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  1. Fire-medic

    Block-off plate at VBoost rubber donut

    Taking your carbs off for a cleaning, because your low speed jets/passages are plugged? Want to avoid your child throwing some toy into your VBoost passage? Want something classier than your old socks stuffed into the holes? Visit your local hardware store, go to the plumbing section and buy...
  2. L

    Footpeg Rubber Replacement

    85 with 42K. Have replacement rubber for the footpegs but having a hard time getting them to slip on. tried to use wintergreen to soften the rubber with no success. any tips or trick out there? Thanks in advance.
  3. Bill Seward

    Solid rubber tires..

    July 3, had a flat on the rear of the Roadstar. I was about 15 miles from home and 25 from my friends shop. We used AAA towing to get the bike to Tims shop. A day and a new Michelin tube later, I'm back up. I went out to the garage yesterday afternoon, the damn rear tire is flat again.. I...
  4. B

    Need replacement misc rubber

    Looking for a source for the grommets on the faux tank and other misc pieces. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...BEWW
  5. VMax-Mike

    funny smelling rubber :rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200:
  6. naughtyG

    fuel pressure loss question

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much - still riding my Max and loving it just not as often as I'd like! I have a question about the fuel pressure and especially the loss of it: I know that on a normal max, if it's left to sit for a few days, then upon switching the ignition back on there...
  7. W

    Another mystery rubber part left over?

    Ok, I am finally buttoning my '85 Vmax barnfind after extensive refurbishing of carbs, tank and wire connections ect. and this is another rubber part found in the tear down parts box. It has sticky glue on the other side. Any ideas where it goes?
  8. jagco1

    Vmax front rubber cover help

    Man just got back in town this morning, went out to work on the vmax valve adjustments. Man I did no pay attention to this rubber cover that's over the front valve cover. Man, How do this go back in place, do really have to be install can just pull it out. I can not find any info how to install...
  9. B

    COPS Mod question about the rubber snubber

    Wanted to do the COPS Mod. Got the COPs and the harness to mod but was wondering how folks are dealing the the rubber plug wire snubber that holds the plug wire firm. The COPs require a bigger hole. thought about just cutting it out but don't want to do trial and error on the only 4 I have...
  10. P

    Just installed UFO exhaust two fast questions!

    Hi, Just bought and installed UFO exhausts. Looks and sounds awesome! two question though; - How much should i tighten the exhaust gasket clamps? I tightened them until the can't move but the mufflers can still around the midpipe. Should I tighten it more or would i be fine like this...
  11. rebeltaz83

    carb intake rubber joints

    was doing the shotgun, or pea shooter on my max..... old school trick of spraying cleaner around intake to check for vacuum leaks, i found all my lowwer boots are cracked....... i could have them from a dealer for about $80 bucks!!!! has anyone ever tried measuring the carbs and going to a auto...
  12. naughtyG

    Parts needed

    I am looking, for my 1986 Max, for the following parts: - the rubber grommets/covers that go on the ends of the starter cable (both at starter and at starter relay, the ones that go on the battery + cable (both at battery and at starter relay) and the one that goes over the main ground wire at...
  13. E

    Shock rubber bushings question

    Hi all! Okay, being the dolt that I sometimes am, I ruined (I mean, REALLY ruined) the rubber bushings at the bottoms of my Progressive rear shocks. I am wondering if any of you know a way I can make my own or, failing that, who might make a strong replacement for those bushings. Thanks...
  14. timscues

    Rubber Cover Upper Front

    While putting my ride back together I just pull out of the box this big rubber portector or shield, It looks like it goes up front by the CDI and neck? any ideas
  15. naughtyG

    WANTED - set of vboost rubber boots

    OK so I need to replace at least two of my vboost valves' rubber boots, so am looking for a set of four. Has anyone got those handy and in good shape? For the avoidance of doubt what I'm looking for is arrowed in the pic. If you have 'em pls let me know what you want for them inc. shipping to...
  16. Vmaxattacks

    Jet Block Rubber Plugs

    Hey, guys, Does anyone have a source for the rubber plugs in the jet block other than the 5-dollar OEM's from the online sources? For that price I'll just single-point a brass plug and thread it into each one but it is more work than I want to do. Thanx, Bud Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. A

    Carb Mounting Rubber Gaskets

    I was just installing a power outlet on my VMAX and when I went to move the Air intake housing a little bit to put wire by it, I noticed that the Rubber Gaskets that hold my Carbs on the engine were loose and the Carbs extually poped out of them.......I tried to reseat them in the gaskets but it...
  18. J

    Rubber plugs for pilot mixture screw

    Do anyone know where from I can purchase rubber plugs for pilot mixture screw holes? Or do anyone know if iI can use some other manufacturers rubber plugs
  19. J

    Ignition wire rubber washer

    I am looking for the rubber gasket/ washer for the coil end of the ignition wire. This tightens up the high tension wire to the coil, mine is worn out
  20. H

    Rubber vs Steel valve stems?

    Seems I see a lot of both. I know the Stainless Steel ones are more costly. When I used to off-road race we ALWAYS used rubber ones so that they'd flex instead of sheer off if you clipped a rock or something. But we are talking about streetbikes here. My wife just refinished her 1982...