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  1. Traumahawk

    New thread idea

    Edited for content
  2. marsmax85

    salvaged title good idea to buy or not

  3. SpecOps13

    New Security System Idea

    New Security System I've disconnected my expensive monitored home alarm system and quit the silly Neighborhood Watch. I bought Syrian and Iranian flags on eBay and raised them in the front yard. One at each corner of the yard, plus a black ISIS flag in the middle. Now, the Anchorage...
  4. maxrom

    good idea

    Not the right bike but a good idea
  5. MeanMax

    oil cooler idea

    I have been thinking about adding an oil cooler for a while, but searching for a bolt on kit has been hard to find. Found some from japan that cost an arm and a leg. I ran the idea past John at PCW but he said the coolers they use are to restrictive. (there like a radiator. Oil goes into a a...
  6. Kronx

    Interesting idea...

    Wonder how well it actually works at reducing injury?
  7. VMAX1260

    Just to get an idea of my next video

    this an idea what my next video will look like. so if you want to see your bikes in the video . send pics in my facebook profile (George V-max Bollas)
  8. D

    Aux Tank idea

    So how hard do you guys think this would be to fabricate. I think I could get it done with 6 pieces of sheet metal, plus some donor parts from a stock tank (vent tube, feed line, neck/cap). I'm thinking it could either be suspended from my luggage rack with brackets, or on four arms that replace...
  9. Blurr

    Best Idea Ever!

    I distinctly remember something like this happening.
  10. Vmax Marine

    Back patch Idea

    I got this from a friend on facebook and I thought that it would make a great back patch to a vest. But I need to track down who made this or who sells this because to make it from a .bmp file to a patch is a bit pricey. what do you all think
  11. T

    stupid idea

    anyone ever think of mounting a single chamber flowmaster off of a 4 to 1 header under the bike where the center stand used to be. i was thinking of trying it to see what it sounds like. i was thinking about an adapter from the header expanded to 2.5 inches then the dual output 2 inch at a rear...
  12. firefly

    Just an idea

    Thanks to all that took the time to document how to repair different systems, its a very helpful section in this forum. I would like to suggest a subsection of (Symptoms of system failure), by that I mean documenting the symptoms & signs of components failure, like starter clutch failure...
  13. sdt354

    powder coating oven idea needed

    I know there are incredibly bright people here on this forum. So, I'm asking for any ideas to make a decent size oven for powder coating. I have the heating and controls part covered. Any help on ideas is appreciated. Obviously an oven can be bought, but not possible right now, $ not there. An...
  14. D

    New idea for a new look for the vmax

    SO, here's my idea, paint the max to look like a Viet Nam era fighter jet (F4?) I'm thinking of painting it mat-olive drab, with the red triangle "jet intake" signs on the fake scoops, try to make the exhaust look like jet engines or missles.... just an idea, has this been done before???
  15. hubeerjw

    Manual VBoost Idea

    I am currently running with the VBoost wide open. I have the servo and controller removed and I took a piece of brake line (metal tubing) cut a slit in it with a dremel down the length of the tube, slid the vboost wire in it and let the metal end rest on the outside (hopefully that makes sense)...
  16. bud7680

    bright idea Item number: 200434471565

    My son who just bought his 2000 Vmax bought this headlight bulb and said it made a big(bright) difference. I will be ordering one for mine a well, the ebay listing # is posted above. See better and ride safer.:eusa_dance: Item number:200434471565...
  17. joe4550

    ok i have no idea whats going on

    im not getting any speed out of my max at the moment (55mph tops) then it starts to backfire to buggery and sputters when the vboost trys to kick in, and the engine is feels like its lagging and jumping aswell. im running with open super traps but thats all the mods iv got (i have changed the...
  18. imfixinmopars

    idea of value of my max,please

    i have a clean 98,all stock,new tires,runs good,4900 miles,adult owned,exhaust tip has rash,but everything else is very nice.good year for color,all black inc wheels,any good ideas on what i should ask? selling for health reasons,and i will miss the bike,im sure,,,thanks,mike
  19. Rusty McNeil

    OEM Carbs? Post your setup

    Thought of this since I've been bugging the crud out of y'all trying to get my new setup working.:bang head: How about if we all could simply post our carb setup and how well it works for everyone to learn from. Including exhaust and altitude, no air box ,air box, Morely Mod Airbox etc??? I...
  20. JrBiem

    New Idea to Facilitate a Mod Budget

    So I have been looking into donating plasma. You can make $200 a month, which I think would be a respectable monthly budget for fun Max mods. Plus it helps out sick people, so win win right? Just thought I'd share my brainstorm... JB