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  1. Kronx

    All NASA images and videos in one place...

    I see myself spending some time here. Here's an article on the project to get it done:
  2. J

    Sanders puts Clinton in her place on gun control..

    I found it entertaining.
  3. Barry barker

    Driving to Sean's place tomorrow

    Time flys when your in the middle of a build! I leave Friday to pick up the engine and wheels for my new to me 97 build. All most forgot, and a new Muscle seat! Way to go Sean!
  4. CrackerRican

    1st place in best of show

    So I finally got to take my bike to a show to see how it would do against all those custom HD's & I took 1st place in best of show, mind you there was no metric cruiser spot, so it was gonna be a long shot. Also my bike will be in a local magazine Born to Ride.
  5. 1967vmax

    3rd place Wyotech dyno shootout

    Went to Daytona this year with Marcus an he talked me into doing the dyno shootout my bike got 3rd place pulled a 173.4 hp.:punk:
  6. 85 MAX-fan

    wrong friken place
  7. tothemax93

    Conservatives have no place in NY Andy says you are an extreme conservative if you are Pro-life Pro second amendment (He says pro assault weapon.) See safe act. Anti-gay And NYS has no place for you. You may not agree with all of these, but I believe at least one or two fit...
  8. donnelly317

    Chrome bolts and colored lines best place to purchase?

    Has anyone ever purchased colored fuel/oil/vacuum lines anywhere?? Where would the best place to be to purchase these goodies??? I found a few websites but was wondering if anyone else had any info. Also chrome grade 8 bolts where is the best place to purchase these for kosman bolt together...
  9. 2stangs69-91

    I used to think this was a cool forum now I am about done with this place..

    I used to enjoy being apart of this place back in the day. And for the most part the people that where here back then are still pretty cool. Now I am getting a little tired of all the know it all, must comment on everything ass holes I keep running into. I posted a for sale add. I didn't ask for...
  10. tothemax93

    Not a good place to live I do:bang head:. Buffalo NY has had 50+ years of Democrats in power. Thats 50 years of promises. Buffalo is the 3 poorest city in the country. It's a good example of what the whole country will become, as they...
  11. poppop

    keeping the wife in her place!

    Wife Told me the outside of the house was dirty.Who does she think she is.I guess Ill have to put my foot down and put her in her place,By granny ,Ill show her.I dont have to put up with that ill show her!.So guess what happend when she came home friday.She said good you washed the house.She...
  12. SpecOps13

    Strange Place To Ask My FZ8 Question. But By Chance????

    I posed this question on multiple FZ8 Forums and came up with some sympathy but no answer. I threatened to ask the questions here, so this is a test. I know I could tear the bike open and measure but I'm in no shape to do that twice right now... Any help will be Extremely Appreciated and...
  13. daves86vmax

    made a place to install my switches

    finally figured out a decent looking spot to mount my switch to.just bent some .062 aluminum from work into an angle,notched it and rolled the ends around and tack welded in place,primed and painted and there it is.i bolted it in place with the lower two bar clamp bolts.
  14. VMax-Mike

    looking to do a slip in grab bar in place of backreat

    I would like to find or build a slip in grab bar so i can take of the backrest when i dont need it. I think the bike looks tough without the backrest. If i take out the four bolts that hold the back rack on and losen up one side of the backrest mount the backrest will slip out and than i could...
  15. SpecOps13

    Feels Like My Shifts Get Sucked Into Place...

    This is something I've been thinking about for some time. I've missed second gear on my 94, 5 or 6 times over the years. Now that SkullDuggery's (My 89) running great, I've been running pretty hard. My shifts seem so positive compared to the 94. The 94 feels like all the Rice Bike's I've owned...
  16. C

    best place to buy tires and what size

    What is the best website to buy tires? I have the stock front wheel and a custom 18" rear wheel. I was thinking of geting 110/80/18 for the front and 180/55/18 rear (radials). what is the best set of tires in this size and where should i get them from? Also is it safe to use 120/70/18 on the...
  17. A

    stock front 4 pots in place of the stock rear

    I am maybe hallucinating but I remember I read this week on a successful swap of stock front 4-cylinder caliper in the rear and I also remember it had seen photos and I can also remember that it looked cool. Last night I looked and looked until my head felt like a mushy pumpkin. Please anyone...
  18. E

    Trying to sell my VMAX - need an opinion on best place to do it

    Love my MAX, but I've found my dream bike at a price I can afford - IF I sell my Max. Is eBay the best place to sell right now? Do you guys think cycle trader is worth it? I already have it on Craigslist. I'd sell for $4,500 with the new "Mark's" exhaust, led's, bars & D3 grips or $4K with...
  19. ghostntheshell

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this...

    I would like to see a section of the forum dedicated to "pictures of.." Things like simple bikes of the bike - down to pics of items people need / want to see before purchasing and such. What do ya think? ________ buy herbalaire
  20. S

    Need a place to start

    I moved from 1000' elevation to 5100-5200' elevation, bike runs ok but I would like to make sure the carbs are jetting for the best performance and mpg, I have not disassembled anything yet, I am pretty sure the carbs have all stock jetting. I am looking for someone who lives at a near the same...