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  1. Vrooom

    Wanting to lower my 85 1”

    Suggestions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Vrooom

    Want to lower about 1”

    Suggestions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Wanting to lower the vmax 2" are universal 11" shocks out of the question ?

    At 5'7" Id like to lower the bike 2 or so inches. If i must buy the 280$ 11" progresive rear shocks so be it. However a search on the web found me 280mm-11" rear motorcycle shocks for 80 - 100$ a pair....asuming their for a street bike and my bolts fit thru them...Has anyone gone this route or...
  4. greimers

    Move to lower elevation

    I moved from Calgary AB (1000m) to Winnipeg MB area (200m) and my bike is running really poorly - puffing and popping. Plugs are light and it runs better on 1/2 choke. Seems to be ok from 3/4 to WOT I wasn't expecting the elevation change to make that much of a difference (what do people do...
  5. maleko89

    Lower steering bearing install

    What does everyone used to install the bearing on the steering shaft? I was thinking about getting some pipe but I'm open to suggestions. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  6. Barry barker

    rear swing arm with lower caliper mount

    I haven't removed this yet so I cannot comment on the swing arm bearings. My guess they are good. Seals? includes brake brace and caliper bracket. $60.00 delivered to the lower 48. SOLD
  7. BigJimi

    lower triple tree cover

    Anyone know where or who sells / makes a blank lower triple tree cover. The part located under the headlight that has Yamaha written on it. Thanks
  8. J

    Gap between lower triple tree and neck????

    Been having issue since had neck apart. Rough roads are really rough and bumps rougher then normal. Is there supposed to be a gap around 1/8" maybe little smaller between neck and lower triple. First time taking one apart and I'm nervous its gonna come apart! Especially with wife on back. Did...
  9. J

    higher revs = lower volts?

    Soldered the crimp because I was at 12.3 volts at idle and not much better at 2500 rpm. After the fix, I am getting mid 13s at idle. Goes up to 14.6 at around 2200, then starts dropping steadily back to about 13v at 5k rpms. Is this right? The bike has a finned black rr, but it is a 4 wire shunt...
  10. dannymax

    "LOWER" on the master cylinders

    The front brake & clutch masters have fluid level marks and the word "LOWER" on the front face, the rear brake has the same thing on the plastic reservoir....what the hell does that mean? :confused2: -The fluid should be lower than it is? -The fluid is lower than it was? -The fluid is...
  11. T

    Lower or not to lower, that is the question

    Good morning all, I posted a while ago asking about where I could find 1" lowering springs for my Max and once again the forum came through. I am ready to order my parts for upcoming riding season and get down to business. I am ordering the following: Drag bars shift light gel pad for a...
  12. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Lower throttle cables

    Does motion pro sell lower cables for the Vmax? I'm looking for a set but can't seem to find em anywhere and don't want to spend $50+ for OEM
  13. carnut108

    chrome or polished front lower forks.

    I m an old fart and not a big fan of the blacked out look of my 2005 . I've already had the front and rear rims polished to a chrome like shine and IMHO they look much better. I now want to have the front lower forks polished but I see there is some rubber on there that of course can not be...
  14. D

    Can I lower my rear fender?

    So I've got myself these 17" wheels running 190/50/17 tires, but will be switching to stockish height 180/55/17s once I get things all bolted up. I know some guys don't like the look of a not-stock wheel under that rear fender and I'm wondering if there's a way I could lower the whole thing with...
  15. gamorg02

    lower fork shimmy

    so i was riding the other day and noticed on bigger bumps i could see the lower part of my front axle near the forks shimmy back and forth. When i say back and forth i mean like the axle is moving toward the oil filter. not much, probably less than 1/8". i took the hawk out today to see if it...
  16. Phazernut

    To Lower or not to lower

    I'm considering doing a suspension upgrade on my 03. Will be getting the progressive front springs and probably the 444 shocks. Since I'm new to the V-Max world but certainly not new to bikes I'm wondering what I should do. I don't ride super aggressive and I sometimes ride two up. I weigh...
  17. vmax_nc

    1570 Motor Lower Case

    Looks like the lower case in the 1570 motor is trashed. You can see the abrasion on the mating surface near the main case bolt holes. This case has been squirming for a long time.
  18. dannymax

    WTB: Lower sissybar brackets

    I'm looking for lower sissybar brackets....the ones that the signal lights bolt to....anyone got a pair of them hanging around? :ummm:
  19. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone in lower michigan or ohio riding on saturday 5-11-13

    I will be riding somewhere this weekend. Let me know if you can ride.........MIKE
  20. dannymax

    Lower than whale shit!!

    ....and that's at the bottom of the ocean! This fucker should be chloroformed.....and soon! http://now.msn.com/circus-elephant-injured-in-drive-by-shooting