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  1. 93max

    Breakfast run this morning

    When for a nice ride this morning and got some chow! :biglaugh: I went with the MRS my eldest son Nephew , brother in law and a few other people. Real nice riding with a bunch of people. Out of all the bikes there, Mr Max took the show. When I pulled up at my brother in laws, there was a...
  2. L

    Upstate, SC last minute ride 9/12 in the morning?

  3. frank5079

    I washed the bike this morning....

    and got a scare!!! Let me relate this story of my best friend and his '91 1100 Gixxer. About 21 years back, it was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. My friend Gary was washing and detailing his bike. Well, as he was drying it off, he was on the right side of the bike, when it slowly...
  4. frank5079

    I was on Ebay this morning when I saw this..... naturally the mod monkey starts scratching at my brain, making me think of somehow, integrating this onto my bike....
  5. B

    Headed to buy a chain drive bike in th morning.

    Found a bike that needs a little work but it has a mad max chain drive on it and some other nice options. If it's decent I will buy it and bring it home to clean up and get running again. I'll post pictures once I get back with it.
  6. lawman504

    Bad morning

    I just walked in my house from work awhile ago and there was a little resistance when i pushed the door open, so i pushed harder. I was shocked when i looked down to see what was in the way. I very large heaping pile of runny dog crap! Apparently one of my dogs ate something that didnt agree...
  7. CaptainKyle

    my sat morning

    Well I skipped going to see a good band that I had free tickets to because a friends wife ask me to cook for his birthday. I been up since 4 am baby sitting the smoker. Oh what
  8. Kronx

    Well it was over 30 degrees this morning...

    A lovely St. Louis day for a ride to work. My moto sunrise.
  9. C

    My grandmother passed away this morning.

    I am obviously bummed out but at the same time relieved. She was not suffering anything physically painful, but she had lost her mind. She is in a better place. This was my dads mom. Todd
  10. frank5079

    Foggy ride this morning....

    It's 6:50AM and I'm leaving for work; I pull out onto my street(a narrow two lane unmarked country road) and the fog is so thick I can barely see past the outer edge of my low beam headlight. My faceshield starts to accumulate droplets of water first outside and then inside. I try to wipe my...
  11. gamorg02

    friday morning, 495

    black vmax, cobra pipes getting off 495 exit 18 turning left onto 126 south. around 8am i believe. anyone on here?
  12. W

    Saturday Morning Rides In Phoenix AZ

    What's up everyone? I've owned my 03 VMAX for about a year and love the dog snot out of it. I've been out to the Pavillion's on Saturday evenings a couple times in hopes of meeting up with other's that own one of these bad boys. Unfortuneatly, I haven't found any other Maxer's in the valley to...
  13. T

    Going to pick up 06" in the morning

    Hey everyone again, So after getting sniped on the last one this one came up - 06 with 9,000 miles. Going to pick up in the morning. Anything particular on 2006 bikes to look for, I am guessing make sure 2nd gear doesn't pop out like was mentioned before. Anything else? Thanks, John
  14. VMax-Mike

    Anyone going riding in michigan in the morning

    Im going riding in the morming i live in adrian mi.
  15. B

    Morning ramblings thoughts... Here is the thing... unfortunately in today's world we can no longer afford the luxury of NOT being political. Must folks will say... MAN this forum is about motorcycle... we cant mix politics and...
  16. mgosset1

    Nice morning in Texas

    got the max out today; dang it was a nice ride...good thing about Texas; can ride all year.....just enough to keep them blowed out....i am averaging a good ride maybe once or twice a week......looks like my brake pads in the rear are shot though and may have to turn rotors....hope its not...
  17. H

    took the wife for a ride this morning

    we got far out west where very little traffic was this weekend and I asked her if she wanted to experience v-boost. Well being a good sport she said ok. I was already at about 4k in 3rd and hit it. seconds into boostmania she was screaming at me I didnt let up until a shift into 4th and a bit...
  18. R

    engine died in traffic this morning

    So this is not the first time it has happened but always under the same scenario. Sitting in traffic, bike overheats, I flip on the fan override switch and then the bike starts to idle like shit and if i don't keep the revs above 1500 or so it just cuts out completely and then is rough to start...
  19. Cycle One-off

    What a horrible morning.

    At midnight a guy on a R1 hit a guy crossing my road on a bicycle. I went to mail box this morning and thats when I noticed the road blocked off. I'm not sure who didn't make it but the bicycle was bent up pretty good. Ride safe and stay alert. Regards Tom
  20. CaptainKyle

    Maybe headed to Texas in morning not good

    Well got a call tonight that my my dad is in hospital & it could go either way in next 24 hours might jump on the max & head for Texas in the morning . I am just watining on call in moring to see if I need to head that way for sure in morning please keep him in your thoughts & me if I have to...