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  1. K

    Rear axle spinning when trying to tighten

    I installed some new tires and I'm trying to put the wheels back on. Following the instructions in the manual I purchased it tells me to torque down the rear axle before i clamp down the rear axle clamp Bolt. However, when I do that the rear axle spins. When it said to grease the rear axle I...
  2. G

    Axle Nut Size

    Went to take off the rear wheel, and realized I didn't have the correct size socket for the axle nut... I'm wondering what the axle nut size is for the rear wheel, its a non-castlenut version on a 1997.
  3. U

    Gen 1 Suspension bits- Swingarm bolts, covers, axle

    Selling some bits from my 2006. These are on Ebay, you get half price if no bids, plus actual shipping.
  4. P

    Rear axle spacer

    Could somebody tell me which way the spacer/washer faces. The one between the wheel and caliper bracket on the rear wheel. I found it flat side out but the Clymer manual seems to contradict that. Also there seems to be a big difference of opinion on axle torque. I'm reading 110 but the forum is...
  5. K

    Axle nut size??

    Don't ask how, but the castle nut on the rear axle is less than usable after a recent incident........ Just need to know the size of that thing so I can order a new one!! Bike bandit simply lists it as a castle nut for $20. Don't think I need to spend 20 bucks on a nut... Or do I??
  6. CrackerRican

    Axle Nut

    Anybody have any ideas what I could do to pretty up rear axle nut, maybe a cover or something
  7. Miles Long

    Axle removal with shorter shocks

    Brothers and sisters- Although still long enough to reach the ground when walking, my legs are relatively short (I have a 30" inseam). On my bike - with stock suspension all around - I could flat-foot at stops, providing I had my riding boots on. Still, I always felt a tad uncomfortable...
  8. E

    Axle modification question

    Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing okay. Here's my question: Do any of you know a person or company that can grind an axle's diameter down to a smaller diameter in a safe and precise way? I ask because I'm attempting to mount a 1994 Honda CB1000 front wheel on a pair of USD CBR954 forks...
  9. D

    Making rear axle, materials?

    Hey guys I am working on a chain drive vmax with an R1 rear wheel, the wheel is setup for a 28mm axle and the swingarm I got from Sean is set up for a 20mm Axle. My plan is to mill the chain adjuster blocks and swingarm out to 28mm and make a matching axle as I dont have one anyway. would...
  10. rebar

    Rear axle threads showing..?

    I'm buying a pitbull restraint system and pitbull want's me to send my rear axle to them to custom make the pins needed to hold the bike axle. They want me to thread the nut on where it normally sits.. No problem. My problem is I have two Vmax's and I would like both bikes to fit the same...
  11. L

    rear axle mount question

    I had my rear wheel off for a while during my fuel tank replacement. I 'thought' I knew where the washers on the rear axle went. The larger diameter one goes on the final drive side (left) under the nut. The smaller one has me puzzeled. Both the manual and bikebandit pictures show the smaller...

    What is the importance of this washer on the rear axle?

    I am referring to the washer that is moved for the "washer swap". The one that sits between the caliper bracket and the swingarm. I'm mocking up some parts and looking at the rear axle assembly and asking myself what would it hurt if this washer was eliminated? Since the shouldered head of...
  13. davidon

    Wheel axle spacer

    Anyone know the dimensions of this? Don't want to pull the wheel to find out.
  14. Rand-5107

    Carrozzerria rear axle torque.

    My manual calls for 85lbs of torque. Cass asks for 1/2 of factory. That would be 42 1/2lbs. To line up my cotter key I either can run 40lbs or 62lbs. How much is to little and how much is to much? Right now I'm at 40.
  15. 88vmx12

    axle side mount license bracket

    I am looking for an axle mount license bracket. That the plate will be mounted vertically. Does anyone have one if so where did you get it and how do you like it? :ummm: Pictures would be awesome! Thanks Gannon
  16. V

    Size of rear axle nut?

    Does anyone know the socket size of the rear axle nut? It's the one without the cotter pin if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  17. DakRatFink

    Rear axle clamp bolt.

    I got my new Bridgestones mounted and was torquing everything down. I misread the chart I was looking at and accidentally overtorqued the axle clamp bolt to the value for the caliper bolt and sheared it off :bang head: Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the part of the shank that was stuck in...

    Rear axle lengths

    Anyone out there have one of the "old style" axles that they could give me an accurate measurement from? By old style, I'm talking the one that has a hole drilled trough it for a cotter pin and uses a castellated nut. I'm putting a metal plate and some spacers on the end of my axle so could...
  19. jedi-

    Axle nut cover

    1. Hate the OEM fugly nut. 2. Replace the nut with a Nylock nut and use the stainless stealth cover and lock it into position.

    GSXR, Hayabusa Axle Tool

    For anyone looking to use the newer GSXR or Busa forks to put USD on you bike there are all kinds of costs you probably won't think about. One that I just found out about is that you need some "special tool" to remove/install the axle on these bikes. All it does is go in the end of the axle to...