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  1. SpecOps13

    Need Opinion on my Craigslist ad. 1989 Vmax

    Some of you know the extensive work that I did to this bike. Been running great for several years now. Too many Bikes to maintain and ride every week. Need opinions on the price and anything that I may add to make it more appealing. https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/mcy/6117528778.html...
  2. Lotsokids

    Rear Tire - Race or Roast? (Your Opinion Requested)

    My rear tire is currently square and bald in the center. Shows my riding style, I suppose. The next drag race scheduled here in Hungary is on April 29-30. I'm not a big long distance rider, so not many miles (Km) will be ridden between now and then. My options: 1. Ride lightly and hope the...
  3. K

    Smoking-Second Opinion Please

    Firstly, some background information. I have only recently got my Vmax. When i got it , it had straight through pipes and the fuel/air carb screws were 'all to hell'. The rear right side was almost completely out (9 turns) and almost completely unseated. It appeared to have been like this quite...

    I Posted a OPINION post in the other Vmax forum

    Rather than copy and paste it in here I will just offer you a link if you can to read it and then reply back here in this thread. http://www.starvmax.com/kunena/12-general-vmax-discussion/187932-once-they-get-your-money-you-are-reclassified#218596
  5. Miles Long

    One man's opinion re Donald Trump

    Seems to be well thought out. Also, although not fleshed out, the very reason why Trump will never beat Hilary Clinton. Cheers...
  6. VMAX1260

    tell me your opinion

    it been sometime guys. some probs with work (lot of tranfers) i am between a transfer now that i am writing. made lot of progress with the rebuild - customizing my Max. tell me what you think, i am thinking of wraping the bike with 3m black satin. i ll wait to see how i feel this color when it...
  7. D

    Overall opinion after carb swap!

    So I traded the Vgas set up to Sean for his carbs w/ vboost and morley's kit/stage 7 needle and spring. His carb rack and intake manifold were in top notch condition where as my carbs could use a good overhaul/tuning. I got his package in last night and quickly bolted things together just to...
  8. V4bandit

    Can I get a opinion

    My motor started knocking the other day. I drained the oil and found brass all through it. Pulled the motor out and this is what I found. I'm just wondering if the guys that know motors on here can help me a little with what I'm looking at. I don't have a lot of cash to spend, and just want...
  9. R

    Please give me your opinion on driving light location

    I want to add driving lights, but don't want to alter the style, etc. I am considering 2 options: See yellow marks on pic. A) a single horizontal LED strip ( Or a rectangular fog type) under the main headlight, somehow attached to the headlight bracket. B) adding two bullet...
  10. maxrom

    your opinion other side

    now on an other way to mod the max your opinion of this one no bling bling, only more torq`n`HP Ps.; my last one i won`t do it again:biglaugh:
  11. maxrom

    your opinion

    wath`s you opinion for that bike
  12. C

    Can I get your opinion on tires

    are the shinko's as good as the Exedras from what I can find there is $40 difference on a set shinko-230 series versus the bridgestone Exedra G525 AND G526 combo:confused2:
  13. Lugan

    Swingarm brace / bracing design thoughts & theory - your experience/ opinion please!

    Gents, I've been looking at images of, and reading about the different vendors and DIY braced swingarms and have a few thoughts and a few questions. I've read very little about the intent behind different designs, other than "stiffer is better". Is it? Or would some limited, remaining...
  14. maxrom

    your opinion

    hy, your sincerely opinion over last 10 years, looking at videos and pics of modified vmax, and recently, the Regis`s web site of vmax concentration bring`s me to a question. Is it because i ride this bike or this bike is one of the most personalised/modified bike:ummm: Ps...
  15. a113ycat

    Ignition Opinion needed

    I have this in my inventory and was thinking of using it on my '85 I is an ACCELL twin coil and wire kit. Has anyone ever used one of these and if so what is the consensus...
  16. GREEN light BLITZ

    Classic car opinion requested:to louver or not to louver?

    So this is my car...my only car. Its far from perfect and Lord knows I want to paint it ASAP but right now its NOT in the budget. So Ive been playing with other cosmetics that ARE. Ive been thinking of filling in my back side windows with louver scoops,kinda Mustang Cobra/Eleanor style.(got a...
  17. vmax2extreme

    Vmax value - your opinion counts!

    http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/mcy/2376753032.html Hey guys, I check craigslist all the time for deals and came across this wrecked vmax. NADA average is $3225 and he wants $3000. Dont you think thats a bit steep being its been in an accident and has damage evident? Anyhow, what do...
  18. E

    Trying to sell my VMAX - need an opinion on best place to do it

    Love my MAX, but I've found my dream bike at a price I can afford - IF I sell my Max. Is eBay the best place to sell right now? Do you guys think cycle trader is worth it? I already have it on Craigslist. I'd sell for $4,500 with the new "Mark's" exhaust, led's, bars & D3 grips or $4K with...
  19. ghostntheshell

    problem / pics of plugs / opinion?

    1.) New plugs. Carbs synched after install. 2.) Loss of power, exhaust pop, stumble/ miss. 3.) Tightened exhaust up already, did peashooter. Pulled 4 plugs... ONE plug was all black and wet with what smelled like gasoline. It did not appear to be oil. The other three plugs looked...
  20. Z

    Need your opinion on v-max lables

    I got my scoops and covers chromed back from Sean! Just can't get enough of the looks... hahahaha! Thanks Sean. Ok, so now for the question... for those of you that have chromed the covers, do you guys think that the "v-max" emblems should go back on or just leave them off?