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  1. R

    HOW TO: Errors in official manuals preventing proper HOW TOs

    This is where to put errors found in official manuals and your interpretation of what they should have/could have said. For example, the position of camshaft lobes to check valve clearances cannot be done the way VMAX Service Manual LIT-11616-14-12 says to do it. My post points out the error...
  2. CaptainKyle

    its official

    well after 10 years we went official today kept it plain and simple in the backyard.
  3. Regular Guy

    Official VMAX Owners Recipe & Cooking Thread

    When I first joined here I told y'all that I was going to have some questions, mostly stupid ones :biglaugh: I also said that I know a thing or two about cooking. Barbecue/BBQ/Bar-B-Q or whatever you want to call it, in particular. After chatting with CaptainKyle a bit, I found out that he...
  4. vmax2extreme

    Its official: Thunder 2016!

    Well, its official! The VMOA Thunder 2016 event has been posted and the website Thunder 2016 page will be online shortly. Facebook link: STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS...
  5. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2015 - its official!

    Just posted the VMOA Calendar event Thunder 2015 - 30th Anniversary Largest USA VMAX Gathering Ever!!! ARE YOU GOING? (respond to this post and get added) 1. Vmax2extreme 2. Marsmax85 3. Bill Seward 4. The BeeKeeper 5. Redbone 6. KosRider...
  6. Traumahawk

    Well its official

    I just got a company memo yesterday. My healthcare coverage is going up. To help cut cost, my company has elected to drop the dental portion of my healthcare coverage. To help make up for it, I can purchase an additional dental program. So my coverage is going up, and to keep coverage AS IT...
  7. vmax2extreme

    Its official - Thunder 2013

    Here is the official VMOA Thunder in the Valley - 2013 website:
  8. C

    Hot day to be drag Racing.... my second official track runs ....... 11.50's

    Ok it was hot, really hot! 94 degrees with a 7 mph headwind. So I know the bike will run faster then it is. This time full leathers so I could balls out the bike. My first pass was dismal 12.11.... the whole run wasn't good. Next pass 11.77 115 and then it kept going lower from there. A...
  9. Rusty McNeil

    Official Thanks!!

    I just wanted to give an Official and heart felt Thank You to Sean Morley. I had posted up on the local Houston Yahoo vmax bulletin board looking for some used cam chain guides/dampers since my ham handed ways broke the tabs on mine when I dissasembled my engine....figured someone here in...
  10. mattness

    2012 color made official - inquire within

    matte black??/ / come on!!11!:bang head::bang head::bang head: looks like supply will be limited yet again. so... 2500 for 09 (just estimating here) 500? for 10? 300 for 11 and hopefully at least 200 for 12 :(
  11. max_caper

    Bought my 1st official H-D merchandise!

    Saw this item and couldn't resist! It's the real deal...made in the USA! Blaine


  13. ghostntheshell

    The official "What I ate for dinner" thread..

    The official "What I ate for dinner" thread.. I'll start... Tonight I went gourmet.. 1.) BBQ Heinz beans with 2.) Two chopped up weeners 3.) Shredded cheese topping 4.) Three slices of garlic bread You??? ________ Ford SAF
  14. medic981

    2010 VMax - Official

    Here it is, Star is now taking orders for the 2010 VMax. And it comes in red. :punk:
  15. Jayhawk

    First official '09 burnout on video

    Here you go
  16. Buster Hymen

    The OFFICIAL "What I think of the K9 VMax" thread

    Hey guys, dump all your thoughts , mods you'd do and bitching here about the K9 VMax. It will be easier than the 5 or 6 threads going now! :biglaugh:
  17. Jayhawk

    First official photo

    From MCN: Story link
  18. Jayhawk

    The Official Whining Thread

    Dang, I was all set to take the VMax to a local park this weekend and shoot pics - with the intent of listing it for sale next week. (I've got a black B-King spotted...) Getting that far in the decision process was hard enough, but then today's rumors on this board reaffirming a new Max...
  19. Buster Hymen

    B-King now official

    It is to be released next summer (without the supercharger)
  20. Rusty McNeil

    It's official! I'm a dumbass