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  1. Fire-medic

    U of Chicago Freshmen: No safe spaces or trigger warnings!

    If your 'snowflake' beginning college student was expecting to be protected from anything that he, she, "xe" or whatever pronoun they want to be referred to as, in the college environment where they could be "upset," heed this sent to U of Chicago freshmen...
  2. F

    Armed and safe

    Yup, having a gun will keep you safe, sure will.
  3. hypermax

    Safe to run on this mobile Dyno?

    I'm going to a car/bike show tomorrow that will have this mobile dyno there. I would like to make a pull on it. Should be OK I guess. $30 three runs, no print out though
  4. tothemax93

    NY Safe act and Cuomo get bitch slapped

    New York State now has the most NRA members in the country. More than any other state in the US. Membership by New Yorkers nearly doubled after the enactment of the "safe act". NY has surpassed Texas and California, to become the largest. The NYS Rifle & Pistol Assoc. have also raised $200,000...
  5. R

    Is it safe to connect R/R directly to battery?

    Hi guys, need advice from vmax gurus here. One of the suggestion in fixing the hotstart or low voltage problem from this post is to connect the R/R positive directly to battery with a new bigger cable. But when I was reading the service manual...
  6. C

    E5 & E10 Ethanol Fuel for Vmax - Safe ?

    How safe it is to use E5 or E10 Ethanol fuel on our Vmaxes ? My country is about to mandate the use of E5 and later towards E10 Ethanol fuel. I am worried about the effect on my Vmax. Should I worry or not. Or maybe there is an additive to counteract the ethanol damaging effects to...
  7. sarchin

    riders be safe - craigslist rant n rave

    I found this post in the craigslist rant n rave section. I'm not meaning to crack on Harleys here but I did get a couple of laughs out of it... riders be safe (hondaville) Harley riders, please check the list...
  8. rebar

    Safe method to buy a vehicle states away? Need to cover my ass

    I want to buy a Van in florida. Iv already sent $500 cashiers check and seller removed the craigslist ad. Now I have to travel to drive the Van back home, but when I called my counties treasurer, they recommended I get the title and get plates here in Iowa Before I go. County told me I cant...
  9. dannymax

    Need some help interpreting the NY SAFE Act

    Here is the link to the New York State SAFE Act FAQ was given to me by the clerk at the county pistol permit bureau: My question is....'is the SKS with the original fixed 10 rd magazine considered a restricted assault weapon under...
  10. SpecOps13

    Democrat Designed, Comifornia Approved Gun Safe

    This is Not Funny but Could be our Future!!!!! You may need to enable the pop up window to view. I couldn't get it embedded.
  11. sdt354

    Be alert and ride safe!

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1.6 million vehicle crashes involving deer occur each year in the U.S. These accidents peak between October and January when deer are breeding and most active. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as deer season gets into...
  12. vmaxcruzer

    Def not safe for work, unless boss is cool.

    This forum needs to be livened up a bit, all (well, almost all) of us are suffering the winter no ride blues. Without further a due...I give you... Girls kissing. You are welcome.
  13. yukonerdave

    Safe to use jack?

    Hello I have a Craftsman motorcycle jack and I'm wondering if it is safe to lift my stock 85 on it. The only reason I ask is that the pipes run under the bike and it looks as though all 600 lbs would be resting on them if I use the jack.
  14. RagingMain

    Safe to use Loctite...

    in an oil system??? I have an 86 and am putting on the oil filter adapter. Just want to make sure it is ok to loctite it in. Thanks Cheers
  15. clintard

    Are 401k's Safe?

    Hey everybody i need words of wisdom here. Most guys on this forum seem pretty well established and i know there is a load of experience here for this topic so i have come to you to ask about it. Im 22 years old, and i own my own house. I work for a pretty crappy company right now but im just...
  16. ZRX/V-MAX

    made it home safe with the new MAX

    ah well, it was 1530 miles total 38.488 gallons of fuel $105.75 fuel cost 39.752 mpg 13 fuel stops great people and food all the way. West Virginia had the best scenery Louisiana the absolute worst..................... Barber Motorsport Museum is a must see for any enthusiast...
  17. Max01red

    Gone fishing (this one is work safe)

    Four married guys go fishing. After an hour, the following conversation takes place: First guy: "You have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out fishing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that I would paint every room in our house next weekend!" Second guy: "That's...
  18. MaxPower

    motorcycle wreck

    Ride safe fella's Just a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and slow down! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motorcyclist Killed After High-Speed Crash...
  19. clintard

    Not Safe For Work

    Nevermind sorry to waste your time!
  20. firefly

    Just a reminder to ride safe!!! very disturbing

    We all talk about how fast max is and how fast we can ride until we see something like this then we get numb and scared. Its not how fast you can ride its more like how long will you continue riding and enjoying motorcycling & open air freedom. accidents do happen BUT the higher the speed the...