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  1. U

    Fuel sender with changing Resistance ?

    Hello all There is any chance to find a vmax fuel sender with changing resistance ? I need 0 – 90 ohms – and not interested to drill a holes in the tank… the idea is to replace the stock one in the same position and hole I know that’s is long shout…... but still – in this forum...
  2. Roodillom

    Changing turn signals to LED need help please

    I have a 2007. I am trying to install LED turn signals on it. All of the info that I have found shows the wires from the bike to be colored. Bur mine are black. Two are formed together and one is separate. I think one has a stripe. What's worse is that the signals came with no color codes. The...
  3. minicopilot

    Changing brake pads...

    Can someone re post the link that shows pictures of how to change the rear brakes pads without taking the caliper off? Thanks
  4. U

    period of changing full syntetic oil

    Hello I usrally change oil + filter evrey one a year / 6000 km – what came first Now I am using a motul 15/50 V300 full syntetic oil If I am using a hige quality oil like this oil , do I still need to change it evrye 6000 km? Thanks Uri
  5. U

    ventur drive shaft bar and changing the arm

    Two years ago i installed a venture driveshaft (pumpkin) I remember that when i got the parts i saw that the drive shaft bar of the venture was longer comper to my vmax original one...about one inch. Now i wanna order a longer swing arm from Tom from cycle one off and this is the isiuu: Tom...
  6. tothemax93

    Few observations on changing fork seals

    The bike is a 93. I had a pretty good ring of oil on my fork, so I figured I'd better get the seals changed before the weather changed. I called the local cycle shop and they quoted me around $150. I didn't think that was to bad, but With Seans video and all the knowledge here, I figured I'd...
  7. you2low

    Changing Corbin Seat Looks

    Found a old corbin on craigslist cheap so I thought I would try something with it. Since my hand wont fit down that lil hole to fill it up :bang head: and alot people just lift the whole seat off I figure I don't the hole anyways:confused2: so I shaped it and lowered it in the front some and...
  8. S

    Times are changing...

    I've heard rumors of some manufactured "automatic" motorcycles, but they were brands I had never heard of and weren't popular at all. Now Honda has introduced an automatic motorcycle to their line up. Thoughts on the matter? Here's the link to the new motorcycle...
  9. cgswss

    Step by step instructions for changing coils

    Back coils are easy so no instructions needed (remove seat-thats about it) Front coils are a bitch. Even worse when you find a PO was there before you and fu the screw heads. I can rebuild an engine faster the I can swap out the front coils. SO heres how you do the fronts 1 put key in...
  10. Traumahawk

    Changing spark plugs when hot

    Edited for content
  11. 94 V-Max Rider

    Changing the Water Pump Mechanical Seal

    My brother's 2007 V-Max is leaking coolant at the weep hole, which indicates to me that the mechanical seal is in need of replacement. I referred to the service manual and it lists the following special tools as needed: Yamaha Water pump Seal Installer (YM-04058-1 and YM-33221. Another...
  12. J

    changing password

    Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to change my password. Don't know what happened to it, but I need one I can remember, not the jumble that gets emailed to you. Help. Thanks, Don
  13. LongNap

    GEN2 Changing next year?

    So I have to ask since I'm really starting to lean towards a new Gen2 bike. I really like the 2010 Candy Red color the most. You think they will start changing the Vmax every few years or keep it the same like the Gen1 bikes? Or would there be any way of knowing? I would hate to buy a...
  14. B

    changing needle seat

    Has anyone changed the needle seats in vmax carbs? Do you have to remove the staked in place plug above the seat?
  15. W

    Changing cans

    If I change the can only on my 4 into 1 header ......will it require a re-jet ?? Thanks

    Changing Springs on Progressive Shocks

    I bought a pair of 12.5" Progressive 440's off ebay a while back for a great deal. The shocks came with the standard rate springs. I have since decided I want to change them out for their Heavy Duty springs. I purchased a new set of springs from Sean Morley. He is a progressive dealer and the...
  17. Blujay

    changing to a Weber carb...

    My Max is not getting the mileage I want for long distance touring. I'm getting a 26mpg avg. I've gone completely through the carbs, and instead of spending more $ on them I'm considering a switch to a two barrel downdraft Weber. I was wondering if this type of swap has been done before or if...
  18. V

    Changing the handlebar grips

    Hi. I don't like the original grips. They give me pain after a while when riding the bike and I don't like the way they look. Are there any spesific you would recommand ? Black and sporty... Any websites where I can see different pictures of them ?
  19. ghostntheshell

    Yea Canada! Gun laws possibly changing...

    Hey there. Just watching the news. For those of you Americans not keen on our silly Firearm laws - A few years back - the government introduced legislation that forced all Canadian gun owners to "register" your firearms on a gun registry. Basically the government has a list of where each...
  20. Jdk203

    Question about changing rear end gears

    I was thinking if I came across the right deal on ebay I might pickup a rear ?differential? out of a venture for my max. I read that it will drop your rpms about 500 at cruising speed. The thing is my max has an extended swingarm and I was wondering will my current drive shaft fit into the...