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  1. V

    Wind shield choices Gen2

    Only choices in larger windshields I can find is Yamaha touring (is it a fork mount?),and Puig brand,link below..Any feedback on either would be great.the puig is about $100 less than Yamaha.. I don't have any experience with these but I gotta get one..what about high speed stability? Will the...
  2. 95spfldmax

    LED Lighting Choices

    Who's using what for LED headlights? How do you like the performance, reliability, cost? I'm having my 2nd failure with my HID setup. I love the performance but reliability seems to be a problem for me. Looks like I may need to bail on it. What are you guys using? and how do you think they...
  3. 8

    Good choices for 240 kit?

    Hey I am not familiar with all of the vendors but my 2010 Vmax is in desparate need of modifications... So ill be posting videos/pictures from stock and up. One question is what is a good recommendation for a 240 wide tire kit?
  4. 1967vmax

    Tire choices

    . Wow sportbike tire have come along way since i bought a set . I am looking to put a new set of tires on my zx 14 so i am looking on ebay at tire packages and holy shit all the choice Road tec sport tec in the Metzler . pilot sport, pilot road 2,3,4 all different compound hard center soft side...
  5. J

    Tire Choices

    I have searched and read, but I still need advice. I am going to have to put tires on the '86 Vmax I rescued. It has been sitting up for about 6 years and the dry rot is showing up strong after a little riding. It currently has the Dunlop K525/F20 tires in the stock sizes. I am pretty sure I...
  6. R

    Rectifier choices

    So I think my rectifier is bad cause when the stator is unplugged I get 20-50 volts A.C. and when plugged in I get 10to 11 volts.So I guess my options are get the newer heavy duty version thats plug and play or opt for the R1 or Kawasaki zx10 and hard wire it to the stator and battery.Any...
  7. T

    Thoughts on these Headlight Choices?

    I'm doing a front-end rebuild on an '89 vmax I just picked up and it needs a new headlight. I'm looking at two different headlights for the replacement and I'm wondering if anyone has either of these lights or what some opinions are on them. Feedback would be appreciated...
  8. B

    Seat choices

    Hey all you dedicated Vmax enthusiasts, just picked up a 2006 Black Max and want to do something with my seat, I know there is the maxgasser, the corbin, the muscle guy and and the sportmax. It seems like the sportmax is the best priced but I am one who has learned that you get you pay for...
  9. MagnaVMax

    Folding Knife EDC choices

    Hey just wandering what some you guys carry every day for a pocket knife/folding knife. All mine got left in Afghanistan when i got medevac'd out. So i'm thinking about picking up one or a couple of the following... - Spyderco Paramilitary 2 - Emerson CQC-8 - Spyderco Military -...
  10. 85vmax

    Gen 1 Stock front tire choices?

    I joined your site to find some info....and I went through most of the treads and came up empty.... One quick question, and one quick answer may help me make my decision. Anyone tried a 100/90/18 up front? I Want to go with their 170/80/15 Pirelli Route ME66, but to match the front. they...
  11. Redbone

    18" Wheel Choices

    I'm looking to convert to radial tires and looking for input on choices of 18" wheels we have for the Vmax. I have found very few that carry 18" wheels. I know RMS Sportmax carries a 18" wheel set ($1800 for ft and r) but I was thinking along the lines of a sportbike style wheel which would...
  12. maleko89

    Tire choices for Divy wheel? (XJ900)

    Friend has a Continental Road Warrior (150) on there now. Is this a good choice? What else can I run? Should I stick to 150 size or what is the max size? Thanks!
  13. trentsee

    Handle bar size and grip choices

    Hey guys I can't seem to find the handle bar size.I've spent a bit of time looking around the forum and I came up empty.Also if you guys wouldn't mind posting a few links to what grip choices are out there I would really appreciate it Thanks very much!!!
  14. GREEN light BLITZ

    Hmmm,what are my choices for shocks?

    Im cheap...but resourceful. SOOOO,lets get creative! I want some better rear shocks and Ive been TOLD that the rears off an old GS1100 will fit but I wanna know my options. I really want coil overs like the ones you find on Ebay for $150 but word has it they are weak and Ill bottum out...
  15. Maxedout

    Nitorus Oxide Kit choices

    Hello again everyone, Talked to a mechanic last night about putting a nitrous kit on my 07' vmax. He does primarily Honda and asked me to go to the boards to see what other vmax owners are running. Wet or dry. Brand names. Websites offering. My first compulsion brought me here. Not looking to...
  16. lankeeyankee

    Swing arm choices input please.

    Well obviosuly I will be shopping for a swingarm. I would like some input.. Remember I am running a stock 15in wheel and dont plan on changing that. If money wasnt an object I would purchase a Taylor made Swingarm in a heartbeat!! 1) Who is running a 3in over swingarm? 2) Do you have a...
  17. D

    Choices for trailering a bike

    ok....heres a pic of a vmax on one of those. It doesnt look like its too high off the ground to hurt anything. 100.00 plus shipping....what do you all think?
  18. RagingMain

    Choices, Need some advice

    Hello All I am stoopid I am swapping my pumpkin with one from a 93 venture and failed to notice before I tore everything apart that the venture's pumpkin does not have a mount for my shock :bang head: Now that I have everything apart I have some options and I am hoping you guys might lead me...
  19. C

    Carb syncronizer/manometer choices

    Motion Pro ?'s For those of you who have used the Motion Pro brand carb tuners, give me your opinions on them. Also, is a 5mm or 6mm adapter required when purchasing these units, or are they already set-up with the correct size for the V-Max?
  20. firefly

    handle bar choices

    The upper is stock, middile is Ducati and lower is a narrow drag bar. ________ SLK-Class