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  1. Fire-medic

    Tech tips on restoration

    I ran across this thread, it's about a restoration of a VW Thing, which is a civilian version of a WW II Kubelwagen, as-far as I am aware. One of my firefighter co-workers had one (also a '57 Nomad, and a '56 before that), they have a propensity to rust. Here's a good thread to look thru for...
  2. Barry barker

    Race Tech Emulators and springs

    Used set of Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators FEGVS4301 for 93-07 Vmax and .85 KG/MM Race Tech Springs FRSPS3732085. good for 150 to 170 pound rider, vast improvement over stock springs. Stock springs are .382 KG/MM Price delivered to the lower 48 $150.00 Barry [email protected]
  3. B

    Race Tech Gold Valve FEGV S3801

    Sold Fits 85-92. Purchased these used PO put them in, tried them for around 500 miles then went a different direction. I made mistake and purchased them won't fit my 96 nor 99.
  4. caseyjones955

    adaptive cruise, collision avoidance tech and motorcyclist mortality.

    I watch with anticipation as auto companies roll out cars with accident avoidance technology and prototype many other new technologies to compensate for the growing surplus of innatentive and impaired drivers. Cars that "see" hazards and react without driver input, how many of our fallen fellow...
  5. R

    Need a Vmax tech in Kansas City, KS

    I'm new to the Vmax community. I bought a 1988 with 43000 miles back in April. It was running well but has recently started making a popping noise from under or around the air box area, especially when cold. I've sprayed carb cleaner around the carb inlet rubbers and air box to check for...
  6. P

    race tech emulators

    Hello my springs and emulators have arived I was wondering what holes do I need to drill?
  7. SpecOps13

    Russian Future Tech.......

    Awesome Firepower......

    Florida Tech Day 2014

    Oldsmar FL. March 2nd. Sunday @ CaptainKyles. 11am. Lunch and beverages provided. See post VBoost room. When in doubt...Gas it !!!

    Florida Tech Day Is Scheduled!!!

    Many of you already know what this event is all about. A day of comradery, oogling others Vmaxes bothe Gen 1 and 2, great eats put on by CaptainKyle and his lovely "better half", some buying and selling, tech talk and even some repaid or mods if you want. You could even get new tires installed...
  10. adambweird

    Race Tech of Progressive

    Ok folks, I'm stuck with a decision... or lack thereof. I don't know what route to go with the front suspension. I love hitting the twisties but there's not a whole lot of twisties around here in NW Ohio. I tend to have an aggressive riding style as I ride with sportbikes most of the time and...
  11. m-cman

    Race Tech Spring Swap

    I have the 1.0 Race Tech front springs and they are just too stiff for my weight. According to the Race Tech website, I should have the .90 rated springs. Part of the problem is I have lost 37 pounds (187 to 150) but I think the 1.0 was probably too heavy even for my previous weight. So...
  12. vmax2extreme

    Live online tech sessions

    What is your opinion to bring online, at a specific date/time, a technical person by using the VMOA's interactive chat? Everyone can come into our sites Technical chat room and interact with a special guest in real time for the event? We need to know your thoughts and would...
  13. jims-max

    race tech suspension issues

    I ordered some race tech springs (no emulators) for my 05. I took it to a local shop to have the seals changed and the new springs installed. So now my issue, I started with one inch of preload and 10 weight oil, the compression rate was very stiff and the reaction was to fast and harsh, I loved...
  14. vmax2extreme

    MD Tech Day - June

    Last months MD tech day had 7 in attending and all wanted to do it again so here it is. June MD Tech Day: Sunday June 9 (tentative date) Overview: How to replace front fork seals, springs & oil. Start time 9:00am - ? Lunch will be provided to all that attend.....
  15. MR_NST

    Regina Saskatchewan area Tech Day May 25th

    Need to ask some questions about your vmax? Want to learn how to change your oil? How about how to remove your rear tire? Im even going to swap the rear end for a venture drive. Also Im going to do the COP mod. There will be a Morgan carb tune here as well to sync up your carbs. Come by...
  16. T

    Race Tech Spacer length

    OK, got my new Race Tech springs for my 85 Vmax and they are significantly shorter than my factory springs. I had to make 10" long spacers to make up the difference. Is this normal? I got the S3234-100.
  17. vmax2extreme

    Maryland VMAX Tech Day 4/28/13

    On Sunday April 28, 2013, I will be hosting a Maryland VMAX tech day at my house. I will be servicing a 1999 Vmax with over 114,000 miles. Here is a list of things that will be done during this tech session: Drain brake fluids Replace front/rear calipers with new ones Fill and bleed...
  18. CaptainKyle

    Florida Tech Day

    Just checking to see if any one might be interested in another tech day soon. I have so much going on lately that im not sure when I can do it but if I have enough interest I will try & figure something out.
  19. Sonoran6

    VMax engine tech from ditched Harley project?

    A guy I work with was "schooling" me on the v4 engine and Vboost tech. He claimed that Harley was designing the new v4 in the late 70's and scrapped it selling some of the patents to Honda who then sold the tech info to Yamaha. Speculation or truth to this?
  20. 0

    race tech

    i sent you a pm about race tech stuff. gold valves,springs,and oil thanks