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  1. treycefus

    Newport News area Virginia

    Looking to possibly refinish the scoops and carb covers myself and looking for experience ? Also anyone on here (besides Scott C.) in Newport News, Gloucester area with a Gen 1 Max ? Trey
  2. lastwhiteman

    Sharyl Attkisson on fake news

    This is a 9.42 minute video of Sharyl Attkisson from a Tedx talk at the University of Nevada. She is probably the most unbiased and honest journalist on earth today. It's very much worth 10 minutes of your time.
  3. Fire-medic

    Canadian bad news

    What's gonna happen, is probably the dissolution of Sears Canada.
  4. Foxviewnet

    Sad News!

    Our friend Dobie Gillum has passed away after a long fight with cancer. I did not know him well but through this forum and Cycle-istic. I corresponded with him back in April and he was able to help me with a backrest and rack for my bike. He seemed to be a wonderful guy and was very helpful. I...
  5. dannymax

    Breaking news!!

    Active shooter reported at Joint Base Andrews in Md. BREAKING NEWS: Joint Base Andrews in Maryland is on lockdown after reports of active shooter. Click for more ...
  6. dannymax

    Breaking News!

    Just hit the front page: Kind of sounds like it's standard practice among secretaries if state....."other secretaries of state" :confused2: Or the State Department is trying to protect her droopy ass............... State Department audit faults Hillary Clinton, other secretaries of state...
  7. M

    Bad news for goats

  8. Biker Dash

    [News] Kim Davis offered redemption by Dogfart

    Yes, this actually happened.
  9. M

    Canadian currency news

    You Canucks get more clever every day . . .:biglaugh:
  10. adambweird

    Sad news

    An old friend of mine o.d.ed on heroin yesterday after 8 months of sobriety... hes in pretty bad shape but is moving in a right enough direction to where the drs say hes got 50/50 chances now. I just got back from going to see him and his family. Its a terrible thing to see and experience to...
  11. D-Max2012

    What is the matter with our own news reporters

    Last night on Channel 11 here in NJ, there was a report about Dooms Day Preppers. In the report, they reported what could bring the US to its knees. I'm not going to get into it on this computer simply because who know's who's reading these forums. My question is.. Are these news reporters...
  12. X

    The Girls of FOX News... Gary
  13. Fire-medic

    more bad news about 'Vettes Chevrolet Corvette The Chevrolet (NYSE:GM) Corvette is not one of the most dangerous cars of all time due to a lack of safety features but because of the reckless nature that tends to go hand-in-hand with speed enthusiasts...
  14. M

    For those who dislike Fox News . . .

    Maybe a bit of a reality check
  15. DakRatFink

    Good news/ less than good news. ( nothing too bad though )

    Good news : I'm back from deployment at least a week or so earlier than originally expected. The bad news is being home earlier = wife has not reactivated the Max's insurance ( and it is a most gorgeous prairie morning ) At least she fired right up after a couple hours on the Battery Tender.
  16. GREEN light BLITZ

    Good news to go with my terrible news.

    Good news is i found a motor for my Max. I put it in and fired I up. Sounds GREAT! Noticed quickly the water pump was spitting from the weeper. Ran the new motor bout 10 minutes. Result was TONS of water in the oil. Hoping the water pump was bunk I swapped pumps. Put fresh oil in it and fired it...
  17. Biker Dash

    News Release Asiana Flight 214

    They just released the names of the flight crew of Asiana Flight 214
  18. a113ycat

    Good News From Washington

    Or not....I sent a question to Dianne Feinstein asking her why the US supports, funds, and aides in countries that openly hate us and regularly burn our flag when we have our own issues with homelessness and poor schools. the response letter is this Dear Mr. Faulkenberry: Thank you for...
  19. Fire-medic

    Mod Monkey news! Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house, this happens! Mod Monkey obviously high on 'bath salts,' bites two OH youths who...
  20. sdt354

    The Worst news in a while

    I just got a call that my good friend and riding buddy Rick has passed away. Rick was my boss at the Marina, but we were great friends. He couldn't tell me himself when they layed me off. And, had a tough time whenever he had to give me hell. I was at Rick's house 2 weeks ago taking pics of his...