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  1. J3_Driver

    V-Max Belly Pan / Chin Scoop w/ Mounting Hardware -SOLD-

    The title pretty much sums it up. Fiberglass chin scoop removed from an '85. There are 2 chips in the gelcoat on the front corners, see pictures. Will ship from Prescott, AZ. Make me an offer.
  2. Tje22

    Cortech mounting points?

    Question for the Cortech owners out there. What have you found to be the best mounting points for there saddlebags? Im going on a little camping excursion and plan to ride the whole hog in arkansas, so i need them secure. Im looking at about a 1500 mile ride.

    Mounting tires at home

    I've thought about trying to mount my own MC tires for awhile. I've looked at the No-Mar equipment and mojolever but both mount tools are over $100. I bought an ATV almost 2 years ago and decided it was time to upgrade the tires. I belong to another forum and the guys posted up some great deals...
  4. M

    Servo motor mounting brackets

    Hi everyone Could anybody send me a picture of servo motor mounting brackets? From all sides? I'm asking cause I'm finally unlocking vmax and today I wanted to mount vboost servo and I realized that there is no way to do that ;d So I have two options:buy somewhere original brackets (and...
  5. J

    Ohlins shock mounting question

    Well, I ended up buying a pair of Ohlins shocks for my vmax... They are damn expensive (and yellow...), but since I've had my bike for almost 19 years now and that it looks like I will be buried with her... :big laugh: , I told myself that it's just something that I won't have to buy again...
  6. Poolio

    Reasonably priced tire mounting and balancing

    I've been searching for a shop that doesn't charge and arm and a leg for this service. Bay4 motorsports in Tewksbury MA was by far the highest. Was quoted 1 1/2 hours at $78 an hour for each. Several others ranged from $54-$90 each. I called Naults Windham Honda in southern NH and was told $35...
  7. Poolio

    Tire mounting and balancing in MA

    Hey guys was hoping for some advice. Just called the local yamaha dealer and they want $150 to mount and balance 2 tires if brought in off the bike. Anyone know of a place on the east coast of MA or southern NH that can save me some $. Thanks for any replys. Ride hard, stay upright!!
  8. ga_max

    Mounting and Balancing Tire

    I have Dunlop's on my 1994 and plan on replacing them with Shinko's shortly. While I can find great deals online for the tires it seems that getting them mounted and balances will cost a good bit since I'm not getting the tires from a dealer. Just wondering what everybody else does concerning...
  9. W

    Silicone lube for tire mounting?

    Well, I used a paper towel lightly wetted with silicone spray lube to apply silicone to the new rear tire bead and the rim. Slipped the first bead on the rim totaly by hand! Slipped the last bead on 3/4 way by hand and very little persuasion to get the rest with tire irons. Easiest tire mount...
  10. Redbone

    Newer Mofset R/R mounting on '85-'92 Vmax

    What did you do? Description and pictures if you have them. I've seen Ryan's mount under the seat where the coils used to be. Has anyone used a mounting plate and bolted it in the stock location?
  11. HyperPete

    Mounting a 200/50R18 rear tire on a Gen1

    I bought some new rims with tires. The front is a 130/60R18 and the rear is a 200/50R18. John Furbur told me that they'll bolt right on with minimal modification. Here's a thread to show the progress as I try to get things right. First, the rims and tires. I think they look pretty nice...
  12. E

    Air filter mounting questions

    Hi folks. This is not a VMax-specific question, but you guys are the best web folks I've dealt with, so I'll ask the question here. I'm working on a 1994 Honda CB1000, and I want to install individual air filters on each of the 4 carb bodies. However, 2 of the filters would have to have...
  13. C

    mounting mini III

    Hello all. Can someone point me towards how to mount the mini III? Thought I could figure it out...I was wrong.
  14. N

    89' Vmax carb mounting

    HI there, My 89' Vmax only has 20,000 miles on it and being a new owner I'm Just getting into fixing the leaks and squeeks before they become larger problems...
  15. dannymax

    Progressive 412 shock mounting bushings

    Does anyone have any Progressive 412 shock adapter bushings? Or maybe a source for thin walled pipe to fab some? I need all four (4).
  16. A

    Water pump mounting surface pin hole

    I was cleaning my engine block when I came across this pin hole that resides in the dowel hole of the water pump mounting surface. I tried to blow it with air but it seems blocked, I also tried to see where it leads and I could not figure it out. Vmaxers and Vmax gurus any idea? :worthy:
  17. A

    Carb Mounting Rubber Gaskets

    I was just installing a power outlet on my VMAX and when I went to move the Air intake housing a little bit to put wire by it, I noticed that the Rubber Gaskets that hold my Carbs on the engine were loose and the Carbs extually poped out of them.......I tried to reseat them in the gaskets but it...
  18. bikedave99

    Aftermarket Tach Mounting?

    How are you guys mounting you aftermarket tachs? I have a small one i'm looking to mount alongside the stock speedo and am looking for ideas. Seems like some folks talk about just mounting it to the speedo bucket but not sure how to do that with out cracking plastic.
  19. NHSteve

    mounting bolt

    looking for an exhaust mounting bolt for my 85 with slip on trapps. I have a pic i can text........... 603-686-3755 thanks:punk:
  20. texas-ss-tornado

    Clutch slave mounting bolt broke!

    Boy, I'm pooched now! Was installing a new slave cylinder into my 85 VMAX, and POOF! One of the two allen screws that holds it on just decided to SNAP! After cussing like a sailor for about 5 minutes, now I have to figure out how to get it out. It's the top bolt, and there is NOTHING left...