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  1. D-Max2012

    In Memory of Hugh Hefner - Mr Playboy

    To the man that produced the magazine that brought a smile to most young boys back in the day. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. Fire-medic

    Do we want a Mr. Nice Guy award to go to someone?

    Trying to make a template for someone to be nominated.
  3. TB99Max

    Another nominee for Mr. Nice guy award

    I would also like to nominate Dragmaxster for the mr nice guy award. He also came out and spent the majority of the day at my house helping me get the Vmax all dialed in.
  4. TB99Max

    Nominee for mr nice guy award!

    I would like to nominate blaxmax for a mr. Nice guy award. In another thread I explained the issues I was having and Blax and Dragmaxster drove 80 plus miles one way to my house and stayed pretty much all day until my bike was fixed!
  5. blaxmax

    Happy Birthday Mr. Morley

    :happybday: Thank you for your time and priceless information, Very much appreciated.
  6. D

    MR Electrical stator

    hey guys I just got my Mr electrical stator in the mail today. it will be a couple weeks or so before I'm able to put it on. I was wondering if anyone else has bought one from this vendor? I got the venture stator for just under 50$ shipped and it comes with a one year warranty which in Iowa...
  7. Lotsokids

    Goodbye, Mr. Max - SOLD

    It's a sad day today. I sold my V-Max. There's a guy coming to pick it up today. I love the bike, but I live overseas and it just rots in storage and I ride it only once per year. It's my favorite and the best bike I've owned. I suppose I'll own another Max one day. I regret not getting a video...
  8. donnelly317

    Mr max will have a friend tomorrow

    I'm buying back my first "real" motorcycle for 700! I was waiting for him to come down to 500 but he said he will sell it to anyone he needs it gone and told me I don't have to pay right away ( bad break up with gf/baby momma). I sold it to him 3 yrs ago for 2300. The bad hasn't been ran in 2...
  9. I

    Sad day for Mr Max

    I went to help a mate of mine today, he had lost a muffler from his Virago on the highway and was trying to install a pair of Harley slip ons to replace the busted stuff. He's on a very strict budget and the bits were free :). I parked Max behind sign stand in the front of the repair lot he was...
  10. B

    Images from Mr. Max

    Folks: I would like to share with you all some of the pictures thru the years of my VMax cycles. The G1 images show a bike I no longer own. The bike is the same with different paint work done by my very good friend Chris Wood... an infantry veteran of the Desert Storm and a great artist and...
  11. D

    Questio for mr morley

    I run my max on the track and have a stock motor with KN stock replace and 4 into 1 header. My best is low 11s Thinking about chain drive Have been beat quite badly by a silver one in my town What is your opinion and what ET could my stock motor achieve?
  12. desert_max

    Mr. Max takes a fall - by himself

    I feel pretty stupid. I have had lots of bikes, but I have never had one fall off the stand. Here's how it went: Started bike, had it idling on the sidestand (like always) while I geared up. I hear a crash and then silence. I see GASOLINE GUSHING!!! Bike rolled off the stand and fell onto...
  13. Transam

    Hate to say it but Mr Max is gone

    Well guys I hate to say it but I traded Mr Vmaximus away today. I had been kinda looking for a touring type bike and someone came a knocking. A really nice guy by the name of Patrick had a 2001 Roadstar in great shape that he was willing to trade for my baby. The cool thing about it is he is a...
  14. G

    Mr. Max has to go

    Unfortunately I am needing to sell my 2004 Vmax with 16,600 miles on it. He has a windshield, was lowered a bit by the previous owner, has forward located pegs ( a couple of inches) a boost switch, and fan switch. Everything works, and he has not been ridden hard. I'm looking at $4300 which...
  15. M

    Wow! Your new Vmax is awesome Mr. P!

    I've had a half dozen people say my 2002 Vmax is the new Vmax. I had one guy on a Road Glide pull along side me in traffic on the way back from the mountains to say mine was the first one he'd seen. Since 1985? He goes, oh, I thought that was the new one. Two weeks ago I rode to the...
  16. Birdoprey

    Best place to get Copper head gaskets for Mr. Max?

    Anyone know where one can find copper head gaskets for the V-max?
  17. Noxx72

    Mr. Max makes good.

    Got into my first real red light brawl with Max this morning, and with someone I know from work, so bragging rights were on the line! Now this isn't my first rodeo, but since picking up Max I haven't done much aside from smoke harleys and expensive cars. There's been a lot of smack talking...
  18. Birdoprey

    COP(Coil On Plug) for Mr. Max!

    Most may be familiar with my post about running commonly available COP's from most late model sport bikes. They are pretty cheap, and very easy to add to Mr. Max. Pluses are easier startup, better throttle response and making way for a little more room on the already cramped for space V-max...
  19. ZRX/V-MAX

    I'm really loving Mr. MAX!

    I find that I really love riding the max. (like I could not love it) Just putting around town, or a relaxing country ride or the trip to the gf's house, It's pure pleasure. I find that when I'm on the ZRX, I'm always looking for corners or hauling ass. I ride it soooo much more...
  20. VikingD

    Another HD goes down to the Mr. Max. Nothing new, but funny.

    Today I'm hurrying home to change 'cause I still gotta go back to the base to PT. First need to run to the cleaners and pick up my laundry. I pull up to a stop light and a real nice sounding HD pulls up next to me and doesn't even look over. Keeps reving it up. The light we are waiting for leads...