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  1. K

    Free swingarm with purchase....

    ....of rear differential or free differential with purchase of swingarm! It's a heavy bastard so shipping is a bear but I'll let it go for $150 SHIPPED. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jedi-

    Gen 1 diff on a Gen 2 swingarm

    A project that is almost complete. A bit off messing around but it's sorted out now and really not that difficult having sorted out all the measurements now.Need to just screwcut the thread on the high tensile axle. The diff shown is only an old unit and won't be the diff used . We just need...
  3. Supercharger

    Custom made Swingarm inner panel?

    Hello Vmax guys. I'm new here and have a questions :ummm: Yamaha offer a wide tire rim (240 tire) but the original Swingarm inner plate must be removed. I don't like the shaft drive is exposed for dirt and water. :damn angry: Have someone manufactured a slim inner panel plate?
  4. Traumahawk

    Which tool

    Ok, I'm FINALLY looking at changing out the swing arm with bearings, etc. So the allen bolt on the right side gets torqued to 4.3 inch lbs. What tool do yall use? The lowest that I can see an inch lb torque going down to is 6 in lbs.
  5. U

    Gen 1 Suspension bits- Swingarm bolts, covers, axle

    Selling some bits from my 2006. These are on Ebay, you get half price if no bids, plus actual shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282100309688?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/282092159887?ssPageName=STRK:MEUNSOLD:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1560.l2649...
  6. S

    Swingarm collars wanted

    Does anyone have the 2 collars (that go in the seals either end) ? (part 3 on drawing) Or just the dimensions so I can cut a pair.:bang head: This is where I start to find all the little bits'n'bobs that are missing.
  7. maxrom

    Extended swing-arm ???

    Hy Maxer`s First, forgive my english (language barrier !!) I`m doing a Vmax 3`` extended swing-arm from a stock one, for my Buddy. My first drive shaft swing-arm mod (i`ve done a couple chain-drive) The 100$ question I`ve search on the web to see how others doing it, ...... find...
  8. speedcostsmoney

    Shocks used for 3 INCH stretch swing-arm

    looking for the shocks people use from another motorcycle when then add 3 inchs to the swing-arm,
  9. G

    Venture and Vmax Swingarm comparison?

    I have a 1200 Venture and I'm in the process of doing a 17" radial swap. I'm grafting the venture center hub in to a ZX7 rim and am at the very early stages. Unlike most Venture touring bikes, mine spends a fair amount of time on twisty fast roads and I like draggin' aluminum and steel in the...
  10. D

    Swingarm bolts question

    If I swap the adjustable bolt from the right side to the left side will the one-piece bolt push the swingarm farther to the left? I need to get this rear wheel moved over towards the left so it's centered better. Right now if I let go of the bars I make a pretty decent left lane change. I'd like...
  11. D

    Shifty swingarm

    I just retorqued my swingarm and I can shift it back and forth with my hand..... Pretty sure that's bad. Thoughts?
  12. jedi-

    Gen 2 to Gen 1 shaft for swingarm

    Thought you might like to see one..
  13. VMAX1260

    opportunity of building a new custom swingarm.

    there is a guy here in Greece which i am talking for some days now who is willing to build me a custom swing arm for my bike. he is a genius with this kind of stuff. cause i am hooligan driver and i like cornering i am thinking of keeping my rear wheel and make the swingarm to fit 200 tyre. he...
  14. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Stock swingarm length

    Would someone be kind enough to provide an accurate measurement from a stock swingarm? It would be easiest if it was not mounted. I would like to know the dimension shown in the attached photo.
  15. davidon

    Options, Allen bit broke in swingarm pivot bolt

    Broke off before I reached torque spec. Has this happened to anyone? Options to get it out?
  16. Traumahawk

    Swingarm color

    Does anyone know what color is the swing arm....or what a good replacement color would be to paint over some dings?
  17. Diablotin

    Center stand hitting swingarm.

    Since I replaced my stock exhaust with a full exhaust and added a notched and braced swingarm, I noticed that the center stand touches the swingarm. Since there is nothing holding it lower, it keeps hitting it. The small rubber I guess is there for avoid bumping the stock exhaust, but in my...
  18. Diablotin

    FJR 1300 swingarm

    I just read that today when I saw the picture of the swingarm. Wow, that would have looked great on a vmax. Nice piece, isn't it? Full article is here: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/273/906/Motorcycle-Article/2003-Yamaha-FJR1300.aspx
  19. P

    Is this used swingarm and rear wheel set a good deal?

    Hello, I live in Sweden and I recently found a set of used swingarm and widened OEM rear wheel with brakes for 1100usd on the Swedish equivalent of craigslist. http://www.blocket.se/lulea/V_Max_bakhjul_och_sving_46452067.htm?ca=11&w=3 My question is how do i know if these stuff are good...
  20. C

    Extended Swingarm Issues

    Hey all, I have a 3" extended swingarm I am putting on my Max. It was under braced and welded locally. I went to assemble it the other day and the axle is binding. Apparently during the welding, the swingarm shrank about 0.35" as compared to the stock swingarm. I took it to a body shop friend...