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  1. intruder

    beware LED instrument bulbs.

    Hi, my last post had me pondering on the verge of pulling out my gas tank to fix the permenantly on reserve fuel light and switch, HOWEVER!, I read a thread on here saying that the fuel res light is part of the circuit, so I thought about it and wondered if the voltage difference using led...
  2. GMax97

    Headlight and instrument panel out

    Headlight and instrument panel out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Z

    Instrument after market cover

    I've come across what looks to be either a polished aluminum or chrome instrument cover (genuine Yamaha part). It goes over the stock plastic cover. Never seen one before anyone have one? are they rare?
  4. tugla

    Looking for instrument cluster

    As title says I'm looking for the cluster.....doesn't need to have the gauges just the face plate where the lights are would would be great but either color. Thanks
  5. R

    Instrument cluster changes in Gen1 ???

    Howdy... I own a 2001 Gen1, but am looking to buy replacement parts off an instrument cluster from a 90's model. It looks the same from the pictures, just curious if you guys know whether all the holes line up, etc. I'm planning to salvage the METALIZED facia cover, and maybe even some of the...
  6. donnelly317

    LED instrument lights cant find thread?

    Just recently someone posted a thread on LED instrument lights now I cant find it! It was simple strait forward with P/N's and website to get them from :confused2:
  7. texas-ss-tornado

    Top 10 worst motorcycle instrument displays

    Funny, the 09 VMAX made the top 10!
  8. KJShover

    Make your own instrument face-plate

    Custom DIY face-plates are pretty simple to make. The only pain in the butt is deciding what goes where, as we all have different ideas of what we would like. Here is a .rar file, with a couple of different files, of a blank face-plate with a reference for a 2.25" and a 1.75" hole. It is in 1...
  9. Sauron

    No headlight, no instrument lights?

    I walked out of a friend's house last night, got on the bike, started her up and-hey presto, no headlight and no instrument lights. I still had running lights, tail light, turn signals and brake lights. All fuses are fine, no loose connections I could find. Is this the symptom of a sticky...
  10. Geek_Law

    Instrument Cluster gone Berzerk!

    Today I killed my instrument cluster ... I think. Has anybody else seen anything like this. I took the bike out for a nice thrashing. On the way home, the instrument cluster went berzerk. No neutral light. RPMs at zero until I start moving, then they are all over the place. No blinkers. If I...
  11. dij0674

    Instrument Cluster Locking Storage

    Hey All, I've purchased and installed an all in one speedo unit. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the instrument cluster where the original tach is. I'd like to make it into a locking storage area, like a glove box, keeping the original outer housing, any thoughts on this, how to do...
  12. B

    Instrument Cowl Install Instructions

    Looking for a PDF or writeup on how to install the OEM instrument cowl. MINI windshield. I have been reading how some have cracked their turn signal stalks due to over tightening. Do the brackets need to be bent or adjusted. What are the adjustments needed for correct alignment.
  13. V

    Instrument and Control function

    Hi can somebody help me with some adjustments for the system status? I want to have the "Air intake temperature" in ?C instead of ?F and the fuel consumption in l/100 km instead of km/l To change from miles to km is easy, but to chance from ?F to ?C is :ummm: Thanks & greetings from Germany
  14. 82ndCowboy

    Yamaha Instrument Cowl Not available for quite awhile.

    If you have one you better take care of it. I just spent the mourning trying to find one and Nobody that I have found has one in stock. Gary McCoy informed me today that Yamaha has decided to stop making them. But due to the volume of orders they are outsourcing them to someone else. And...
  15. atVMAX99

    Replacement Instrument Panel Lenses

    Anybody know of a source for these panel lenses without buying a whole Instrument Assembly from eBay? I tried several Yamaha OEM parts sources and the best I can source there is the bulbs. I Googled many different queries and I can't locate anything.
  16. Z

    windshiled search - instrument cowl

    Hello all, Finaly got my max back from the shop, runing great! I am looking for a light tinted windshield, I beleive they call it a "boulevard instrument cowl" Does anybody know where I can get one of these? I beleive is the OEM but if I go to star motorcycles I only find the un-tinted one...
  17. Reved

    No power to instrument pod/cluster

    On the the way into work today I noticed I lost power to my instrument pod/cluster and blinkers. :bang head: At lunch I'm going to go out and look at it. The question I'm asking is, are they on a seperate fuse? I remember there being two 30amp fuses, but is there another and if so, where? Left...
  18. Robbarrie

    Instrument Panel

    I was wondering why Yamaha had designed the instrument panel with a spot (beside the highbeam light indicator) it looks like it was going to be for a light for something.....was this a design brainfart or what ? Has anybody actually used this for something. Ideas wanted ! When people look at...