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  1. V

    air scoops rubber trim

    Hello All, Nice to meet you. I am new to the forum and a new owner of a 07 yamaha vmax. I wanted to paint the air scoops of my new vmax and took them out. I found that there are these half moon shaped rubber trim missing on one side. I tried looking for them all over the internet with no luck...
  2. Traumahawk

    Bolt caps for painting

    Does anyone know where I can find caps that will fit over the cap screws on the engine (so when i paint the engine, paint wont get on the cap screws) or is it even needed? Thanks Eric
  3. 1

    86 vmax engine painting

    Hey guys! I am a life long Harley guy who has recently been given a 1986 VMAX from a close family friend. I had heard about them over the years but never seen or ridden one. WOW its fast and I have parked the Softail! Anyway, I began to take it apart to clean years of neglect and bad...
  4. gunrunner

    Painting the motor

    As you all know the paint will fade etc from the head due to excessive heat over the years , I have been told that this can be repainted and have just seen a good example of this been done by brush while the motor is still in the frame . Is it possible to do the whole motor in the frame ? Has...
  5. Karmakatt

    Painting Sketched Aluminium

    I purchased 2 used Aluminium "Toxic" Covers about 3 or so inches in diameter. I think one is a Water Pump cover. You will notice a Toxic Symbol Etched into the surface. Is it possible to color the etching, and leaving the rest of the aluminium surface Face as is??? Thanks guys, KarmaKatt
  6. P

    Fished Painting take a look

    If you like it say if you don't also say. :biglaugh:
  7. WonkoTheSane

    Valve cover gasket replacement (and painting the engine)

    I think I'm losing a little oil from the gasket on cylinder 3 (according to Haynes manual, rear, right). I've cleaned it all up today and will apply talc when totally dry to verify that's where it's coming from. I'm questioning exactly what needs to be done to replace it. The Haynes manual...
  8. J

    How long to wait to clear coat exhaust after painting?

    I painted the exhaust with VHT 2000 degree paint and bought some VHT header clear coat. I've read for other paint jobs to sand the paint to smooth it then do clear coat. Is the header the same? I'm guessing super fine sand paper to smooth it out then clear coat. Would I just wipe with a...
  9. J

    Painting header with aluminum colored header paint, it doesnt call for primer...

    I took off my headers and they were super rusted. I sanded and made them pretty smooth and I'm going to paint with header paint. It's rated for 1300-2000 degrees F. It doesn't mention using a primer. Does anyone recommend priming headers even though can doesn't call for it? If so, should...

    Painting Questions

    I know there are some real painters around here. I'm looking for some advice on one of my projects. I have access to some DuPont Centari, mid temp reducer, and hardener specific to this paint. I found some primer but not sure it is what I should be using for this application. The primer is...
  11. timscues


    Is there any special way to paint the plastic ring between the final and rear rim thinking of using a etching primer
  12. M

    powder coating vs painting

    I want Maxine black instead of silver. murdered look. I've been told powder coating is better than paint. need your opinions.
  13. gennro

    Some painting and ready for the summer!

    Did some painting and cleaning up to the bike. Finally got rid of that fake carbon fiber look....... Video of the exhaust
  14. thundermax

    Painting the Engine

    Because my 98 sit outside for a long time, the black is faded on the engine and elsewhere. I purchased gloss black Rustoleum Engine Paint in a spray can and thought I would use it to tidy up the paint. Has anyone done what I am going to do or is there an article somewhere with pictures on...
  15. L


    Hi, I want to paint my 85 as the last model, the 2006, I know that painting used for the chassis, engine and other things painted gloss black, thank you very much. Luciano.
  16. M

    Painting Aluminum Wheels

    I've hated the aluminum wheels on my max since I bought it. You can't clean them, polish them or even make them look half decent..I've tried every kind of polish I can find and still can't make them look nice. And I'm not liking the thought of polishing aluminum everytime I wipe the bike down...
  17. O

    shot blasting the engine

    HI! I'm thinking of shot blasting the engine clean of old paint and oxidation and getting it re-painted. Has anyone had any experience in doing this? What kind of preparations need to be done before doing it??
  18. rebar

    Helmet Upholstery and painting service

    Can anyone recommend a outfit that can reupholster and repaint a helmet? Yes I know the Styrofoam core of helmets loose their effectiveness to absorb impact over time. But this helmet has sentimental value. Thanks
  19. N

    painting and polishing

    Thought I would share some pics of my pieces I'm painting and polishing:eusa_dance: still have more to do like front forks
  20. Redbone

    Helmet Painting

    I want to have my helmet painted and it seems there is no one locally to do it that I can locate. I have a few ideas in mind but need to discuss it with someone that has some artistic abilities to see what base color(s) to use, sizes of the design elements and cost options. I have a gloss black...