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  1. Lotsokids

    Yeah, I'm Stupid - Traffic Ticket

    I normally ride / drive aggressively, and I know better. Well, last night it caught up with me. Got pulled over and the officer said I was: - Doing 86 in a 60 - Aggressive lane changes - Then doing 81 in a 45 construction zone. Almost lost my license for a year, but the officer gave...
  2. P

    Stupid Newbie Tricks pt 2 - broke my only key

    So today I go to clean out my garage and pull the max out. I unlock the steering...but leave the key in the lock. (doh!) As a result, when I pulled my key out, it was bent like a banana. I went to try to gently bend it back into shape and snap...broke it in half. NO, I don't have a spare (if...
  3. P

    Stupid newbie antics - Sissy bar removal

    Hi. I just got a 1999 Vmax from a local dealer yesterday. Everything on the bike was just right - EXCEPT for the huge sissy bar. The damn thing just kills 50% of what the bike is supposed to be, to me at least. For solo riding I'd like to be without it - and pop it on again for occasional...
  4. Fire-medic

    stupid criminals

    No explanation required.
  5. Rollie

    How Stupid Are We ?

    WE, ARE THE STUPID This is factually (and historically) correct - and fully verifiable: In 732 A.D. the Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was defeated and turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell. In 1571 A.D. the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians...
  6. frank5079

    Stupid New York thugs on dirtbikes and ATVs

    and they are probably riding on stolen bikes.
  7. D-Max2012

    Stupid is as Stupid does..
  8. caseyjones955

    Fun Tip: Stupid trim push clips in scoops.

    This is RE those stupid push clips that hold the grills in the radiator shrouds and rubber trim pieces on the scoops over the carbs. They are just like Jesus clips but the ring is solid making them even more fun to work with. I recently painted my bike which included the radiator shrouds and...
  9. frank5079

    Stupid Old Man!!!

    The guy on the bike was taking chances passing the way he did with his girlfriend on the back, but this old man had no right to hit them!!!
  10. alorio1

    Not all thieves are stupid ...

    I got this info in an email, I thought it was worth passing along to the members here on the forum........ NOT ALL THIEVES ARE STUPID ... 1. LONG - TERM PARKING: Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose while away, and someone broke into the car. Using the information...
  11. CaptainKyle

    Stupid shops

    Ok so this was a car shop. I usually do about everything myself but since I am staying at my father in laws with very limited resources I stopped at a Full service auto repair down the road & asked them about an alignment on the 68 mustang & the guy (around 65 years old) started trying to...
  12. C

    Stupid people thread

    Stupid people thread 2014 Well as usual, I ran into my crop of stupid people on Sunday while riding. 4 way stop, Right hand side pulls up, left hand side pulls up, I pull up. RH goes, LH goes, I go to go and a guy just comes barreling through the intersection without looking and comes...
  13. jwood

    Stupid Weather

    80 degrees the last few days, wake up to snow accumulation of 2" this morning! Back to the 70's this week... Sent by the Verizon 4G Data Network
  14. C

    Stupid Ebay.....

    Well for some stupid reason I found an area on my "account" that shows me how much I spent through ebay last year.... I didnt realize how much I spent. Lots of little dumb things, and lots of good deals (atleast to me). I bought a motorcycle (my ZX), tires for my bikes ( 3 sets ), headers for...
  15. VMax-Mike

    stupid with big balls
  16. VMAX1260

    maybe a stupid question .. be gentle

    without my engine on the bike , is it possible to have power on the wire harness ? ? i want to check all the my stuff again (hid light , led blinkers ) as everything was uninstall due to the restoration. Of course i Have a battery.
  17. woodsman30

    stupid people and bikes

    Its entertaining at best:biglaugh:
  18. CaptainKyle

    Dont be stupid

    Sorry we all have our own beliefs but I hate door to door people unless its girl scouts selling cookies stay away from mt door. I am way over it, Here is my today experiance call me an asshole I dont really care. Ok so there is big no solicinting signs on both sides of my subdivision. I am in...
  19. tothemax93

    technological stupid

    I work for a heavy highway construction. We do work on any given thruways, state roads etc. This summer we are milling/paving interstate 90 between interstate 190 and the clarance toll boths. (for you local guys). It's the busy section that goes by malls, airport exit, etc. I'm a truck driver...
  20. C

    Darn it man.... stupid ebay.....

    Just bought a swing arm so I can brace it LOL. $65 shipped. LOL, stop me guys come on, your not being much help here! I ll have this bike almost 100% built exactly the way I want in in less then three months if I stay at this pace haha:confused2: Now I have to order some chrome moly so I...