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  1. Lotsokids

    Situational Awareness - Please Read

    The other day I rode the Max to work. On the way, I was on a 2-way main road going about 70 MPH. A car pulled out to pass, and was suddenly in MY LANE. I braked hard, and moved as far right as possible (no shoulder - only dirt). The driver stayed in my lane and went past - so we were THREE WIDE...
  2. A

    Want a full system? Read this:

    If you have a stock gen 1, but want a full 4-2 system with Stage 7 jetting, let me know. My system is currently not identified but some think it may be a Holeshot or UFO. It has 2" headers and slip ons that sound downright mean. My bike sounds amazing and has incredible power but I take long...
  3. D

    So uhm.... Please read if you have time

    Kind of am unfortunate series of events scewing me over. Yesterday, I rode to work at Cycle Gear and a lady hit my vmax in her truck and took off, knocked it over and did some cosmetic damage, got a police report done with witnesses (no tag number on truck) and am waiting for the agent to call...
  4. CALI-gula

    2001 VMAX: Pick-up Coil or Ignitor?? Need verification on Ohms read...

    A couple of days ago, I went out to my 2001 VMAX, it started, but then within a couple of minutes died. It's mostly all stock save for the SuperTrapp exhaust; it started great, got to the end of the driveway to let it warm a bit as usual. After running about a minute there was a significant...
  5. johnblaid

    RE Microsoft...Only US Residents should read

    Microsoft has a new code of conduct. They will no longer allow using your Microsoft email account to facilitate the sale of Firearms or Ammunition. America made them what they are and now they have no respect for the Constitution that made America. On the lighter can't send any...
  6. alorio1

    I never knew this, it's not in the history books I read in school

    I never knew this, it's not in the history books I read in school...Sad but TRUE !!
  7. Itgoes

    Gen 2 .....Short Interesting Read Touches a little bit on the development of the Gen 2. A lot of thought and trial an error went into producing the bike. For instance: I've heard people say before "Why didn't they put upside down forks on the bike"? It's actually mentioned in this...
  8. poppop

    Life Please read,Are you part of the rat race.

    SOMETHING TO PONDER: George Carlin George Carlin's wife died early in 2008 and George followed her, dying in July 2008. It is ironic George Carlin - comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent and so very appropr...iate. An observation by George Carlin: The paradox...
  9. poppop

    Please re read or read creatures around

    I added a few more stories,All are true,I dont usally post a re read,I think it will make you smile,.Would love to hear of some of your experinces.Anyway i hope you enjoy.Just a couple of lines down.Take care poppop
  10. yukonerdave

    Help request - How to Read a Spark Plug

    Hey guys Been a while since I've been active on the forum - I moved and have been busy with other stuff, but I still check up on what's going on once in a while. Anyway, my bike started running like sh*t a week or two ago and I could use some advice. I'm actually looking into what it would...
  11. donnelly317

    Anyone with MAD MAX chaindrive swingarm please read

    I was wondering if anyone found a chain gaurd for the MAD MAX swing arm that requires only minor altering to make it fit.. I bought mine in FEB has no chain gaurd and its gonna make a mess. I found grease everywhere from previous owner plus the girlfriend will have my jewels hanging if she gets...
  12. 2fear

    MICHIGAN please read.....

    Michigan Vmaxers, I just created a social group for us MI riders. I figured It might make it easier to contact all for a planned ride or event, make sure you join up and feel free to post up some pictures. Let's see how many Michimaxers we have. PS-...
  13. RaWarrior

    New Vmax Owner members please read!

    Did someone ask for a new-owner FAQ? Here at VMF, we love new members, those of you brave enough to welcome a V-max into your garage, and the pet mod-monkeys that tend to nest somewhere between the rear head and fuel tank. We realize new owners are going to have a lot of questions, since the...
  14. jcmem8

    Always read the instructions!!!

    Just writing to vent my frustration, I made a school boy error today. I am in the process of repairing my tank and since I had the rear guard off I decided it would be a good time to respray (all the red parts of bike to mat black) so I bought some Paint Stripper. (Already some of you know what...
  15. Miles Long

    Read my plugs, please?

    Prior to doing the "Shotgun", I thought I would check the plug condition. The first photo shows the rear plugs, the next the fronts. You will notice that all the porcelain insulators are on the whitish side, only the right rear has signs of tan colouration. As well, both r.h.s. plugs have a...
  16. Theemax

    Awesome product..Must read!!

    Between the gf, my neighbor, and myself, I had 7 push-mowers to clean up, get running, and sharpen this past weekend. With gas being the crap that it is anymore, only one started. Replacing the plugs got 3 more running but bad, so I stopped out to Autozone, and asked the guy if there was any...
  17. mattness

    epic motorcycle thread, a must read. omg they got the kids phone number, his employers phone number, his schools phone number, everything haha. he tried to steal a bike at deals gap, what a tard. they even made him a facebook page you can view on page 3 of the linked thread
  18. D

    Must read!

    my g/f posted this for me on her facebook....TRUE STORY! ok, so get this... got a call from corning police dept this afternoon looking for randy. before they informed me of who they were, i asked to take a message since randy was at work. they said that they were calling because there was a...
  19. 2stangs69-91

    clutch sliping ,read clutch section not to informative. little help lol.

    I have over 18000 on my 06 now. I notice what I thought was a clutch slip a few weeks ago but wasnt sure. Well we went on a 700 mile ride over the 3 days last weekend and it is for sure sliping. My last 2 oil changes I have used 15-50 mobil 1 racing oil full synthetic. I am not sure if this...
  20. rebar

    Read my plugs pic

    Just installed new plugs two tanks ago. Removed them to see. Noticed all plugs felt hand tight removing them. It might be two early to tell but I dont see the tanning I wanted to see. And #1 plug has a black spot. :ummm: Anyone?