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  1. Fire-medic

    Motus Motorcycles stops operations

    From the article in another topic: Motus Motorcycles founders Lee Conn and Brian Case announced on the Motus Owners Group Facebook page that, “After an amazing ten year ride, Motus is forced to shut down operations, effective immediately.” The post goes on to state that the company’s...
  2. frank5079

    He urged drivers to be aware of motorcycles. Two months later, a car killed him This is so sad!!! I cannot stress enough about situational awareness, especially that late in the evening/night..... Apparently the two on the bike were northbound in the center lane of Seminole Boulevard approaching 114th...
  3. Zeus36

    Rafik Kaissi - Check out the motorcycles this guy builds out of junk parts AND Bonus:
  4. rusty

    Pickup drives through crowd of motorcycles :damn angry:
  5. blaxmax

    Motorcycles intentionally run over in Los Angeles
  6. M

    Not about motorcycles, but had to share

    YOU AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. Apparently they only do this in Australia. They don't tour because it costs too much to...
  7. rusty

    Little Girl/ why we ride motorcycles
  8. C

    Toys other than motorcycles you wish you still had...

    1930's ( I guess thats what my picture said, I thought it was a 1916 ) broom handle Mauser with stock/holster. It needed a rebarrel, I never shot it, but it was a cool piece of history to have.
  9. Fire-medic

    old transportation videos inc. motorcycles

    A great time-waster when you should be out raking leaves or putting-up storm shutters, or something.
  10. J

    Motorcycles and cartwheels

    Not necessarily a good mix. Drivers just don't see us.
  11. texas-ss-tornado

    365 Motorcycles you MUST ride!

    Just picked up this book the other day, then decided to scan in a few of my favorites, all of which I have owned at one time (except the Busa', and the B-King is close enough!) Notables exceptions? No ZL1000, but hey, at least they got the ZL900 and a few other good ones. It's a good book, I...
  12. dmax1

    Best new motorcycles of the 2014 riding season

    The new Harley liquid cooled 750-500 series is at number 6. :confused2:
  13. J

    Please help abused motorcycles!

    Please, do your part. PM me your c/c information, and I will put your money to use in helping just one such motorcycle at a time, and send you periodic progress reports on it's restoration. :biglaugh:
  14. Fire-medic

    $$$$ motorcycles list

    Here are some very expensive bikes, NCR, the Ducati mod company, has several. The list also includes the notorious Dodge 'Tomahawk' replica which obviously is 'capable of near-400 mph!' :rofl_200: They also don't name...
  15. frank5079

    Military motorcycles...

  16. tmosel

    Motus motorcycles

    Not sure how many of my fellow Vmaxers are watching this new brand of motorcycle, but they are supposed to start selling soon. I'm seriously contemplating buying one, though if I do I'd have to sell my Vmax.
  17. wnelson

    Indianapolis MotoGP Motorcycles on Meridian

    I have attended this function since 2008. It's the only event like it in the central Indiana area that I'm aware of. The web link for the event is here: We need to see if we can get a group of...
  18. tothemax93

    Zephyrhills music and motorcycles

    I got down to zephyrhills Fl for a day. just happened to be last saturday, when they had music and motorcycles. wasn't a big turn out, but there was a gen 2 there. It was black with black scoops and vance and hines exhaust. It also said Gurued. Any body from here? My mom lives about 30 yards...
  19. J

    Top 10 sexiest motorcycles of all times (?) I went through all ten pages, and have yet to see one single motorcycle in them. Don't know what to say...
  20. Traumahawk

    CCW on Motorcycles

    There have been several posts on here at 2nd amendment rights, and home defense. Do you really need 30 rounds VS 12 gauge shotgun...etc. How does everyone feel about CCW for when your on the motorcycle? There are some people on here that take trips to some pretty isolated places. I know...