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  1. Conman

    Driving Abroad- Shipping, Insurance, Etc.

    This summer I'll be in Germany for 3 months. I'm looking to bring my Stratoliner with me and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I'm planning to fly it with air Canada's "bring your bike" program out of Toronto. Looks like it'll be about $2k round trip for the bike and I'm still...

    Health Insurance

    Since Obamacare has been enforced, we have been lucky enough that our healthcare hasn't gone under any major changes. Our policy needs to be renewed in December. We have been working with the broker for our company. If we continue with our current plan, our rates will go up considerably...
  3. Redbone

    Geico Insurance Commercial

    If you have seen one of the latest Gieco commercial for motorcycle insurance featuring ZZ Top's song "Lagrange" shows three motorcycle riding down the road which was nice but near the last third of the commercial two of the riders pass the lead motorcycle on a wet road with one on each side of...
  4. C

    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    I ve never made a vehicle claim in my life. One house claim and that took about two weeks or less if I recall. But I am exactly at 1 month after the accident and I am still waiting on a settlement. Is this normal? Everytime I call I get a new person that tells me something different. I was...
  5. Blacklightning

    How is the vmax rated for insurance purposes?

    I am actively in search of my 2nd gen. vmax. One thing that I hadn't considered is how the bike is rated for insurance purposes. I have owned a zx14, which was definately considered a super sportbike, and had crazy insurance. I have a M109R, which isn't too bad, and I also have a zzr1200...
  6. C

    Newbie question about Vmax paper storage

    OK, I've been lusting for a Vmax since I rode a friends way back in 1992. Just bought a 2002 with under 9k miles Tuesday night. :biglaugh: Had to haul it home in a blizzard but 2 days later it was 70 degrees! What can I say, it's Nebraska. My question is, is there a pouch etc on a Vmax to...
  7. Traumahawk

    Well its official

    I just got a company memo yesterday. My healthcare coverage is going up. To help cut cost, my company has elected to drop the dental portion of my healthcare coverage. To help make up for it, I can purchase an additional dental program. So my coverage is going up, and to keep coverage AS IT...
  8. poppop

    Does anyone know a desent insurance company

    Ive been looking for insurance.With no luck ,Everytime i turn in a claim,Here we go.Wife's car got hit 3 weeks ago,Turned it in as usual,Week went by called got voice mail,4 more calls 3 days later,He called,He could not find claim # and on and on 3 weeks now he cant get the fax from the body...
  9. MR_NST

    New insurance rates... you arent gonna believe this!!!

    so I remember getting into a thread last year that discussed everyones cost to plate their bikes... it was determined at the time that I pay pretty much the highest. it was 1500 or so at the time. well last fall our one and only insurance company raised our rates so now I pay $1680 a year. BUT...
  10. Blackjack

    Motorcyle Towing Insurance

    Can someone recommend a good reasonable towing insurance agency. AAA wants $102 for the 1st year and $82 for the remaining years. Their Plus package will get you towed up to $100 miles and includes fuel or air no jump starts. Basically would like to have some type of coverage if I was to break...
  11. R

    Insurance drop...

    I just added the Vmax that's on the way to my insurance policy, it actually lowered my premium $2... I really lol... I was preparing for a double, but that wasn't the case!!! So for 3 bikes, a 4 wheeler, and my 3 wheeler I pay $75 a year!!! :ummm:Outstanding!!!
  12. H

    Let's talk insurance.

    Alright... So I am 25 years old, single and have a perfect driving record. I'm currently paying $70 per month for full coverage insurance on my 2006 vmax. I just called to get a quote to see what its going to take to up the coverage to cover $10,000 worth of custom work recently done to it...
  13. M

    Boycott Progressive Insurance

    FYI, if you're a liberal, don't read this.
  14. Barry barker


    I have had progressive insurance for the last couple of years and recently found out that there CEO Peter Lewis is anti american:damn angry:. I have been trying to find a new insurance co that can at least get close to current premiums on my vmax and boat. Markel has come through, and from what...
  15. SpecOps13

    Insurance... A Bad Joke.....

    I got the insurance bill for my 94 the other day. Figured I'd call and give them a hard time at Dairyland Insurance, see about putting my 89 on one of my policy's and combine all 3 bikes. Well, The Harley is a separate policy through them. Only Harley reps have access to it. Yada,Yada,Yada...
  16. Frosty72

    Proggressive Insurance

    I just switched to Proggressive! I have been with the same insurance provider (Shelter) for 15 years or more and always thought that they were giving me a fair shake, WRONG. I was paying $26/mo for the Max and $29/mo for the Vrod, and that's the lowest it's ever been. Called Progressive and...
  17. gamorg02

    Insurance / worth of totaled bike

    Okay so i'm not starting another thread in what you pay and where you are, however here's a question for you guys' bikes who are modified somewhat or significantly over stock. In talking to my insurance agent recently I realized my bike is only worth the retail value ($5500 - $6000) if it was...
  18. N

    any insurance gooroos out there

    Yesterday my daughter was just heading back to her house after an inspection on her old apartment when a car 2 vehicles ahead of her slams on the brakes so her realator(also a friend of ours)that is right in front of my daughter slams on her brakes. My daughter was looking down at her 3 month...
  19. M

    Vmax Insurance Ontario

    Hi guys im 24 be 25 in June and am trying to find fairly priced insurance... I was with Jevco through JD Smith Brokers and Dalton Timmis but Jevco as we know is surcharging 325% and classifying the Vmax as a sport bike. My Insurance topped out over 7g. Now I have found primmum the only other...
  20. kaboom

    Medical Insurance Interesting read......:damn angry: