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  1. M

    Guess the problem is world-wide

    Found this on a Singapore friend's facebook page
  2. dannymax

    Guess he doesn't think we're hated enough! What is with this guy? :confused2:
  3. dtoebaert-5311

    guess who's in the Circus VMaximus 2016 calendar :)

    Thanks Mike from for this great opportunity :punk:
  4. Miles Long

    Take a guess......

    At what this pile of junk will be, once assembled. The first person with the right answer will receive a FREE copy of my latest self-help book..... "The Successful Man's Guide to Personal Hygiene and Grooming" Cheers!
  5. johnblaid

    Your Guess is Better than Mine

    OK...I'm riding my bosses 1998 which he decided not to sell for reasons I won't go into here. I've been riding it every day because he hates riding it but wants it ridden because he believes that daily even riding will fix what happened to it when it was at a small motorcycle shop for 4 months...
  6. dannymax

    Whatever floats yer boat....I guess
  7. srk468

    Just money I guess...

    Well finally finished tearing down the used 1500 engine I bought, bores are a little scratched but acceptable, thrust looks decent as far as I can tell, crank is grooved up pretty good (#2 spun a bearing) but I expected that, rod that spun still looks great but I'm having them all checked but...
  8. gunrunner

    Guess who's coming back

    With both my parents passing away a year or 2 back and with the idea of buying something with some of their money to say mum and dad bought me that .The missus has said if we build a new garage you can get yourself a vmax . Now with the dollar the way it is do I get a gen2 at a good price from...
  9. donnelly317

    Well I guess I'm gonna have to shoot the mod monkey if he comes around

    Just got my offer excepted on a house waaaaaahooooo first house. Perfect location with 3.5 acres. Back road that hardly anyone travels. Its only 2 houses away from a good friend of mine that pasted away in a fire... parents place they own 120acres and have 3 ponds ones 3+ acres with a island!! I...
  10. S

    Guess whos getting an 09 gen2?

    ME!!! I'll be paying for it on tuesday. got some ducks to line up. but if it doesnt sell by tuesday it's mine. Now i'll have first year of gen 1 and gen 2. my world is complete.
  11. E

    Short Lived, but I guess I should consider myself lucky

  12. M

    Damn! Guess I missed my chance

    lol - Received this e-mail . . . Los Angeles International Airport, 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Phone (310) 272-9504 ATTENTION: Final Notice of Your Package In view of your inability to receive your package reg #: GB8100AF originally scheduled to be delivered to you by the agency...
  13. CaptainKyle


    Here is a motor out of a bike I am working on right now. I have to put a new transmission case iin it. Can any one guess & tell me what it is ?
  14. DakRatFink

    I guess I'd be pissed too...

    If I were flying about minding my own business and got sucked up some sleeve at 70mph. I get pelted by bugs all the time. This the first time I have been stung while riding since I bought my first streetbike in '94. At least I guess it's good to know I haven't inherited my dad's allergic...
  15. Hatter

    Well, I guess that warranty finally pays for itself.

    Ok, so, a few weeks ago, I was riding home from a friend's house, it was late, no traffic, and I was on a nice 4 mile straight. I decide that it is time to take it to top end and see what she's got. So I get her up to WOT in high gear, and all in the world was perfect! For about 10...
  16. 8

    Well I guess there's a first time for everything.

    So, I got pulled over for the first time in my life this afternoon. I was heading home from work and decided to take the highway around town, instead of going through the traffic in town. My bike has been running great, some of you may remember I was having some problems at the start of the...
  17. flatslide

    Share an educated guess??????

    So I'm hoping that I've got some stale fuel, that's giving my MAX fits. A local tech, where I'm a stranger, has told me that I have two bad slides in my Keihin FCR's, and he'll need to re-jet the carbs. Any hunches as to how much time an experienced tech will need to do this job?????? P.S...
  18. mattness

    buying a new bike in 48 hours, can you guess what it is!?!!

    here are some clues 2 wheels v twin fairing not a yamaha whoever guesses it right wins!
  19. M

    Guess what I got the GF

    :biglaugh:So, the GF says "I like those IPads, they're kinda neat.":eusa_dance: I hear "I think a motorcycle is neat" so I go buy this for her-- I think small bike (82 Maxim 650) She thinks a bit big. But she's happy and confused:ummm: and smiling:biglaugh: But I find this on craigslist...
  20. S

    Guess who has busa calipers

    I DO For the awesome price of 40 shipped. Gotta loooooove ebay. ----- I decided to upgrade the brakes, I swear it feels like my 74 CB360 that had drums stopped better than this thing.