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  1. pikipikos

    A/f screws on 94 carbs

    Hi vmaxers...my 94 max, is smelly...i think is too reach..carbs have been rebuild last year..where are the a/f screws anyway?? If are the ones under the diaphragm covers, they don't seem to turn, like preset think...wet level is a 1mm under the 17mm line on clear tube... Please hekp to tune my...
  2. T

    '94 VMax 4400 Actual Miles As New Fresh Service Needs Nothing

    Selling my 1994 VMax 1200, I am the 2nd Senior Owner It has a total of only 4499 actual miles on it! Other than a little light oxidation here and there it is still basically brand new Done in rare yellow made only 2 years in this color Have reciepts for over $2100.00 work done 3 months ago...
  3. SpecOps13

    94 YO Lee Iacocca's Back

    Are we that asleep that it takes a 94 yr. old to hit us on the heads? This is the smartest man for his age that I have ever heard of. Would you believe that Lee Iacocca is 94 years old and is still KICKIN butt? Check out his latest rant. Just as true today as it was...
  4. dannymax

    '94 in Mass.

    Went to look at this bike today....saw all these little white specks and swiped some with my finger....salt!! Fuckin' bike was covered with dried salt! A long ride for nothing! :bang head: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121318183116
  5. BIGMO

    Looking for my old 94

    I sold my 1994 Vmax about 2 years ago to a kid in St Joe Missouri. He in turn sold it to someone in Oklahoma. I have been looking for it ever since on Craigslist. Its Yellow (of course) and has the Knee Pucks and Frame braces on it. If anyone sees it for sale please give me a message. Id be...
  6. jims94vmx

    94 running like new!

    I have a couple hundred miles on her since getting my carbs done from Danny and now a Micro Vboost controller from Sean! I just went out (and it was cold! LOL) and get that stupid smile again! I go up over Blue Mountain ski area in 5th gear with no problems keeping up the speed when I used...
  7. donnelly317

    94 FZR brake master??

    Anyone know the size of a 94 FZR1000 EXUP brake master? Reason I ask is because I'm running 94 FZR 6 POTS with a Nissin master. Now it takes a lot of travel to get the good brake pressure I feel it could be better. I thought maybe my clutch and brake nissin masters were ZX7R's so I ordered...
  8. NHVmaxpower

    Parts needed 94 max

    I have a customer who's having me fix his 94 vmax that he crashed last summer from a woman on her cell phone that went threw a stop sign. I need a front & rear fender (don't care about color),front brake master cyl ,radiator & rad covers,
  9. donnelly317

    94 fzr 1000 caliper seal

    Hey Sean I was wondering if you had two dist seals for 94 fzr 1000 6 pots.. Yamaha dealer says they come in sets 30 for big pistons 60 for small pistons.. I just need one of each.. when I was pushing in the pistons to put new pads on two of them came partially out.. I didn't know if you had...
  10. donnelly317

    94 FZR 6 pot?

    Looking at buying a set of FZR 1000 calipers.. from what I recall reading they are a direct replacement to stock?? Just wanna make sure that is true.. I found a set for 90$ shipped which I think is a good deal right? I meen it could save my life with that 135hp at my wheel.. I can just change...
  11. texas-ss-tornado

    New 94 project

    Just stole this one out of East TX, pretty nice burnt orange metal flake paint, been off the road for a couple years. Battery was dead of course, I haven't started working on it yet, just unloaded it off the trailer. Corbin seat, backrest, polished scoops, engine guards, factory cowl, fairly new...
  12. SpecOps13

    Video of my 94 Vmax "Strafer" in Stereo... Thanks KJ

    A few weeks ago, KJ listed a bike stereo for $30.00 shipped. It was something I'd wanted to try and the price was unbelievable. KJ shipped the unit from Alaska on a Friday and it got here to Florida on Monday. Yeah KJ. :clapping:It took me a while to figure out an installation but I think it...
  13. srk468

    Raced my 94 again last night, more progress.

    Well I got it into the 11.70's and I know there is still more in it cause my best 60' time was 1.88 and even with my fat ass on it it should be able to get into the 1.7's still kinda low on mph only 114 but I know I'm still a touch rich so if I lean it out hopefully I with a good launch I can...
  14. KJShover

    Custom '94

    A little work on this supercharged '94
  15. srk468

    Raced my 94 last night

    This is the first time I've ever raced a bike but it sure as hell wont be the last cause I had a blast! I was a little disappointed in my times but I'm still new to this, best was a 12 flat at 112 & some change temp was in the lower 70's with a slight headwind. I'm a big guy, I weigh about 290...
  16. SpecOps13

    Strafer, My Forgotten 94 VMax...

    For some Dumb Ass'd reason, I decided to buy another Gen 1 (SkullDuggery) so I'd have something to do. I had no idea what was in store for me there. I have the 94 running great. I can pull the plugs and they're perfect. I'm doing a lot of dress up things to the bike. As items come available...
  17. malticefalcon

    I need a luggage rack for my 94 VMax

    I have searched high and low for a luggage rack for my 94 VMax without any luck. All I can find is one for a 99-00 but nothing for mine. I have a sissy bar on the back that has two bolts on each side that holds up the sissy bar. It looks like a luggage rack can be attached but I can't find...
  18. G

    No spark on 94 Max

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the world of the Vmax. I got mine in April of this year. My problem is that I have lost spark on my 94 Max. About a week ago, I went to take it out to go to work and it wouldn't start. I pulled a few of the plugs and checked to find out that there wasn't any spark on...
  19. Mitchell

    94 with 3rd gear issue

    Last month, a friend of a friend bought a 94 with 46,000 miles. Recently it developed a issue with 3rd gear. I rode it tonight and all other gears shift and lock in great. But 3rd gear will "try" to jump out under slight excelleration although never does:ummm: Only when the RPMS are up it seems...
  20. Buster Hymen

    Ufc 94

    Anyone have or know of a live streaming Internet feed for this?