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  1. maxrom

    wooble, why, how to stop it

    Seem`s he is not running so fast, He has only one hand on his bars, but ? Maybe to much luggage ?
  2. maxrom

    eighteen minutes non stop

    The music is good The bike looks ok I would go further by raking the neck and ading a couple of inches at swing arm
  3. vmaxed1989

    Led stop and tail light

    Taken seat reflector off my max and put in a led stop/tail and virtually plug and play Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Redbone

    How To Stop Intruders That would work me thinks!
  5. Fire-medic

    TX homeowner uses water-filled tubing to stop flooding from damaging his home An $8300 investment saved a TX homeowner's house from two feet of flooding. Other homeowners before the floods thought he was wasting his time, as he deployed the dam system he bought...
  6. port67

    Fuel pump won't stop running

    Riding the 89 max to work & she shuts off. Just filled up so i know i have plenty of fuel. Turn the key off then back on & i hear the fuel pump clicking like mad for 5-10 seconds. Normally i hear it for about 1 sec when i turn the key on. Pull the pump & it is pretty rough(original 89 pump). I...
  7. CrackerRican

    Speedometer stop working

    Just installed new batt & R1 R/R & took it for a ride, checking on the charging system & all is well now. Noticed the needle on the speedometer started bouncing & just went to 0 mph. Anybody have any suggestion before I tear into it
  8. ga_max

    At stop light, leave in first or shift to neutral ?

    I normally shift to neutral when I come to a stop light and I know I'll be sitting at the light for a few minutes but I'm wondering if this is the best practice. So my question is what is best for the bike in terms of clutch/transmission wear and tear or for general safety ? Thanks in advance...
  9. jagco1

    Ruff idle after 25 miles at a stop light.

    I was out yesterday ride around the 25 miles mark at a stop light - bike started running choppy almost cutting off. I made it back home but every time I came to a stop I had to kinda rev the motor a little to keep it running at idle. When got home check the voltage at the motor running 12.2...
  10. V

    help t boost stop working!

    need you guys help I install the cop's conversion kit from G,very please but my t boost stop working :bang head: the v boost works but only at 6k it stop working at 3k could any of you please help? :ummm:
  11. C

    How to stop you bike with no brakes
  12. V

    Help! Fuel pump won't stop priming!

    After sitting all winter, my 86 Max when I turn the key on will not stop priming. The fuel pump just keeps on ticking away even despite the fact that fuel is pouring down the side of my bike. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks!
  13. dannymax

    Just a 'routine' traffic stop

    There's some real fuckin' animals out there....!
  14. J

    Is there anything that can go on the exterior of the carb to stop gas from coming out

    I'm thinking no, but figured I'd ask. My carbs were cleaned last year by the previous owner, but I let it sit through the winder and I think that caused the float bowl gasket to dry a little. It leaked quite a bit then just a lil after a couple runs. I tried taking the carbs apart, but damn...
  15. S

    one shop stop

    Hey everybody, Been a long time since ive posted, Im going to order a few things for my 09, things like eliminator kit for the damn bat wings on the rear fender-possibly back rest-rear rack-bags-wind shield-ect. i want to order all of it at once! from the same supplier and I want to get a...
  16. VikingD

    Thought I'd stop in and say helloooo!

    Well I ain't been on in a long ass time (years?) And wanted to see if this baby was still up and running.....looks busier than ever. So I sold my Max.....lame I know. I've regretted it since the day they loaded her up. The new owner seemed like he'd treat her right and actually ride her...
  17. VMax-Mike

    New Irish hills michigan hoolagans ride food stop

    This is a sign from the Hooligan Gods. I wil get with Chad and Tom over the winter and plan a new Michigan Hooligans vidio for next year. This will be an all day ride and maybe overnite. I hope to see all the Michigan Hooligans In the vidio. Other's are always welcome on our ride.
  18. T

    Bike did not start after stop

    Just rode 30 miles and stopped at the bank. When I came back 5 minutes later, the bike would not start. It made the priming sound but did not crank ore. No starter sound at all. I waited 30 minutes thinking it the starter was hot but nothing. The AAA guy hooked up the cable but it did crank...
  19. C

    Small Business refuses Obama / Biden campaign stop. Oh yeah they will see major business increase I bet!
  20. KJShover

    Stop riding to school or be expelled.