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  1. B

    Man this thing is awesome!

    Hello All. This is my first post but I've lurked around for a few months. On Monday i became the proud new owner of a 1998 VMax. Drove 8 hours round trip to get it. Only 20,000 miles on it and cosmetically in great shape. I've been riding a 1987 Honda VF700C Super Magna for the last 3...
  2. Rollie

    Lily Camera - Awesome

    This is incredible . I want one. ( Not the first one though ) LOL :clapping::clapping::clapping:
  3. SpecOps13

    My New MaxGasser Seat is Absolutely Awesome...

    Some of you know that Rick offered to swap me a Maxgasser Seat for 2 sets of factory scoops that I had advertised. I couldn't pass on his offer. At the time, Rick had a seat at CaptainKyle's that was new in the box. Kyle lives 20 miles from me,,, until the big move. He was going to show the seat...
  4. rusty

    Patmax is awesome

    He turned my crown cover into a thing of beauty. This is not for sale, it's going on my max as soon as I'm done with this thread.PAT:You_Rock:
  5. SpecOps13

    Awesome,,, Nesting Falcon.......

    I Love Bird Nests......:confused2:My Humor for the Day....:rofl_200:
  6. 2fear

    Awesome Vmax pictures!

    If your bored and want to look at some incredible Vmax machines check out this link.
  7. M

    Awesome job Dannymax!

    Just got my carbs back from Dannymax, they were like new when I opened up the box. I installed and syncronized them, and what a difference this makes! way more power. Danny kept me well informed as to progress and what he found in my carbs, he was also happy to answer any questions I had...
  8. rusty

    Awesome Dad :clapping:
  9. gamorg02

    awesome clear coat

    just wanted to pass this along. i used this stuff on my wife's kia this weekend to do some body work and its amazing. after getting the paint matched from the local paint store we clearcoated it and within a couple hours of buffing it looks better than the factory finish: spraymax 2k clear...
  10. VMAX1260

    the smallest V-12 engine built. it is awesome

    check out this italian man . he build a v-12 engine in a size of a laptop.
  11. bud7680

    Aussies are Awesome!

    -----Original Message----- "Life is short, so just Praise the Lord and dance" What if we had a real Person leading our Great country ____________________________________________________________ Yes, she did it again, Prime Minister Julia Gillard - Australia Muslims who want to live...
  12. drdrewdown

    Awesome Trip to Colorado on the VMAX

    we had a blast, 5 days total. left Wichita, KS on wed afternoon. Arrived in Oberlin, KS that evening & left for Denver the next morning. It was 38degree windchill when we left Oberlin, oh & it was raining lol. My buddy Paul went on his VFR 750 and we only had to syphen gas from his tank to...
  13. bud7680

    WOW, awesome Vmax

    :worthy:Check it out on Ebay, its a whole new ballgame now, if you have $$2000 Custom Built Motorcycles Yamaha Vmax Full custom Vmax V-max V max muscle bike Fat tire Please wait Image not available Zoom Enlarge Mouse here to zoom in Please wait Image not available...
  14. EvilD

    Awesome VMax poll

    When you ride a V Max a certain level of awesomeness is expected, vote as follows.
  15. Theemax

    Awesome product..Must read!!

    Between the gf, my neighbor, and myself, I had 7 push-mowers to clean up, get running, and sharpen this past weekend. With gas being the crap that it is anymore, only one started. Replacing the plugs got 3 more running but bad, so I stopped out to Autozone, and asked the guy if there was any...
  16. midmoraider

    Awesome day today

    A buddy of mine won a charity auction last fall to go to Whiteman Air Force base to be a "fighter pilot for a day." He took 7 of us along and we got to go in the A-10 Warthog flight simulator for 1/2 hour each. There were two simulators so we were able to dogfight each other as well as do...
  17. Thevmaxrider

    Awesome concert!

    Went to see Toby Keith and Trace Adkins last night in Toronto and all I can say is "WHAT A SHOW!!!!!". Had a "no name" guy open for 1/2 hr that was pretty good, Trace Adkins came on and just rocked the place for an hour and a half, and the topper was Toby did a 2hr set!!!!!! Talk about getting...
  18. mattness

    most awesome birthday present ever

    my painter friend, the 56 yr old guy with a pony tail that used to ride harleys but likes my vmax.. the one that paints bikes for 350 who almopst lost his house and his car because his shop had no work and he only makes 8 an hour... said hed paint a cartoon of me on my truck for my birthday...
  19. B

    Free exhaust modification! Sounds awesome.....

    Take a look at my exhaust pictures.
  20. gunrunner

    Awesome ad

    Came across this , check it out . :clapping: