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  1. texas-ss-tornado

    2009 Dealer banner
  2. Fire-medic

    Miami FL H-D dealer dies H-D was 22 yrs older than he was One would be hard-pressed to find a greater biker icon in South Florida than Phil Peterson, who opened his first Harley-Davidson shop on Duval Street in Key West FL in 1954. Peterson grew his Harley dealerships to main...
  3. CaptainKyle

    Shinko Tire Dealer

    I went to Motorcycle superstore website to order some new Shinko tires a few were saying how well they liked on the Wing & they were out of stock which is a good thing. I started searching & found this site...
  4. carnut108

    What should a carb rebuild cost from a dealer?

    Took my 2005 max to the dealer finally. Could not get it to run right since I bought it. Anyway, to make a long story short--- dealer says I need a carb rebuild. They want $800. Does that sound right ? Seem way high to me but I want to be done with this so I said go ahead. Did I get screwed ?
  5. srk468

    Dealer parts?

    Do some of you guys have a favorite dealer to get parts from? I'm getting ready to paint my bike and I need the tank symbols and the YAMAHA decal for the rear fender and also a throttle cable... Any recommendations? I've used this place before...
  6. M

    Yamaha dealer Corbin seat??

    I was looking through some classifieds and came across a Corbin seat for a first gen Vmax. I currently have a Corbin on my first gen, but this one has a different texture, like a diamond pattern. It had a black tag on the back that read: YAMAHA Genuine Accessories by Corbin It looks older...
  7. Fire-medic

    Historic Rochester NY dealer photos

    I found these recently on another site, they are copyrighted by the descendent of the subjects in the photos. These photos are courtesy of Kirk R. Towner, grandson of Richard T. Towner Sr. Copyright ? 2007 Having grown up in the Rochester NY metro area, I well-recall Robinson Cycles on...
  8. Rusty McNeil

    VMOA dealer discounts-parts

    Got a question about discounts, concerning OEM engine parts etc..... Discount listing is from the back of the VMOA mag. K&N cycles, Tulsa ok. offers 25% over dealer COST Others offer 10-15% off retail... Which one equals a greater discount???? You'd need to know whjat markup is to...
  9. SpecOps13

    Called Lakeland Dealer about an 05 VMax

    I was of the understanding that the 05's Serial number would match the plate identifying the bike as whatever # of 2000. Dealer told me that the last 4 of the VIN was 0070 and the plate reads 874 of 2000. ???????? Makes No Sense to me:ummm::ummm::ummm::confused2:
  10. Fire-medic

    dealer closing

    Who can count how many different pieces of schwag I got recently? Tiebreaker is, "what's in the silver box?" Also, two socks for example, counts as 1 item. I'll email an aftermarket VMax gas filter to the person who first gives me the correct number of separate items by midnight Easter...
  11. Rusty McNeil

    Infiniti Honesty-Infiniti, not dealer..

    I'm impressed, my wife turned in a lease car 2 months ago and I wrote a check for $380 in mileage overages, she went a few over her alloted 75000 we signed for. Been out of town for two months on a job in Arizona and get home today to discover a check for $380 from Infiniti with a letter...
  12. I

    new segment ,any one recommend uk dealer

    hi guys, new to this forum,and i have the same problem as many others ,have a 97 v-max ,and , have lost 4th and 5th ! if this is segment where in the uk can i buy updated version?
  13. kozy

    straight up trade with used car dealer?

    So my wife and I want to get rid of her '05 Chevy Colorado. We're looking at either a Nissan Altima or Maxima. Don't wanna spend any money out of pocket, so we're looking to spend what we can get in trade on her truck, and no more. Found a car...and call me crazy, but I think that a used car...
  14. vmaxcruzer

    Another dealer rip off

    Man did this guy get taken to the cleaners on the carb problems he "supposedly" had. might be a story buy my first thoughts were that he was ripped off.
  15. ghostntheshell

    My local Yamaha dealer...

    So I went into my local yamaha dealer today to buy an air filter / oil filter / plugs for my max... I asked the guy at the counter for the above mentioned items. I told him my ride is a 97 V-Max. So he started clicking away on his computer.. and continues to click... and click... I lose...
  16. Jayhawk

    So, how was my 600-mile dealer service?

    Long story I'll try and make short(er). Last summer, I took my BKing to the dealer where I purchased it for the bike's 600-mile service. Looking to get rid of the huge exhaust cans (and feeling lazy), I asked the dealer to please install a set of Yoshi slipons, as well as a Power Commander...
  17. Bogie

    Dealer gave me some wall porn..........

    .......... to shut me up for awhile about when my 09 R1 will get here!! :rofl_200: I know its nota Vmax but I am just chomping at the bit to get my hands on my new bike!!! :punk: :eusa_dance:
  18. M

    Dealer 09 Vmax Technical Orientation Guide

    I borrowed this service book from my dealer today. One interesting thing I found is that the exhaust camshafts have what is called a Centrifugal Decompression Device built into them. It sounds like this acts as a compression release until the engine reaches 650 RPMs. It states that the...
  19. Jayhawk

    Local dealer: One of three are sold

    My son stopped in at the local Yamaha dealer here in Plano, TX a few days ago, and he was told by a sales person that they have three '09s inbound. One is sold, two will hit the showroom floor. Not sure how common that practice is nationwide (dealers putting down the deposits), but thought...
  20. HDKILA

    Trust the dealer to do the valves?

    Anybody here think it's a good idea to let the dealer do my valve job? It looks like it's going to be a little over 400 for labor/parts. They even offered to pick my bike up with this crumby weather! Let me know...