I'm told by the stealership that the bearings and shims need to be done on my 2007 Vmax. And parts are backordered for about 3 weeks. Thinking now might be a good time to do the Venture final drive swap. From what I've read 1986 to 1993 1300cc Venture final drives will fit? Is this correct?
  6. Lotsokids

    Final Drag Race This Year - Hungary

    Getting stoked for my final drag race this year - Friday and Saturday. The track only has 3 events per year, and the next one is while I'm on vacation. I removed the windscreen and added a cheap (larger) shift light. But this cheap shift light is not very accurate and once it comes on, and I...
  7. Lotsokids

    Pilot's Final Flight Yesterday (Retirement)

    A good friend of mine made his final flight yesterday. Emotional time, as you can imagine saying goodbye to the aircraft he loves. We had his wife bring him into the parking spot, with one of their 6 children standing in front of her. There have been a few "lasts" in his 22-year career, and his...
  8. Joken

    Went to Change Final Drive and this is what i found...

    Well i bought a vmax a couple months ago The PO didn't really know much about the bike other than it had 17" rims....I never even drove it yet as it is winter here in Canada, While it was laid up i thought i would do some changes to make it more mine.. :) Anyway i thought i would change the...
  9. W

    Final Edition OF the VBoost Magazine

    To all members of the VMOA and friends; In line with the decision of the board of directors that the summer, 2013, edition of the VBoost Magazine will be digital and the last issue published, I thought I would give you all an opportunity to have your last word, a farewell if you will. I have...
  10. dannymax

    Another Final Drive question

    I don't want to hi-jack Rempage's thread anymore than I already did....but I will steal his diagram....:biglaugh: I had a leak a few hundred miles ago and replaced oil seal #25....the leak stopped for a little while but returned a few days ago so I pulled it apart again and replaced oil seal #33...
  11. Barry barker

    Site final works great!!!

    Wow, i can actually use the site again.Cool!!!:clapping:
  12. Karmakatt

    Gen 1 Aftermarket Levers: Final Say..

    Ok.. There's lots of threads on levers. But lots of conflicting stories. I'm looking for a set for my '06. Any ideas? Don't mind spending the dough if their worth it. Heard lots of stories on Gen II levers being sold as Gen 1's..? Thx in advance fellas.. KarmaKatt VMOA 5652
  13. R

    Final mod, brake light when in neutral.

    I decided I wanted to do this mod. This is a mod that will light the brake lights when you are in NEUTRAL, only if the KICKSTAND is UP. I first discovered rear brake modulators, and realized that would be a good safety addition. Those send various flashing patterns to the rear brakes when...
  14. maximus speedicus

    Do Final Drive Bearings Go Bad?

    So, quick question here: has anyone ever had a final drive bearing go bad? The reason I'm asking is because when I put my max on the center stand and rotate the tire it's rather hard to rotate and you can hear what definitely sounds like a bad bearing. I know it is not the wheel bearing as I...
  15. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 Final drive?

    I hear a lot about changing up the rear gearing to a venture or other alike setup to lower the RPM's down 500+ on the high end? Has anyone used the RS-max rear end gears? Suggestions of what to do is greatly appreciated since I am about to add some 17" wheels with radials and...
  16. poppop

    final wish

    Hey Everyone. I have a task I'm working on. I have a patient that is terminally ill. She doesnt have much time left, but is a HUGE Jeff Gordon Fan. Does anyone have any NASCAR connections or any way of getting in touch with Jeff? I would appreciate any help and would love for him to see her...
  17. dingy

    Need a later model final drive case

    I am building Hybrid Venture this winter. I am using an electronic dash from a 97 Royal Star that requires the hall effect sensor mounted in the final drive. The VMax final I have does not have the boss on the casting for mounting the sensor. If someone has a case they would part with...
  18. redneksoldier

    Blown Final Drive

    If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have none at all. Out riding a few days ago. Cruising about 40mph or so and I hear this loud ratcheting sound followed by a clank. I felt the vibration in the foot pegs associated with the sound. I pulled over quickly and began checking out the bike. Could not find...
  19. Bacchus

    venture final drive diff

    I saw somebody with the venture final drive differential for sale, was wondering how the venture diff is different than the stock vmax???
  20. davidon

    Final Drive leak from coupling

    Different question..I have an extra final drive and put some oil in it. When I look directly into the shaft drive coupling area, I see oil weeping out of one of the two small holes (180 degrees apart) in the bottom of the coupling. I think the same thing is happening with the final drive...