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  1. labargeblake


    Where is the best place to order a tboost controller, one that is adjustable. Thanks
  2. R

    T-boost 3000rpm

    Does anyone know another location to buy a T-boost 3000 other than Vmax Outlaw?
  3. R

    T-boost 3000rpm

    Is there any other supplier of the T-boost 3000rpm other then Vmax outlaws?
  4. huskyman510

    tboost Q again

    Im hoping that I can get some help from all you wonderful people on here. I posted earlier about my tboost and the fact it is not doing the whirr at startup, checked everything- tested servo by adding 12v to pins opens and closes fine,old tboost switch swapped for a new one that I know works...
  5. ImCannibal

    Ghetto t-boost?

    I found this tied into the left coil under the seat and the v-boost controller, Sean said over the phone that it may be a homemade t-boost mod. It looks homemade alright, I pulled the heat shrink off and... Wow is all I have to say, I'm glad I took it off because it looks like some extra...
  6. misiek93

    T-boost wiring question

    I just got my t-boost and it came with the 3 position switch. Here's how it is currently wired. UP - 3K boost activation center - boost completely off DOWN - 6K boost activation (stock setting) I have two issues: a. I don't really care for the center position (boost completely off) and b...
  7. misiek93

    T-Boost Installation Instructions

    I just got my t-boost kit from http://www.qualitypartsonline.com/, here is a copy of the instrucions that came with it. A member asked if I could post a copy so I figured other people may bee looking for them as well.
  8. srk468

    T-boost question?

    Hello everyone I bought and installed a tboost from the guy that sells them on ebay and in the stock posiition it works perfectly and in the off position it kills the vboost just like it should but in the 3000rpm position it opens at 3000 just like it should but then closes again and it keeps...
  9. joe4550


    is there any way 2 tell if you have tboost installed? iv just bought my first max and it feels like the boost kicks in at about 3-4k revs is there anyway to tell if its installed or not? thanks joe
  10. daves86vmax


    how many people on here have the t-boost set-up on their bike?
  11. H

    Is T-boost worth it?

    I'm thinking about installing the t-boost kit that starts opening at 3000RPM with the option of the original 6000RPM opening or totally off configurations. Is it worth it or a waste of time? Thanks for the feedback. -Or would it be better to do the COPs mod?
  12. 88vmx12

    T-Boost adapter

    For all who don't know I have made an adapter for the T-Boost systems so you do not have to monkey around with taking the terminals out of the connectors at the coil connection or splicing into your harness. They are a "plug and play" set up with the exception of changing one terminal out on...
  13. M

    T-Boost VS V-Boost

    i need to replace my v-boost on my bike. i used to have it wired open but i like the v boost kick. i think i need the little black box behind the left scoop. Should i buy a new v boost or could i just go with a t boost instead? ive heard rumors of problems with t boost but having it...
  14. RaWarrior

    T-boost question

    As I was going over my ignition system(figuring out which wires were + and - for the COP mod), I noticed something (possibly) strange. The p/o of my bike installed a t-boost, there's a little 3 position switch that selects "off", 3k, or 6k. Three wires go from the switch to a little circular box...
  15. pinnacle

    tboost on 85 vmaX

    hey guys i just installed new light and wired up the rear ones to be running lights also.i then moveed on to installing the tboost as described in vmax tech write up.i gotta say either it's been a long day or i'm going brain dead as i am getting confused with the explanation jumping back and...
  16. A

    DIY Tboost anyone ?

    Anyone did the tboost using the two diodes and the resistor successfully? I did it twice and everytime I get cylinder 3 misfiring and loud gunshots from the exhaust :bang head:. To the best of my knowledge, I did it as it should be done. Any idea what went wrong? :ummm:
  17. gamorg02

    COPs and Tboost?

    is anyone running this successfully? I just installed the COPs and tboost isn't working at the 3k position. regular and off seem to be working plugged a normal coil/plug in and it worked again, put a COIL stick on, no good. tried a different stick too. i am not the best with electrical...
  18. naughtyG

    Interesting Tboost problem

    Since I really could not notice any difference whatsoever between Vboost and Tboost, I thought I'd recheck it's fully operational again. Well it is, but not at 3000 rpm, instead at 9000 rpm (!?!) I'm puzzled. In Off mode it's off, nice. In Vboost mode it opens at 6000, nice. But in Tboost...
  19. robsplatf4

    TBoost with dyna 3000

    The sasy website says the two don't work together according to FAQ's Anyone know if this is true and why?
  20. vmax190


    how many of you gents have the t-boost, this thing makes the max scary fast, the thing is whenever i have it on the all the time i can smell gas, anybody else noticed this.