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  1. Kronx

    Sci-Fi getting more real every day....

    If this weapon does what it claims(I'm highly skeptical) then this is the start of a new era of ground warfare. As the U.S. prepares for war in space, China’s bringing the space war home. Its ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is reportedly capable of hitting a target from a kilometer away...
  2. Fire-medic

    a real life character from motorcycling

    A great story about a guy who was successful in the motorcycle industry, as a rider, racer, dealer, and husband/father.
  3. Fire-medic

    A real sleeper: C4 'Vette w/an old VW beetle body I think the fun factor and stealth value would make this worth the asking price. The police would ignore it unless you did a burnout under their noses. :punk: From the ebay motors ad...
  4. 88vmx12

    Fork brace for real! -SOLD-

    Heavy duty fork brace must be around 3/4" thick. I had it chromed, and has tuning fork logo on it. I do not need it anymore due to inverted fork mod. $70 with shipping OBO excellent condition G
  5. Fire-medic

    truck performance on a real budget

    I just got my copy of R&T (Road & Track) and saw some referrals to their website for interesting articles. Well, one caught my eye, because it said, "you don't need $$$ to have a fast, fun street ride, look at this 11 year-old truck a tech guy in PA built, installing a used Chevy 6 litre LS/LQ4...
  6. Fire-medic

    mmy new (used) bike is a real spaceship

    I just took delivery of this and will be burning up the roads soon as I give it a pre-flight check. I know you're envious!
  7. D

    The Real Yamaha V-Rod
  8. Redbone

    They are real! Yooper is in the Dictionary!

    Yooper Yooper is a form of North Central American English mostly spoken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which gives the dialect its name (from "U.P." for Upper Peninsula). The dialect is also found in many northern areas of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and largely in Northeast Wisconsin...
  9. marsmax85

    First real ride

    I finally was able to take my new to me my 2009 vmax for real ride of 30 hand numbing miles . I really need to stretch my legs more or find a taller seat I'm riding sitting on hump cause my legs won't bend right . Besides the cold numb fingers what a ride . We have more snow and ice on the way...
  10. M

    a REAL Congresswoman

    Congresswoman Duckworth - talk about a smack down to a person deserving it, this is! We need more Elected Officials like her. Congresswomen Duckworth was brilliant and brings to mind the fact that she is a real war hero. She held the rank of Captain and was a helicopter pilot...
  11. you2low

    This price seem real off for a new Gen2?

    Just been looking around for a gen2 and found this dealer on Cycletrader :ummm:
  12. dmax1

    Some real Idiots

    If it was me I probably would have pulled out the concealed carry. people like this give bikers a bad name.
  13. alorio1

    If this becomes public, and is valid, it presents a real constitutional crisis

    If this becomes public, and is valid, it presents a real constitutional crisis. Interesting to see what happens.
  14. C

    Turbo bike on the road .... first real ride review.

    I got the oil line on and rode it about 100 miles today. First things.....Its fast..... very fast. I know there is faster stuff out there. But I ve never ridden something like this. I spun the back tire really hard at 140 mph today. It wasn't as scary as the first time it happend at 110...
  15. SpecOps13

    Car Salesman Goes For A Real Test Drive

  16. rusty

    Real gun control
  17. ninjaneer

    how to spend v-day with your "real" love

    :rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200: :rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200:
  18. NHVmaxpower

    Real gas Ethanol free

    I found this site not sure how up to date it is but if any of you guys want real gas NON Ethanol there are state tabs to click on to see what is in your area.
  19. rusty

    A real American hero has past away
  20. C

    Real Fast and Furious police chase lol