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  1. J

    That's one big ass balloon!

    That's one big ass balloon!
  2. C

    Dumb ass street racing.... I like watching outlaw streetracers on tv. I know its fake and scripted, but its still fun to watch to a certain degree. Maybe because I remember it and can relate. But I saw this video of the Murder Nova and krazykelly and thought to myself, mid...
  3. rebar

    Safe method to buy a vehicle states away? Need to cover my ass

    I want to buy a Van in florida. Iv already sent $500 cashiers check and seller removed the craigslist ad. Now I have to travel to drive the Van back home, but when I called my counties treasurer, they recommended I get the title and get plates here in Iowa Before I go. County told me I cant...
  4. sal98

    Bad ASS or... Too Much? : )

    I decided that I needed to hang a little something on the living room wall to brighten things up a bit. Something simple, understated and elegant... I think I nailed it. :biglaugh: Whatcha think? Bad ASS or too much? :punk: Scott
  5. CaptainKyle

    Jody Kicking ass on his Gen 2

    The Boy can ride !!!
  6. woodsman30

    Bad Ass Ride

    Went for the first ride of the year today 65 in New York:punk:. Grab the leathers the Ipod went and topped of the tank with some 100 octane and went for the back roads. I was getting the feel for the bike again.. going through the numbers like water through a funnel. I grabbed a handful of...
  7. J

    bad ass engine paint

    Hi i am looking for some engine paint but need some help, i dont think it will be just black, anyone of you have seen other color, or some custom paint or some thing else, mayby airbrush? I need some inspiration.
  8. 1

    Seat is breaking my ass Anything else like this under $400?
  9. KJShover

    Time to stomp his ass

    This twat decided to run into a rider with his car. "I wasn't going to let him pass me"
  10. davidon

    Bad ASS!

    Badger that is
  11. richwrench

    Morley is a Bad Ass

    You guys think Sean is just a Vmax mechanic & tuner ? Check out what he does in his spare time... :biglaugh: This is NOT a Vmaxer to be messed with !
  12. KJShover

    Its time to open a can of whoop ass.

    First the vice principal of the high school for sending the kids home for wearing american flag garb, Then find this asshole and sling shot his ass back accross the border.
  13. yukonerdave

    FANTASTIC weather kicks ass...

    except when your ride is in pieces all over the garage :bang head: I'm gonna have to knock off work early today to get to work putting her back together. I'm worried that I bit off more than I can chew - everything is in marked baggies, but I think the rebuild job is going to take me a lot...
  14. dannymax

    Rules for kicking ass

    Rules for Kickin' Ass Make sure you read #13 Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few...
  15. GREEN light BLITZ

    Im'ma cheap ass!

    Im cheap,real cheap...So my Max has been missing the plastic right side neck cover since I bought it.This had made me angry since I got it because I didnt wanna BUY another one...So today I got off my ass and did somthing about it.I took an old "no parking sign" I had laying around and made...
  16. vmaxride06

    Morley Muscle Seat Kicks Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well after Reading the responses and feedback others were giving Sean Morley on the quality of his seats, I had to take the Plunge. It is more than what I expected!!!!! The quality, The ride, The fit, The appearance were all 10 out of 10 for me. Sean was great to deal with and he was able to...
  17. Rusty McNeil

    Big ass breaker changeout;

    Don't get to see this everyday, 138,000 Volt OCB (oil circuit breaker) changeout. 27,000 Lbs
  18. mikemax04

    Bad Ass Bikes

    Yamaha could get a few pointers from these guys. Check out all the rods they've modified.
  19. mikemax04

    Hauling ass or whatever

    Did you ever get pissed because there was no place to put anything on the Max? Check out the experts and learn.
  20. vmaxinID

    Anybody kick ass @ math?

    Ok, Regarding my last post. How much height will I drop measured from the lower front of the frame with a 36 degree "rake"? The bike is currently stock height. Stock caster angle is 29 degrees. ________ XS650