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  1. TnVmax

    Star Vmax Forum down?

    Anybody know whats going on with Star Vmax site?

    Glad to see the forum back up

    For a few hours maybe longer I couldn't get the forum to load. I hope it was Gary doing some work on it and not a hack.
  3. effingidiot

    Now a forum supporter.

    Just to show my gratitude to a great forum,and a big thank you to everybody.I am now a supporting member.Cheers all.
  4. poppop

    Forum moving super slow.Anyone else?

    Everything else ok couldn't get on eariler today.Sumpin wrong?
  5. Regular Guy

    New to the forum, New to VMax!

    Hi guys, first post (after reading for hours)! I just bought a 99 Carbon Fiber VMax and I have some questions that the search didn't quite answer The first being that when I rode the bike and then parked it inside the garage, the garage had a STRONG gas smell. So strong that I opened the garage...
  6. Bill Seward

    Forum question..

    I look through the list of people that are online almost every time I log onto the forum. I have noticed that there is a little "+" sign after some of the members names.. Anyone know what the "+" sign means?
  7. Redbone

    Forum Donations

    I know for a lot of us the holiday season is a time with many things on our plates and money is short, but I just want to say thanks to Gary, aka Buster, for running a great site for us. We all love our one of a kind Vmax's and this website is a great place to share that love along with very...
  8. Specs95t

    2001 VMax for sale Albany NY $3500 to forum members -SOLD-

    So I took my wife on a ride down to the Poconos last weekend and found out that it is time for a touring bike. So I just picked up an FJR1300... I have had my VMax for just over a year and have put 5000 plus miles on it. Total mileage is just under 24,000. Mods: Progressive springs and...

    Does aomeone in the forum have a 2015

    When I dropped my vmax because the kickstand broke, At first I thought maybe only the kickstand spring got relaxed enough to come off the kickstand. I looked at the kickstand spring and it was stretched out so bad there was no "J" at the end. I ordered the whole spring assembly. I'm still not...
  10. ga_max

    Happy Father's Day to a ALL Dads on the forum

    From one dad to all the other dads (VMAX brothers) HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:

    I Posted a OPINION post in the other Vmax forum

    Rather than copy and paste it in here I will just offer you a link if you can to read it and then reply back here in this thread.
  12. Shredder

    This forum is great

    Love this forum. Its probably the best one ive been on yet. Ive been a fz1 forum, arctic cat snowmobile forum, and a chevy truck forum. This one has by far had the most info on it. So much to read and learn. :punk:
  13. VMax-Mike

    Any Ireland riders on the forum

    Lee saw a vmax on his trip to paris. So now the challenge is on me to get a pick of a vmax in ireland. I will be in Dublin at 6am and I will be driving 1100 miles looking at all the sites it would be cool to have a pint with a brother vmax rider.
  14. Traumahawk

    Ive been spoiled by this forum

    Im helping out a friend of mine by changing the drive belt on his 03 soft tail (fxst in harley speak), and by helping. I'm doing it, and showing is daughter at the same time. I dont mind. This is also the same guy that I'm building the 73 sportster for his daughter in my spare time. Well the...
  15. Buster Hymen

    Forum down at 9AM today for 1 hour!!!! BACK UP!!!

    See this post for details.
  16. Buster Hymen

    Forum down for some maintenance

    The forum will be down sometime tomorrow morning for about an hour while I do some minor maintenance. This is to prep it for another longer outage while I mirror the drives. I will keep you up to date when this is happening.

    Forum Help

    I was wondering if someone would kindly point me in the right direction. I am locked out of a few of the forum topics. I would like to know what I have to do to unlock them or whom I need to ask. Thank You Christian
  18. B

    Thanks to Forum

    Just wanted to say thanks to the best forum out there! There is a wealth of knowledge and parts in here and i'm proud to be part of it I have been able to fix any thing i needed to with y'alls help from starter clutch , crimp fix , steering head bearings, to many small upgrades. I would not...
  19. HyperPete

    Just donated to the forum

    Well, I've been a member here coming up on a year now, and I've gotten some great assistance and answers to my questions, as well as some awesome used parts. Although it wasn't a lot, I just wanted to express my appreciation to the forum owner(s) by donating. Thank you for providing this...
  20. V

    Hi VMax Forum Members

    So I'm a day late and a dollar short! Please don't beat me up too hard. But... Let me tell you a bit about us. We started out selling Brembo and Marchesini wheels and it has grown from there. If you are familiar with those brands they are NO slouch products. We are kind of picky on what...