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  1. g2501

    caliper adapter for 320mm rotor

    a couple of years ago I had to completely rebuild the front braking system, so I swapped the original master cylinder for a brembo RCS , upraded to braided lines and add couple of FZ1 calipers that fit perfectly on my bike ( a 1gen max '96). I had a little accident with the original config (...
  2. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors

    *SOLD*Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors *SOLD* Listed these parts last year but was a noob to this site and didnt know I had p.m.'s. Sry to anyone who was interested and got no response. Selling the whole set-up for $150, buyer pays shipping. May entertain reasonable...
  3. TB99Max

    Brake rotors

    I got some of the ebay Chinese rotors so I'm getting rid of mine. They are stock 1999 front rotors and some of the little buttons will not move. A lot of you on here have helped me over the last two years so I will give them away for free! All you have to do is cover the shipping cost. My guess...
  4. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets, rotors

    Wanted to do the R1 brake conversion and a maxer on the VMOA site was kind enough to help this noob out... Unfortunately, the conversion brackets and the rotors he sold me and the gold dot calipers I bought will work on 93+ Vmax. I have a 1990. Want to sell or trade. Gold dot calipers...
  5. P

    brake rotors like a disc saw

    recently bought a 1988 vmax and it has rotors/brake discs that look like a rotory saw blade. Each tooth is about 1", thought they may have been home made , but just saw a pic of another bike with exactly the same discs, does anyone have any knowledge about them ,, cheers
  6. C

    Rotor question with aftermarket wheels

    Hey guys! Quick question, a search yielded no solid answer. I have a 2003 Vmax. It has a 17" Dymag rear wheel, and an 18" Dymag front. Will these wheels still use stock style rotors? Do I need to order anything special, or just rotors for an 03 Vmax? Rear rotor is looking slim, and I'm...
  7. TB99Max

    Easy way to clean front rotors

    So my front brakes have been catching and I'm finally going to remove them and do it right! So what's the best way to clean the floating rotor bolts? (Or whatever they are called). Also, I want to replace the Allen bolts that hold the rotor on. Is stainless the way to go?? Thanks guys!
  8. Y

    Pulsating brakes after replacing pads and rotors.

    So about a week ago I did some work to my 97 vmax. Rebuilt the forks (new seals, bushings, fluid, Progressive springs). New wheel bearings. New front brake pads and rotors. I had a problem getting 3 of the rotor bolts out, and ended up welding a nut to the bolt to get them out. I'm...
  9. D-Max2012

    Front Disks Rotors from China

    Anyone have experience using these?? The Good, Bad or ugly :-)
  10. T

    How many of you are running China/Hong Kong brake rotors?

    Hey all, I am in need of a new rear rotor but was thinking to just bite the bullet and replace all 3 at the same time just to keep them all at the same wear level. How many of you run the China/ Hong Kong rotors like these...
  11. J

    Replacement Disc rotors

    I require replacement rotors front & rear for my 1985 Max. The are at the minimum thickness spec. Can anybody recommend a good quality replacement rotor as there seems to be few different styles & grades of rotors available. I don't use the bike too hard but want good stopping power.
  12. D

    300mm rotors?

    Could I run 300mm rotors without dying a terrible death the first time I pull out of the driveway? I only ask because I'm trying to find the least expensive solution to this front wheel swap, and 300mm rotors are much easier to find with 80mm bolt spacing than 298s. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus...
  13. 88vmx12

    anyone have these rotors?

    Me likey alot.... :punk: Just wondering if they were worth a damn. The problem I have is I would need 3 of them :bang head: Besides I truly cannot see myself bying something that expensive.
  14. naughtyG

    3 rotors with free shipping under $250!

    not bad! Waddya all reckon? Whole set - front and rear - inc shipping! :clapping:
  15. woodsman30

    turning rotors help?

    I live in the Buffalo NY area and was wondering if anybody knows of a machine shop that turns rotors? Its not for a vmax its for a 1998 kawaski Vulcan classic 1500. I would buy new just what I am finding is stupid pricing or stupid shipping I am not wanting to spend 300-400 for one front rotor...
  16. Dnagmour

    Ebay Rotors

    Anybody seen these? How do they compare to the Toby Huang rotors? Looks like I'm going to need rotors unfortunately . . . And he's stateside too.
  17. B

    91 rotors

    well, just got my 91 max, and it seems i need rotors. the rear is 6.6mm and front is 7.3. i believe service manual says 7.0mm minimum. should i go with stock, wave, or anything else? are they very difficult to change?
  18. R


    Hi guys I am getting new tires put on my bike this week and replacing the pads on the front and was wondering how hard it is to replace the rear rotor ?.Do I have to take the inner part of the old disc off to add to the new one?.Where is the best price for rotors?.Thanks
  19. O

    Chrome rotors

    Found some R1 rotors fully chromed and am looking for opinions in performance. Going to use them with a busa setup but wondering what people think about loosing friction with the rotors being chromed. Also how do you think the chrome will hold up and what type of pads would you recommend? Thanks.
  20. A

    Which wave rotors to get for 86 Max?

    I'm doing the Hayabusa front upgrade and need some new front rotors. I'm trying to find some of the Chinese wave rotors on Ebay but I'm having no luck. What should I look for so that I know the wave rotor will work on my model (1986) vmax? Thanks!