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  1. Fire-medic

    Biker Babe on a Hayabusa TROLLS a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

    A good story. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/609532cb-60cf-3ebb-8bde-bf1dd8fb57b5/ss_biker-babe-on-a-hayabusa.html Be sure to see mhinchley's comment about what bikes can out-acellerate a Hellcat, as one of our faves is listed.
  2. O

    2003 Suzuki Hayabusa

    Selling because Im to busy riding my Max. 03 Hayabusa 15,034 miles Lowered New battery Spike bolts Spike spools Spike bar ends & Spike sliders Custom levers, grips & mirrors Exhaust under both foot pegs $5900 obo
  3. N

    Morley's Hayabusa conversion

    I wanted to let you guys know I did Sean's dual hyabusa brake upgrade with stainless lines and 320 mm rotors. Holy. Crap. This thing is awesome. Way more confidence inspiring and much better than stock. It's a 2000 so I already had the updated brakes. Damn, if you're thinking of upgrading, do...
  4. S

    Hayabusa from end

    I've been told that they hayabusa stem offset is different to the vmax, does this make any (adverse) handling issues?:worthy:
  5. A

    Adapter for Hayabusa caliper on rear?

    I've got the 300mm wave rotors and a hayabusa caliper I want to put on the rear to match the front. What bracket do people use who have done this?
  6. ryancdossey

    1988 Yamaha Vmax

    Hey guys. This will serve as my intro/Morley's Hayabusa kid thread. I found Sean through you guys and have been speaking with him via email a ton. One of the nicest guys I've found. He will be my go to guy for any parts I order from here on out. What I've got.... I snagged a 1988 Yamaha...
  7. C

    Well I did it..... Hayabusa

    Last night I did it..... I traded one of my Vmax's for a 1999 Hayabusa. It needs cosmetic work as it was a stolen recovery. They had all the body off of it and where painting it when they got caught. Seems to run good. Kid that owned it tried to bull shit me and tell me it had a 1340...
  8. bobbybob

    Hayabusa front end on 85 max.

    I just purchase a complete front end off of a 2003 Hayabusa.By complete ,i mean the forks,lower triple clamp,and axle...lol.Anyhow,i want to mount theses forks on my 85 max,and was wondering if anyone up here has done this yet,and if they could give me any info.Like,will the stock stem work?Who...
  9. SeaTownV-Max

    Morley's Hayabusa Brakes for Pre '93 V-Max

    Hey guys, much more, including some pics to follow on this but I wanted to let you all know I got my parts from Sean Morley for my brakes upgrade for my 1990 'Max. Sean sent the parts out last week, when he was still waiting for payment from me for the parts. That meant that by the time I...
  10. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    GSXR, Hayabusa Axle Tool

    For anyone looking to use the newer GSXR or Busa forks to put USD on you bike there are all kinds of costs you probably won't think about. One that I just found out about is that you need some "special tool" to remove/install the axle on these bikes. All it does is go in the end of the axle to...
  11. Geek_Law

    Front Brake Upgrade to '90 max

    So I read up on the front brake upgrade for the pre-93 maxes. I think I've got it, but if my summary below is incorrect, then somebody please smack me. I just bid on two gold Hayabusa 6-pot calipers. My understanding is that I can use the stock reservoir, master cylinder, lines, and rotors...
  12. HDKILA

    Smart Car with Hayabusa Engine!

    Holy Shit! Sign me up yesterday! 0-60 in under 4 seconds! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV4HdsDZX6c&feature=fvw
  13. shawn kloker

    08 Hayabusa

    Does anyone know what changes were made to the new Busa's to get the extra horse power out of them? Has any company started making kits to get the other years up to it? New ignition?EFI curves?Power commander?
  14. jon6.0

    Pics of Hayabusa Calipers and late model rotors on a 85

    Here are some pics of Hayabusa calipers, R1 rotors, and Sean Morley adapters on a 85 Vmax. It sucks that one of the rotors I got is warped though. Now I have to take everything back off and get some more rotors.:bang head:
  15. jon6.0

    Can I reuse my stock brakelines when I put on Hayabusa calipers and R1 rotors?

    I've got the Hayabusa calipers and R1 rotors waiting in my garage. Once I get the adapters in the mail I'm going to swap them out. Can I reuse my stock brake lines and just hook them up to the Hayabusa calipers until I buy some Galfers lines? Also, do I just reuse the old rotor mounting...
  16. E

    Hayabusa master cylinder???

    Has enyone tried to put Hayabusa brake master cylinder on the V-Max? I have R1 front callipers on the way (with braided lines) and one of the lads sells 99 Hayabusa master brake cylinder for half nothing. Was wondering how would it work on the V-Max :ummm: Any advice appreciated :thumbs up:
  17. Buster Hymen

    Question to Hayabusa owners

    On the weekend I was at an event that the motorcycle manufacturers were at and they were having demo rides. One of the bikes I tried out was the Busa and that thing is smoking! :punk: Who else here has or had one, looking for some feedback on the bike as there is room in the garage for a 3rd...
  18. B

    Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa

    FOR SALE , Blue & Silver 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa , turbo intercooled M/C express, 300 rwhp 202 tq , low miles , daily driver , showroom condition , $12.500 B/O , e-mail [email protected] .....