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  1. steamer97

    Factory Pro needle jets

    Greetings all, I was reading the Factory pro site and viewing the pictures of worn needle jets and their pics show their jet as oblong and stick as round. I assume this is a mistake. But a question remains in my mind about whether or not I need new jets. I looked at a dozen needle jets in my...
  2. vmax2extreme

    Motion Pro SYNCPRO Carb Tuner -SOLD-

    I have a Motion Pro SYNCPRO carb tuner that I've only used a couple of times. $70 + shipping
  3. J

    Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor Tuner & the Max

    well I got my Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor Tuner today. I calibrated it like the Video said.....I put the Brass Restrictor plugs at the bottom of the hoses so they would be close to the carbs, worked Perfect ! No bubbles, no fluttering. I revved it up to 4500 and...
  4. Barry barker

    Pro one Billet Mirrors

    These will really add some shine to those master cylinders. Some wear and tear is noticeable but the ball joints are tight. Easily an 8 out of 10 condition. $50.00 delivered to the lower 48. 501-520-8211 [email protected] Just looking for the bottom, it's got to be around here...
  5. G

    UFO 4 into 2 STREET PRO SLASH CUT too noisy

    Just purchased a 1998 VMax with quite new UFO full exhaust system c/w slash pipes-is there a way to quieten down the exhaust ? I love it but others may not. Thanks in advance ... :ummm:
  6. eggohead

    Factory Pro Needles

    Looking for so help adjusting the 95". It has holeshot 4-2 exhaust, single oval K&N filter( I took off the Y, hoping to get a little more air). I pulled slides to night, they are drilled, needles were on third clip. Springs look stock. Air/fuel screws were maybe 1 turn out if that. I put...
  7. D

    pcw pro oiler pictures

    I am posting these so that people can see what the PCW pro oiler is. I have seen a few questions asked on this so I figured I would share while my engine is apart. I would get the oil pump kit from Morleys Muscle, and I think the PCW pro oiler manifold is the way to go.
  8. Caleb_M

    Motion Pro running really high

    Hi all! Question about the motion pro carb sync tool. I'm using the # 08-0411. I was trying to sync them today, got the bike warmed up attached the tool, but the fluid damn near goes to the top of all the meters. In some of the vids I've checked the meters only seems to be going about 3/4 up...
  9. V

    morley's hd oiling cure VS pcw pro oiler mod

    hi guys i d like to uprgrade my oil system, can someone tell me what s the difference between morley's hd oiling cure and pcw pro oiler mod? which the best if there's a "best" mod ? thanks for your help philippe
  10. gamorg02

    Motion Pro Wheel Bearing Remover

    link: pic: I've had this remover for a few months now and honestly it makes removing bearings super easy. Used it effortlessly on a vstrom, ducati, vmax (front) and hawk GT wheels. Only had one bearing I couldn't do but when i went to...
  11. T

    Go Pro Alternative

    I know this camera has been mentioned before when it went on sale at Big Lots a few months ago. I just thought I would pass this deal on along for those who missed it before. It is the emerson action camera with...
  12. texas-ss-tornado

    Problem with idle after Factory Pro install

    Just put a Factory Pro stage 1 jet kit on my VMAX, 4 into 1 Kerker, I went with the 152.5 mains, needles 2 clicks from the top. Throttle response is good, are these the correct settings?
  13. S

    Factory pro jetting recommendations

    Well, I talked to factory pro about my wot "wet spot" below 3k. They say air correctors tend to make them lumpy in that range. marc's words: "Ok - here's my suggestion. Buy the 1.0 kit. Request 185, 190, 195 main jets (that's with a cleared MAJ) Buy the HDJ emulsion tubes. They atomize...
  14. Chopcor

    Quieter UFO Street Pro baffles?

    I put a UFO 4-2 Street pro on my bike- Love the way it looks and sounds, but I am planning a 12+ hr ride to the Tail of the Dragon in August, and I think I'll probably want to throw the pipes in the lake by the time I get there. I have used ear plugs, and they help, but have 3 other guys going...
  15. P

    True HP Factory Pro Hi, thought someone might be interested :) BTW notice that V-max with cobra has higher HP than stock on this one? And can anyone confirm if this is with vboost or not ?
  16. Traumahawk

    Motion Pro carb tool

    I just bought this because I was looking for the perfect screw driver for the A/F screws on the Vmax. Got it in Saturday.....It fits PERFECT!!! The price isnt too bad either. Its definately cheaper that having to replace stripped screws...
  17. dekberg

    Motion Pro Fluid

    My Motionpro carb sync tool is low on the "magic blue fluid". Is there some other fluid that can be used or do you have to use their special formula. I don't mind ordering it....just a little curious. Thanks
  18. N

    Morgan Carbtune Pro

    Wondering if anyone knew where i can get one in the states ? Have looked on ebay and not really interesting in buying from across the pond if i don't have to.
  19. 06VMAXIMUS

    PCW pro oiler -vs- Morley HD oiler?

    What are the differences between the two? I did a search here but didn't come up with a whole lot of info...
  20. mymax04

    motion pro maintenance

    so I found my sync tool that had been sitting in a box for 2 years, probly been hot and cold a couple of times & its clear that it need fluid added. so I find some methenol (figured it would work since its blue and not just water) and added it in proper spot but when I slid the tube back down in...