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  1. Semi239

    Rear Shock Bushings

    Hi all, I just picked up a set of used Progressive 412s for the rear. The bushings are shot. Do yall have an idea of where I can replace bushings? I've sent an email to Progressive but I bet one you all have had the same issue. Most searches I have done have returned part no. 30-5010. This...
  2. K

    WTB 12" rear shock, preferably in black

    PM please

    Shock caps

    Looking for 1 stock shock cap or a set of aftermarket in nice shape. I'm missing one, not sure where it went :ummm: Glad the shock didn't pop off while I was blasting down the road!
  4. CaptainKyle

    Shock caps

    Nice billet aluminum shock caps $ 15 per set shipped in the US us paypal fees. . Please email not PM [email protected].
  5. J

    Ohlins shock mounting question

    Well, I ended up buying a pair of Ohlins shocks for my vmax... They are damn expensive (and yellow...), but since I've had my bike for almost 19 years now and that it looks like I will be buried with her... :big laugh: , I told myself that it's just something that I won't have to buy again...
  6. S

    Single shock conversion

    Just I have the 4-2-1 that will make the bikes rear quite wide...and having seen a few bikes with just a shock on one side I got thinking. :ummm: As I have the fjr1300 swingarm (monoshock, and therefore deisgned for only being supported at the front)..could I run a single heavy...
  7. HyperPete

    How to replace Progressive Shock Bushings?

    I have the replacement shock bushings from Progressive. I have tried to press them into the shocks to no avail. What is the trick that I am missing? I am using a socket as a bushing driver, but as I press the bushing it expands rather than sliding into the shock mount. Do I have to shave...
  8. HyperPete

    Rear Shock Bushings Deteriorating

    Can the shock bushings be replaced, or if they are deteriorating does it spell the end of the shocks? Do they need to be pressed in / out? I have progressives on the bike, but don't know how old they are. They SEEM to work fine. I'll post a picture or pictures in a few hours.
  9. CustomMax

    Rear top shock Mount

    Does anyone know how deep the top rear shock mount is? I guess because my rear setup was widened the actual mounting point cracked. I guess I'll get it welded but was curious how far the threads go into the frame or is it just the tit that sticks out? Anyone's advice is appreciated. Thanks
  10. B

    Diff shock stud?

    I need a differential shock mount stud for my 1998 Vmax. Only the stud. Maybe someone has a busted diff laying around and don't need the shock stud. I put a Venture diff in my Vmax a few years ago when I was doing a lot of highway riding and wanted better fuel mileage. Love it. But now...
  11. Biker Dash

    Hidden Shock Suspension

    For some reason, this idea popped into my head today, and I thought that maybe this might be a workable idea. I looked into how the rear suspension is set up on the HD Softail bikes, and could not help but think that using a braced swingarm, with appropriate attachment tabs welded on both the...
  12. J

    Is there a right and left rear shock or are they the same

    Can someone please tell me if the rear shocks are specific to right and left or are they the same shock and can go on either side? I took them off to paint and now I don't know which way they go. :( please help
  13. K

    Rear shock bolt

    Trying to remove the rear shock. How do you get the top cover that surrounds the bolt, cant get the socket to squeeze in. Is there a special tool or socket to get at it?
  14. wildweasel_pt

    Gen 2 rear shock setup

    Hi guys I was wondering if someone is able to give me a sketch of the rear shock setup with dogbones/links and such or several pictures where i can check that out. That would be a great help for something im working on... Gen 2 guys please step up... Thanks in advance... Cheers
  15. J

    Rear Shock Upgrades

    Howdie All VMAXers, I did a lot of reading on this forum to see who is content with Stock Rear Shocks, and how much do you need to upgrade to get nice, nice? I tried the Progressive 412s, better, but not life changing. Then, I researched the next Progressive Model up the 440/444 AIS. I...
  16. S

    Air shock pressure?

    I have a set of rear air shocks that came on the bike when I bought it. There aren't any markings on them that I can find. Any one know what kind of air pressure I should run in them?
  17. C

    Rear Shock Bungee Caps At Thunder.

    I ll have about 10 sets with me at Thunder if anyone wants a set , let me know the color. Black or Silver $50 a set
  18. m-cman

    11.5" Progressive 440 Shock Questions.

    Does anyone else have a problem with the search function on this site? It won't search for items with 3 characters or less. :bang head: I have tried to find info on the effect 11.5" Progressive 440 shocks have on handling, specifically ground clearance. Also, how much does it lower the rear...
  19. E

    Shock rubber bushings question

    Hi all! Okay, being the dolt that I sometimes am, I ruined (I mean, REALLY ruined) the rubber bushings at the bottoms of my Progressive rear shocks. I am wondering if any of you know a way I can make my own or, failing that, who might make a strong replacement for those bushings. Thanks...
  20. G

    Rear shock bushing stuck

    Does anyone have any ideas for getting an old bushing off the swingarm bolt? The metal inner part if the bushing seems pretty well on there. I've tried penetrating oil, wooden mallet, heating it up, and heavy toothed pliers. Not sure how the hell to get this thing off. The other side popped...