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  1. Fire-medic

    noted customizer has Sturgis mishap, some injured STURGIS, S.D. (AP) — A spokeswoman for a South Dakota campground that hosts hordes of visitors during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally says four people suffered injuries that weren't life threatening...
  2. rusty

    Sturgis Madness
  3. caseyjones955

    Sturgis bound? better don that lid.

    If you plan to attend the rally this year be axtra careful, body count was up to 6 (8 if you count natural causes) at lunchtime and today is only the first day, although it has been ramping up for a few days now. I just got off the phone with a friend that was going to check it out, he turned...
  4. Rick52

    Sturgis on the Rivet

    Anyone attending the Davenport Ia Rally on Friday??? Rick
  5. redneksoldier

    Anyone going to Sturgis?

    I'm currently in Fargo, ND for work and I will be here for a while yet. I was debating making a run out to Sturgis next weekend. Probably head out Saturday evening and head back Sunday evening. I only have one day off, so going to be a quick run. Honestly just more of a t-shirt run, but it would...
  6. J

    nobody in sturgis?

    Just set up by rapid city. Going to keystone now. No members here?
  7. J

    sturgis 13

    Anybody going to sturgis this year? I'm staying at Rushmore shadows Sunday-tuesday night. Kinda looking for a cool spot to ride after that. Looking for something KINDA on the way between SD and IL. Got till Saturday to play. Me, Wifey, max, and toy hauler.
  8. VMax-Mike


    PAW PAW MICHIGAN TO sturgis mi to M.I.S Nipples dave is one of the Dowagiac Michigan Hooligans and he has invited me and any of you to go on this benefit ride may 18. The ride starts at 8am at the roadhouse bar and grill and will stop at sturgis harley dealership. It will cost $35 but you will...
  9. B

    Sturgis 12

    Any of you attending this year? Unfortunatly I live here and I have seen quite a few Vmaxes this year just out and about. More than i remember seeing before.
  10. DakRatFink

    Stuck in Sturgis

    So, on day five of a TDY that can only be called an ordeal our NEW gov F250 breaks down on us for the 3rd time( exhaust faults that will not clear) Well, we are in Sturgis SD, not too bad a place to be stuck. The funny part, my hotel right next door to Sturgis Yamaha/BMW.
  11. VMax-Mike

    Anyone taking a vmax to sturgis bike weak

    I might go and was woundering if any other vmaxer's would be going.
  12. 1967vmax

    Sturgis 2012 WhooHOO!!

    I so excited i just made my reservations for the Buffalo chip will be going out a week before the rally to site see and staying 1st week to enjoy the rally. If anyone else is going get in touch with me.
  13. vmax2extreme

    East Coast Sturgis anyone?

    Has anyone attended this even in Cumberland, MD? I am wondering if its something that I should plan on attending since its no more than a few hours ride away!
  14. gbrown


    Anyone coming to Sturgis interested in a group ride. A couple of us locals are trying to set up a VMAX ride.

    Who goes to the Sturgis motorcycle rally

    I've never been and I really don't see it as a place for VMAX'S but who knows?? :ummm: Who here goes to the Sturgis motorcycle rally
  16. John R


    I will be in Sturgis this summer for the entire week. I'm flying up from Georgia with several buddies and three other buddies are trailering all of the bikes. Mine is the only Vmax. We're camping out, just not sure which one right now. Two of the guys going have been doing this now for ten plus...
  17. vmaxride06

    Decent Boot I just Picked up Teknic Sturgis Boots for 35.00 scoots Decent Boot marked down from 90.00 bucks. They should hold up well. They feel great, But bike is parked for season. If anything, a Cheaper shit kicker I guess. Chris
  18. A

    09 VMAX pix at Sturgis 2008

    Got to take a good look at one at Sturgis. All I can say is wow!
  19. K

    Sturgis 2008

    I haven't seen anything posted here about it. Is anyone else planning on going to the Sturgis rally this year? My wife and I (along with another couple) should be arriving Sunday evening, August 3rd. We're looking to hook up with anyone interested in getting together! Kent.
  20. QuarterHorse

    Our Sturgis on the River '08 Attempt - 56K No no

    Well we knew it wouldn't be the easiest trip in the world with all the flooding going on along the Iowa and Cedar River, so we had a route planned via the Iowa DOT Website, as we had found a road that wasn't closed just North of I-80. My wife Samantha followed us over as she had some things...