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  1. THMAX98

    S/S engine bolt list

    Good day from good old New Zealand,ive finally got THMAX running properly again after having the carbs on and off a large no.of times (patience is a virtue) and now once again have the love, and want to make it look even better with s/s engine bolts but the price of postage to NZ is horrendous...

    Vmax mailing list archive[email protected]/info.html Just type in a keyword and search. Although not active, I'm glad to see this info is still available. I spent a lot of time reading through those posts when I first bough my vmax.
  3. Lotsokids

    V-Max #4 Purchased: Basic Maintenance / Mod List

    Like the title says, this is the fourth V-Max I've owned in my life. It's a 1993. I've nailed the throttle a few times and it feels much more stable than the 1999 I just sold. Strange. Anyway, I'm doing the basics with limited funds. I've purchased: - New clutch disk set and gasket ordered, but...
  4. BorgBiker

    Bucket List Ride On FIFI

    No, this is not a NSFW story. Yesterday I fulfilled a dream I've had since I was 10 - took a ride on the (until recently) only flying B29 SuperFortress left - FIFI. She makes the rounds around the US to help raise money to keep her running so future generations can experience some of the history...
  5. Bill Seward

    List of the High Milers.

    Post your mileages here.. I'll tabulate them and record them in this thread.
  6. ImCannibal

    pod filter parts list?

    Anybody have a parts list for what I'll need to ditch my air box and go to pods?
  7. 88vmx12

    Craig's list ads

    Is it just me or are people way out of line on their asking price these days? I can't or cannot figure out how to post links from my iPad. Anyways if you have time look at the 89 Vmax listed in the "twin falls Idaho" Craig's list.... I actually looked at this bike in person about 4 years ago I...
  8. M

    Got my new to me Vmax. Now my list of wants/to-dos

    Picked up my new to me 1998 Vmax today with 5,300 miles on it. Here's what I know about it from stock(apologize for the copy and paste): Has a true stage 7 jet kit with pods but a modified, powder coated, stock exhaust and v boost taken out but owner says is always on now. I don't know enough...
  9. B

    List of motor work that can be done in frame

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a list of things that can be done to the motor while it is in the frame.I have to change a con rod and can't find out if it can be done with the engine in the frame and if there is a procedure on here for doing it.thanks
  10. N

    Airbox mods list- what I did

    Just thought I'd share with ya'll a list of mods I did to the airbox. So I have a K&N filter (single large type) and noticed that there is extra lip around the area where air enters. Remove the faux tank cover and look at the airbox. On top of it, there are screws holding the actual little...
  11. cgswss

    bikes on craigs list 1 hr got my first scam

    Well it only took an hour to get my first craigs list scamer! You think they would at least have someone that speaks english write out their scam letter for them Thanks for getting back to me. I am glad the bike is in good condition and I am okay with the asking price. I would love to go...
  12. Fire-medic

    Best muscle cars list

    Sure to be some debates on this one! The posted comments are funny, some guy has a "180 mph Firebird." 73 TransAm, going,going,gone, 180+mph. burned everything it came up against, including one high powered Kawasaki...
  13. KJShover

    Didn't make the list

    Not that I'm biased or anything, I'm surprised that the Vmax didn't make the list. .
  14. Fire-medic

    $$$$ motorcycles list

    Here are some very expensive bikes, NCR, the Ducati mod company, has several. The list also includes the notorious Dodge 'Tomahawk' replica which obviously is 'capable of near-400 mph!' :rofl_200: They also don't name...
  15. Conman

    Looking for List of Highest HP Bikes by Year

    Hi, Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what motorcycles have held the title of "most powerful Production bike in the world" throughout the course of history. I've managed to find plenty of lists of record speed holders but nothing about power/torque/fun. Does anyone know of such a...
  16. toddo

    Christmas wish list

    :grinch::grinch:Does anybody know if santa will give toys to the naughty this year? I want to find this under my tree.
  17. Fire-medic

    "Ugliest Celebrities" list

    Here's one: I don't think she's so-bad! Although Iggy Pop did make the list, he might not-have, if he started wearing a shirt. Personally, I like his music, I used to see him play as one of "The Stooges," a regular in the late 1960's/early '70's Detroit and MI music scene, at places like...
  18. Norms 427

    List Your Repairs

    I am curious to see what the more common repairs are to our VMaxes. I'm asking that you give the year and mileage of your bike and the known repairs performed either by you or the previous owner(s). Modifications done electively don't count unless they are done because something broke or...
  19. Bill Kratzenberg

    do not call list

    Cell phone numbers go public this month... all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls To prevent this call: 888-382-1222 this is the national do not call list it will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your phone...
  20. sdt354

    Craigs List- Be Careful.

    . I'm selling the Aero Stitch suit for my departed friend's Widow. I got a response asking for all kinds of personal information, with a bullshit story about their agent picking the suit up for them because the pic looked fine. I emailed back and told them there was a mistake, the suit wasn't...