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  1. rick67ca

    Any tips on removing a Walker 4-1 exhaust?

    Hello, I am going to remove a Walker 4-1 exhaust system from my 97 VMax. I notice that the pipes are slip fit. Does anybody have any tips on how to best get everything separated without destroying it? Thanks in advance. Rick
  2. CaptainKyle

    Dale walker full exhaust. -SOLD-

    complete full dale walker exhaust good entry level system if you dont mind a little elbow grease. It performs exactly as it should just not super pretty. The coating was coming off I just scuffed it and put some hi temp paint on it. The cans have dents and scrapes most would probably sand and...
  3. blaxmax

    Dale Walker's Vmax on Ebay

  4. Tmax-4938

    Special Thanks to Dale Walker at Holeshot

    Hey fellow Vmaxers, Just wanted to give a special shout out to Dale Walker at Holeshot Performance for the excellent job he did on bracing my 2002 swing arm. The fabrication is top notch and the welding is flawless. First time I learned about Dale was back in the late 80's, I purchased his...
  5. VmaxingPauly

    DALE WALKER 10' Bad Boy Comp Cans

    Hey All, Hope all has been well - Just wanted to share that I changed my cans from 14 to 10 and very happy with the change. Since I am a repeating customer - I was granted a discount - If any forum member is a Dale Walker exhaust owner and would like to change - contact him he'll work a small...
  6. S

    Dale Walker no longer makes Holeshot..which exhaust now?

    I just recently purchased a 2009 VMAX with 2014 miles on it. During transport the carrier didn't secure another bike properly and it fell over and rested on my VMAX scratching the right side of the bike...grrrr. Good news is most of the damage sustained was on the right side stock muffler. I'm...
  7. fmcandrew

    Dale Walker headers no longer available

    Just got off the phone with Dale Walker and it appears he has sold his last set of headers for the 85-07 Vmax. They are now discontinued. Figured I'd share this...
  8. The Beekeeper

    Actor Paul Walker dies.........

    Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame died in a car crash, no real details as of yet, but he was driving a red Porshe when it happend, it will be interesting to see how they finish shooting the latest F&F, he was 40.......................Tom.
  9. C

    Exhaust Comparision, Marks 4-2 , UFO 4-2 and Walker 4-2.

    First I have to say I talked to Mark and he is a great guy to talk to on the phone. I told him we had a big ride planned ( which got cancelled, but turned into a drag strip run ) and he had everything to me in about two weeks ( little less ). I have to say a few things about buying exhaust. 1...
  10. Rusty McNeil

    Best Duck Walker ever

    From the Houston Vmax Yahoo Group http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJUQlOaXams
  11. B

    V Boost Switch (Old Dale Walker Switch)

    Hey guys, Been somewhat of a lurker on the board - have a question for you. I am currently riding an '89 VMax and a '00 ZRX1100. About 10 years ago, I owned a '85 VMax. I had the Dale Walker VBoost switch and I loved it. Anyone have one that they want to get rid of? I've seen some aftermarket...
  12. 95spfldmax

    Dale Walker Slip-On Nameplate Replacement

    Hey guys, Anyone out there have a messed up set of Dale Walker slip-ons that the nameplate might still be good on? I figure it's long shot but worth asking. My other side is shot and I already removed it. Thanks in advance.................
  13. CaptainKyle

    Might be selling my dale walker

    I did not really want to put this in the for sale section yet. I just wanted to see if there was any intrest first. I have a complete Dale Walker 4 into 2 on my 85 that I am throwing around the idea of selling. I t does not have any leaks or any thing but it is about time for it to be recoated...
  14. vmaxerCraig

    walker issue

    I have noticed recently that the holeshot exhaust I paid 1,000$ for about 5 years ago appears to be rusting out already. I ride in the rain on occasion, but always store my vmax inside. The cans are still almost perfect with barely a blemish. Is there a fix or will they need a new ceramic...
  15. D

    kerker, UFO, Dale walker?

    got an 88 with a full kerker k series exhaust. If I remove the air box and put four kn air filters does it need to be rejetted to a stage 7? Next, is this even worth it with the kerker? I debated the UFO slash exhaust with the same setup (4 K&N with stage 7 jet) but I heard a lot of bad news...
  16. B

    Dale Walker slip ons

    Is there anybody out there that knows anything about holeshot slip ons for the vmax. Is there any hp gain over stock, or are they just simply sound and looks?
  17. gamorg02

    installing walker exhaust...

    can someone take a pic of their rear headers? i'm not sure which one goes on what side. theres one with just 1 L and then theres another S shaped one.. thnks!
  18. Jayhawk

    Dale Walker working on '09 exhaust

    Link and more pics here
  19. max_caper

    Morley air box with Dale Walker Exhaust

    Hi all, Since we're talking Dale Walker Holeshot 4-2 AND Morley's Muscle Jet Kit...I have a question that may not exactly be thread-specific. What is the best set-up for my 2006 Max considering I am using both of these items? I live in Ontario at about 500 feet above sea level. The...
  20. 4gasem

    2006 with Full Holeshot and Walkers stage 1

    See the runs I made. I need to go down to 155 mains to lean out the top a bit but it runs great! The 122 numbers were with Dales Walkers stage 1and his full exhaust. The 124 number was with Sean Morley's kit and the needles spaced up a bit. The 123.9 numbers were with Seans kit and needle...