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  1. rzwanink

    Weird sound, no vboost

    I ordered an Led headlight bulb with fan. fits and works great. Only 1 thing I just cant figure out.... the moment in removed the original bulb, and I turned on the contact, so I could could figure out which wire from the ledbuld would be paired to the original loom. A strage loud hummm...
  2. racerboy

    Weird Pricing

    On Amazon, there are these rear shocks : 340mm RFI air shocks which supposedly fits the Vmax. Well, its not so much that they are piggy backs, they look cool, there are a few of these shocks in different colors etc, but the price! I got ahold of these sellers, and they say the price is correct...
  3. D

    WEIRD stator voltage

    hey guys quick question. I tested the three stator wires tonight doing the 3 wire combos using ac volts and at idle it read 11 across all 3 and would not go higher in fact when I revved the throttle to around 4k the reading actually went down to around 8.5 any thoughts I have been having a...
  4. jedi-

    Weird mugshots

    Some strange looking people... An example,
  5. D

    Weird fuel pump problem?!?

    Ok, here is my problem. I changed my gauge bulbs with LED's from All of a sudden, my fuel pump would not prime the carbs when I turned the key. I tested all of the LED's and they worked fine. I also put them in different sockets and had the same problem. I took out the fuel...
  6. D

    Weird caps on plugs

    So as I'm investigating and fixing things on the '86 I found a little cap screwed onto one of the spark plugs. I'm out and haven't checked others yet, but let's assume they're on all the plugs. What the heck are they? It made it basically impossible to push the plug wires onto the plugs. I'll...
  7. you2low

    Is it weird i want to buy this

  8. Conman

    Weird Carb Noise

    Hi, I noticed when I start my bike there is a spritzing noise coming from what appears to be the right-rear carb, just below the round metal disk. It became less evident as the bike warmed up but it still happened periodically, especially as I bumped the throttle. It sounds like someone is in...
  9. texas-ss-tornado

    Weird Busa!

    Strangest thing I've ever seen, I can't even fathom in my head how this works, or why? What would be the point???? Just another way to validate the saying, "just because it CAN be done, doesn't mean it SHOULD be done."
  10. P

    Bike wont rev past 4k, and other weird issues.

    Hi fellas, wondering if someone is able to help me solve the issue I'm having with my problem. The bike just came back from the vales adjusted. Was sitting in the garage waiting to get the scoops and relays back in place. Recently changed fuel filter, spark plugs. Took my fuel pump apart and...
  11. srk468

    Weird problem...

    Anyone ever have the outlet on top of the cylinder head leak on them? I thought it was the hose (it needed replaced anyway) so I ordered a brand new one with new clamps and it still just barely weeps from there, I even put a worm clamp on it and still the same.. I'm guessing its leaking where...
  12. S

    Weird Clutch issues..

    Starting around a month ago, I started having problems than when my bike was cold, and i haven't rode it in a while when I would first start the bike up and ride off, the clutch had a ton of play, and it would engage SUPER early, then after riding about 5-10 minutes it would go back to normal...
  13. fullhouse

    Weird problem!

    Hey all Went to go for a ride today with a mate, Got to his house, 5 mins away. Stopped the bike for 30mims on the side stand to wait for another mate to arrive. Started the bike to warm it up still on the side stand but had to turn it off cause fuel was leaking out of the left vacuum lines...
  14. J

    Got a weird issue with Kuryakyn running lights

    Ok everything in tail hooked up fine. But if I put my front signals on the running lights the blinkers act as four ways. The signals are the bullet led Kuryakyn lights I have to load equalizers on as per Kuryakyn tech support still does it. I even put diodes in on each side to the blinker...
  15. srk468

    Weird carb problems...

    I finally got my ignition system working right but now I have a carb problem (this was the biggest problem to begin with) sounds like I'm carrying a cylinder but at idle I'm not fat according to my wideband but it still has a pretty irradic idle for having the vboost totally closed. When you...
  16. midmoraider

    Well....this is really weird. People are strange :ummm:
  17. W

    Weird issue, Battery/starting/jumping

    First off, I'm new here, so thanks for creating this forum Secondly, I'm far from new to bikes, but very new to VMax's... anyway, I found a bike, its a 1999 VMAX with 23k miles, and aesthetically its in very good condition. PREEMPTIVE APOLOGY IF this has been covered, I did search though ;)...
  18. dman1961


    So I noticed when I got my bike home after buying it, that the right front header pipe is blued at the cylinder and a couple other places.... the other side is not. It runs great , but I still took it down to the bike shop here and the service manager looked and listened to it and said dont...
  19. N

    Battery Change - Weird Happenings

    Swapped my battery the other day on my 97. Bike fires right up and after running for 10 seconds the high beam indicator light on the tank comes on and I simultaneously lose my headlight and my rear tail lights. Blinkers work even though tail lights are out and ZERO headlight high or low beam...
  20. 98jpvmax

    weird motor noise??

    Just got my 98 and am enjoying the hell out it already just wondering do these motors always make a howling whinny sound when running? are they really not a quiet running motor? one more thing what would you guys say would be the easiest cheapest power upgrade or easy boost? sorry about all dumb...