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  1. Tmax-4938

    Special Thanks to Dale Walker at Holeshot

    Hey fellow Vmaxers, Just wanted to give a special shout out to Dale Walker at Holeshot Performance for the excellent job he did on bracing my 2002 swing arm. The fabrication is top notch and the welding is flawless. First time I learned about Dale was back in the late 80's, I purchased his...
  2. L

    Anyone ever repack a holeshot exhaust?

    I've disassembled MANY mufflers... drilled all rivets out and CAN NOT get either end cap off.
  3. S

    Anyone have V&H Exhaust?

    I've been doing my homework...still love the sound of the Vance & Hines exhaust, but I've read some questionable reviews of this system. It looks great and has a very reasonable price too! Also been looking at Holeshot 10" duals, they seem to be the best performers and sound great but oh boy...
  4. fmcandrew

    Holeshot install question

    Hey guys...was installing my new to me (used) holeshot exhaust and it appears that the stock header flange bolts might be too short. I say might because when I look at the pics on the Holeshot Performance site it appears that the stock bolts are used and that the flanges don't even come close...
  5. Maxorel

    1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200 Holeshot equipped

    Just bought a 2002 Max, and am looking to find a good home for my Black Bandit, here in Eastern Pa., zip code 19605: http://reading.craigslist.org/mcy/4097721096.html Turn key, no issues, Paypal and shipping an option. Will deal for a Forum member here, as it's a good home. GSXR1100...
  6. vmax2extreme

    Holeshot 4 to 1 setup?

    I just installed one of these old Dale Walker Holeshot (Hindle) true 4 to 1 full exhaust systems. I am curious to know what others are running for their carb and airbox setup. Thanks.......
  7. S

    Supertrapps with holeshot headers

    Well, I've got the dale walker pipes on, and supertrapp 12" aluminum racing series mufflers on. Morleys jet kit prolly going in tomorrow. Any one have any idea how many discs, and should I maybe go with an open end cap? I know the holeshot cans were straight through, so I figured ought not need...
  8. S

    holeshot exhaust outlet size

    I just found a holeshot full exhaust cheap, but one of the cans is half crushed. I was wondering what size the outlet is on these things. I plan on a set of supertrap universal aluminum racing mufflers (http://www.supertrapp.com/product_sections/cat.asp?CatID=34), but don't know what size to...
  9. bobbybob

    Holeshot slip-ons??

    I just aquired a set of holeshot slip-ons for the ole 85 for a cheap price,and was wondering if anyone up here had ever heard of them before? Ive got them mounted up,and the power seems good,and its always good to shed some weight,..but i cant say that im very happy with the sound of them. Kinda...
  10. misiek93

    Holeshot slip on question

    Hi, I'm found a set of holeshot slip ons that I'm thinking of getting. I tried searching on here for some info on them but mostly what I found was for a full exhaust not just the slip ons. I currently have cobra slip ons and am very happy with them, but this would give me a new look. Does...
  11. jojo2667

    holeshot exhaust

    my holeshots front pipes have a little rust on them, i e-mailed Dale and he said to have them re-coated with jet hot. dose anyone have or had this same problem and were did you send the pipes ? there isnt anyone that close to me that dose this, any help or info would be greatly apriciated.:bang...
  12. Johnc1go

    Going to buy Marks or Holeshot

    I listened to Marks Pipes and Dale Walker Holeshots on the web. Without hearing both in person, I think I like the sound of Marks better, but I like the look of the Holeshots better. I am not sure which system would give me the best horsepower increase, but that's secondary as I'm already...
  13. A

    Holeshot 4-2

    issue with file
  14. G

    12" Holeshot Mufflers

    I cut down my mufflers today from the original 14" cans to 12" cans. I like the look of 12" cans better myself. They sound great too. Still a deep tone but a little more throat-y. I posted a couple of pics from my cell phone. I'll get a video up in the next couple of days so you can hear...
  15. wildman98

    holeshot exhaust ?

    i have dale walkers 4-2 exhaust. I also have his stage 1 jet kit. to be honest it dont feel much diff than stock. Jets are 155 &one shim on the needles. 3& half turns out on pilot fuel screws. Keep in mind this is a cal bike. looking for any kind of info. thanks alot BILL:ummm:
  16. E

    Anyone have UFO, Holeshot and Marks within 2 hours of Erie, PA?

    If so I'd love to come take a look and listen for myself. I've heard a lot of great stuff about all three of them but would love to see & hear for myself. Yes, Chris, I know Jon is the devil according to you so we've got that out of the way :biglaugh:.
  17. Noxx72

    Holeshot mounting issue.

    Holeshot mounting issue, hralp! Got a set of Dale Walker slip-ons (courtesy of Vmax626, who deserves a nice guy award) and decided to throw them on today. Getting them on the pipes wasn't bad, a little pulling here and prying there got them seated up just fine. I am having a HELL of a time...
  18. Bill Kratzenberg

    holeshot exhaust on craigslist

  19. Vitek

    Holeshot rear shocks- opinion need it

    I'm thinking to buy them. they look good, they are all black and they don't look to fat, this is what I'm looking for. I just put 17 inch wheel at rear and I think 1.5" shorter shocks will make it better now. any one is having them on? opinios plz or sugestions for something similar. Vitek
  20. richwrench

    Holeshot a Lincoln

    I was out for a sunset cruise tonight, the roads had just dried up from a day full of rain. I blew past a pack of cars after the 'Max warmed up & I came up to e red light at Belcher & Tampa Road - the heart of Palm Harlem. As I'm sitting there, an old white Lincoln with all the windows down...