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  1. kevman

    Stuck jet block in carbie.

    Ok I had dramas with the I pulled them off the bike and started dismantling them.I have reached the point of removing the jet block and it seems stuck.I tried levering it off with a large screwdriver but it doesn't want to budge.Any ideas on how to remove them would be great.Thanks...
  2. VmaxVboost

    Spark plug soaked in fuel, stuck slider?

    I have a 2000 Max with 73,000 miles on it, stock carbs, jets, and exhaust. For the last 4 months, it has been running as if one or two cylinders are not firing. At a red light, the idle will switch from perfect to a stutter (like a Harley), then back to perfect, within the same red light...
  3. Jhbox13

    Stuck in first

    So I got this '85 vmax but three weeks ago. Had been sitting up and guy couldn't getting it going after replacing the stator. I got it, replaced a cracked pickup coil, clean carbs, and replaced some bad plugs, presto it works. Today, I took it out of the parking lot for the first time...
  4. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  5. S

    Gas Cap Stuck

    I can't get my gas cap off. After a bit of wiggling, the key does turn a quarter turn clockwise, but it won't come off. The whole cap does rotate slightly both clockwise and counter clockwise, but it won't open. I've tried a little WD-40 as well as lightly tapping with a rubber mallet. I've also...
  6. Traumahawk

    Stuck fork

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  7. M

    Cant get out of neutral - Stuck clutch?

    I just inherited a 2001 Vmax with 40k miles thats been sitting in a garage for six or so years. Pulled the carbs, flushed the lines, sealed the gas tank ect and now that i have everything back on I started her up to find that I cant get it in gear. I can start in neutral, pull the clutch and...
  8. G

    UFO Baffle Stuck !!!!

    Trying to remove UFO StreetPro baffle to allow me remove stock baffle packing and fit fibreglass type wrapping material... Unable to remove baffles, sprayed WD40 release agent into baffle and mufflers and got some movement but cannot get them out...any ideas ?
  9. P

    Throttle cable stuck

    Hello all, Removed the carbs last fall but only disconnected #4 from the gang. Replaced them this week and it runs fine but the throttle will not return to "closed' by itself, I have to roll it forward. I thought that the cable routing was incorrect and bound up but cannot find any photos. Do...
  10. A

    idle stuck high after reinstalling carbs

    obike ran great last year and every time I started it this winter. Maybe a slightly low idle but not the 5k I have now. One carb started recently spewing gas from the top.vent hose. I removed the carbs but did not fully separate them. I removed enough brackets to rotate the offending carb...
  11. A

    Brakes stuck on

    Hi all i have a 1986 max which has been stood for a good while i have had the carbs sorted ( thanks h at extrap ) now it seems the front brakes have stuck on i can push the bike but need arms like arnie..i was wondering can they be servicedin anyway or can i buy some recons i want to spend as...
  12. P

    Help! Stuck UFO end cap.

    Hi, I got the UFO megz and when i was repacking the exhausts, one of the end caps got stuck really hard. It's a bit angled. You guys have any suggestions on how to remove stuck end cap without damaging the finish? Thanks!
  13. maxist

    Stuck Start Switch

    Had a funny thing happen to me over the weekend. I was out on some erands and came out to start my bike. It started but ran like crap and both the red Fuel and Oil telltales were lit. Every time I tried to give it gas it just sputtered and wanted to stall. I shut it off and re-started, same...
  14. G

    Rear shock bushing stuck

    Does anyone have any ideas for getting an old bushing off the swingarm bolt? The metal inner part if the bushing seems pretty well on there. I've tried penetrating oil, wooden mallet, heating it up, and heavy toothed pliers. Not sure how the hell to get this thing off. The other side popped...
  15. Sonoran6

    Stuck Idle mix screw

    How difficult is it to fix this if the screw head has been damaged? I was having some issues with my carbs popping and a real slight idle backfire. Went to do a peashooter and screwed up the mix screws on the right 2 carbs when going to back them out 2 turns. I stopped jacking with the screws...
  16. WonkoTheSane

    Stud and collar woes

    I have a 1991 VMax that I'm replacing the downpipes on (rusted original one) and I have run into some trouble. I'm running out of ideas so any thoughts would be appreciated. Out of 4 studs, the first one came out with the hex nut (probably the best possible outcome), the second sheared off...
  17. C

    Idle Mixture Screw Stuck

    Hi all, started doing the "shotgun" and got to my final carb and the idle mixture screw stuck. It will not turn and I started to bugger the head. It's not totally effed, but with the soft metal I stopped. Has anyone had this trouble before? What to do to solve it? And finally, where can I get...
  18. maxcruiser

    Valve Lifters Stuck

    I'm working on an Radian engine and I'm at the head. It's off the engine and I'm trying to get the valve lifters off and 3 off them are stuck. I have tried to lift them off with magnets, up to a 25lb rating, but they won't come out. Looking for ideas on how to get them out before I go nuts...
  19. G

    my 92 is stuck in first gear?

    Could use a little help brothers, always enjoyed reading the posts on here but this is the first time for me so bear with me. Ready to go for a nice ride up Blue mtn. yesterday only bout 2 miles from home I'm pullin out from traffic light and can't shift to second gear. Pulled over and got it...
  20. Kenom

    stuck bolt removal "H" cover

    can't find vboost servo. My bolts are pretty stripped and are also pretty tight. Anyone have some suggestions to removing these and once they are removed a good source for Allen type bolts to replace these? Does anti-seize help this unstick? Second question, to stick the Vboost on...