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  1. henrysgmc

    Trailer Hitch & Wind Shield

    I had to buy a few items to get one of the items I wanted. So I decided to sell off the the others. Trailer Hitch - $ Make Offer Wind Shield - $ Make Offer Please text me if interested 845-283-6593 Thanks
  2. J

    Fatmax mini shield

    Pick this one up from Jamie and the brackets from Fatmax...(thanx Sean for the intel)
  3. V

    Wind shield choices Gen2

    Only choices in larger windshields I can find is Yamaha touring (is it a fork mount?),and Puig brand,link below..Any feedback on either would be great.the puig is about $100 less than Yamaha.. I don't have any experience with these but I gotta get one..what about high speed stability? Will the...
  4. dmax1

    Rear heat shield fitment

    Hello everyone! I was putting my engine back in my 85 Vmax ( it has been a couple of months had trans done) and I cannot get the rear heat shield in properly. I remember it as being bolted to the rear pipes. Do I really need the heat shield? Can I just wrap the exhaust pipes with a heat wrap...
  5. frank5079

    Removing an Arai face shield....

    Earlier this morning, I was preparing to ride to Lexington to get a RH front caliper for my Suzuki XL-7; but before leaving I decided to remove and clean the face shield on my helmet, an Arai Signet. Sitting on the floor with the helmet in front of me and the rear of the helmet facing me, I pull...
  6. P

    does bug guard fit older forks?

    Hi! I have -00 Vmax without the bug guard at the forks. Do these bug guards fit the -00 forks? If i'm unclear then the question is if part nr 42 will fit -00 forks. Does these actually benefit in any way or...
  7. Traumahawk

    Caliper dust shield

    Today I was looking at the bike, and was gonna put on steel braided brake lines. The left front brake caliper is missing the dust shield. (At least thats what its called on a Mopar). So...the question I have is this (these) How important is it...IE I cant ride the bike until I get another, do I...
  8. 95spfldmax

    Heat Shield Removal

    Here's one out of left field...... Has anyone removed the rear cylinders plastic heat shield w/o any adverse effects?? Purely from a streetbike point-of-view.......I have a Morely-messaged Corbin seat just for aguments sake........ And just for clarity, I only ask because last winter I...
  9. OCVmax

    Battery Heat Shield?

    Installed Mark's exhaust and realized there isn't a heat shield from the exhaust to the battery. The stock exhaust had a heat shield there. Do you think one is needed??
  10. bigrubbers4x4

    reusing your stock exhaust heat shield

    for you guys that have done exhaust swaps, did you reuse your stock exhaust heat shield or just leave it off? if you left it off are there any issues you ran into?
  11. 4gasem

    Bought a new helmet...

    OK so the price was TOO good to pass up IMO. I needed a new bucket anyway and well since I'm a bit of a poser I bought this one... :biglaugh: It was 142 bucks for the copper colored one which...
  12. naughtyG

    shield great deal

    if anyone's after a decent windshield - I use one of these and like it. This one's a great deal - half the $$ it costs new on the Buy It Now...
  13. kozy

    Dyno-Kote or Kreem Blue Shield?

    Has anyone ever heard of these products? I am wanting to use one of them to coat the inside of my Kerker 4-1 before I powdercoat the outside. It's supposed to help keep the exterior temperature down so that the powder will be less susceptible to burning off. Hopefully someone will know...
  14. S

    Exhaust shield

    Since most aftermarket exhaust systems cant use the factory heat shield is there any chance a coated (kreem etc.) gas tank would be affected by the heat? I cant imagine it getting hot enough to do any harm but I wonder about the coating failing due to the extra heat.
  15. A

    wind shield (mini screen)

    I'm looking at buying a oem mini screen for my bike and was wondering if it will fit since I have blackout billet turn signals and drag bars. Buy the way I'm new to the forum and new vmoa member #4522.Don't have any pictures yet,but I'm working on that as we speak.