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  1. Nicki66

    Chrome question

    Has anybody ever painted over chrome? What kind of prep work do you have to do to get the paint to stick? Is is possible to remove chrome? Can powder coating go over chrome? Does powder coating add thickness to item, creating tighter tolerances? The reason I am asking all of these questions is...
  2. rebar

    chrome on plastic

    After many years I pulled some new parts from there bags. My brand new speedo and mirrors have some pitting going on..:bang head: What polish do I use on the plastic chromed parts? Same as chromed steel?
  3. S

    Black Chrome Exhaust?

    Check this out...all the carbon fiber on it and black chrome exhaust. Does anyone know where I can get that black chrome exhaust?
  4. Bill Kratzenberg

    chrome scratches

    Anyone know of any way,or any product to remove light scratches in chrome?
  5. dbeller

    chrome engine covers?

    Hello all, Last week I purchased a project '86 VMax. I love this bike! I am in the process of doing some cosmetic work and I have noticed many of the bikes pictured on here have some chrome "V" covers on the engine that cover up much of the carbs on both sides. Does anyone know if the "86s...
  6. Maxedout

    Chrome Plating Vmax Scoops

    Chromemasters running 8 weeks out. Who is your favorite retail and most reasonable chroming outfit? Any help is appreciated!
  7. Shuriken

    V-Max side panel chrome badges - where?

    Where can I get chrome V-Max badges for the side panels?
  8. lankeeyankee

    Chrome Powder Coated Valve Covers

    Well I just finished removing the paint off a set of VMAX valve covers over the weekend. Damn that is some tough paint they put on!! Anyways I have some Chrome Power Coat and high Gloss Clear powder coating to go over em. Have you ever seen the Chrome Powder Coat yet? Its looks if not better...
  9. swilson

    Chrome Forks

    Hi Guys, I see on some VMAX bikes out there that the owners have chrome or brushed steel forks... my '05 has black colored forks. What gives? Are the brushed metal forks a stock option from different years or is this a customized thing? Thanks Scott
  10. M

    To chrome or not to chrome...

    What's everybody's opinion on adding chrome to the Max? Perhaps chrome air scoops? Mine are a little scratched.. MNK
  11. Lan1201


    I stand by this pic
  12. red98vmax

    Where do you get chrome buttons that insert into the hex bolts to cover them?

    I have them in various locations on the bike, like the four hex bolts in the head part of the handle bar clamp. The back rest has a number of different sized buttons covering up the bolt heads. I looked in a few hardware stores and an auto parts store and couldn't find them. They break pretty...
  13. P

    How do I remove chrome plugs?

    I would like to drop the bike down the fork tubes a little. Anyone know the best way to remove the chrome plugs from the clamps without marring them? Thanks in advance !
  14. jims94vmx

    chrome stock wheels?

    anyone actually done this? i am tired of trying to keep the stock aluminum clean and stop the pitting and crap. if you did, where did you get it done and what kind of prep did you do if any. also did it hold up well? thought this might be a lot cheaper then new wheels for 2k...
  15. Rusty McNeil


    Sorry I can't remember whether it was Shawn Kloker or Morley but this is for whoever does the chrome work. Could the Yamaha emblem on the scoops be filled in and polished and then chromed so that the emblem was GONE? How much would this cost for the scoops and sidecovers?
  16. shawn kloker

    Muscle chrome!

    Sean,My scoops came today and they look incredible.Top shelf chrome job!Thank you, Shawn
  17. one2dmax

    Chrome Exchange

    Chrome Exchange Updated Price List OK guys and gals. I finally have an updated price list for my new chrome exchange program. Most of the items listed here will be available when we come to Thunder (should be here in time before we leave to drive there we hope). Of course my VMOA friends will...
  18. V

    Best Chrome Polish

    What's everybody's favorite chrome/metal polish? I use NeverDull for my wheels(17" UFO Airframes) and other shiny bits. It comes as a wadding soaked with something that smells like petroleum distillate. You polish with the wadding until it makes a gray or black hazy film, then polish...