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  1. S

    Need help with Star Vmax site

    I would really appreciate anybody that has an account with Star Vmax to get contact info for the site administrator.
  2. vmax2extreme

    VMOA site - TOP 10 REASONS

    TOP 10 REASONS TO JOIN VMOA: ITS FREE! Yes...FREE!!! More than just FORUMS alone HOSTS THE LARGEST ANNUAL VMAX RALLY Gives AWAY & RAFFLES off $1000's in event prizes at the ANNUAL VMAX RALLY Realtime Interactive CHAT (individual or group in 53 languages) Online VBOOST Publications...
  3. dannymax

    Need a Go-Fund Me site to help buy bird food

    They're getting huge!
  4. dannymax

    New Site Sponsor

    Hi guys, BRC Carb Shop is in the process of getting set up as a Site Sponsor, we have a banner in the banner rotation and Buster has just set us up with this forum....thanks G. Very soon, when you click on the "Danny's Best Carb Rebuilds" banner at the top of the page you will be directed to...
  5. Kronx

    This site brought me a few laughs...

    So I admit... I'm generally out of sync with most of modern culture. I often saw the term "hipster" and saw a lot of bashing of hipsters, but I had no fucking clue what a hipster was. I'm also a fan of vintage bikes. I dunno what it is about them but the old Vincents, Nortons, Indians, and...
  6. H

    need new site glas for brake clutch master cylinder

    whent to the yamaha deler to day to get sum he just smiald and sead i would need to get hole new masterclinders ? are there after market ones that can be got ??:bang head::bang head::bang head:
  7. H

    1985 vmax barn to the site!

    hey all! just thought i'd put up a few pics of my recent barn find vmax. 1985 max with 25k on the clock. It's all there and nothing is seized. Don't have a key yet for it though so haven't been able to do much other than give it a real good bath! lol will post pictures as i pull it all apart...
  8. Barry barker

    Site final works great!!!

    Wow, i can actually use the site again.Cool!!!:clapping:
  9. KJShover

    cool little site .
  10. twistedmax

    Starmax site

    Is anyone else out there having issues with the starmax website? EVERYTIME I try to go there my computer locks up:bang head:, started happing just after the changes were made overthere.:ummm:I'm not a IT guy but it wasnt like that before all the advertising showed up.
  11. dannymax

    Successful site glass replacement

    I replaced the fluid level site glass's on both master cylinders and so far, no leaks. The clutch side has a little metal frame that I knocked out with the old window, there is also a slotted plate behind the glass that makes it easier to see the fluid level, but that got bent up so I didn't...
  12. timscues

    Yahmaha oem parts site

  13. you2low

    Who has been around the vmax long enough to remember Uncle Festers Vmax site.

    Was just working on the Max this weekend and started thinking man back in 1993 when i was doing my first Vmax dang it was hard to find after market parts for it ..:confused2: then got to thinking about how much i ordered from a place called Uncle Festers of course it was over seas:bang head: but...
  14. cgswss

    Marks web site

    I don't know why I can't seem to find it anywhere, so could someone give me the web site for Marks exhaust?
  15. ninjaneer

    Something wrong with your site?

    having problems pulling up the site for the past couple of days. is it down?
  16. Bruiser1198

    Big Thanks too everyone on this site!!

    Just wanted too Thank Everyone on this site for all the help with info or just ideas too try and get a bike fixed and for just being Great people in general!. I belong too a few other boards for other bikes I have owned or plan on buying in the future. I gotta say this is the only site were...
  17. Barry barker

    site very slow?

    Is it just my computer or has the site gotten very slow for others also? It takes about a minute to go from one page to another. I am not having this issue on other sites, so i do not think it is the computer, but then again i am kinda computer illiterate. :ummm:Thanks, Barry
  18. naughtyG

    coupla vmf site questions..

    1. Why has the Arcade been disabled for so long? :confused2: 2. When I click on the Videos button next to Search, I get told I am not allowed to view/post there. What is the reason for this? :ummm::ummm::ummm:
  19. one2dmax

    Star Vmax Site - Biased?

    Well, just a quick question for them (I know some of you are members to both sites). Of course I am on someones "shit list" since I am banned (I think for making comments about another product I saw). As most of you know I like to give my opinions on everything whether it's good or bad. I'll...
  20. dannymax

    When the site seems slow

    Occassionally this site seems to be very slow, takes forever to bring up a new page or make any switch at all. The only other function on my computer that is affected is sending e mails....this seems to be extremely slow also. No other site or function appears to be connected with the 'slow...