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  1. L

    My cousin, Les and wife Arlene

    My cousin Les was a corporate pilot living on Big Pine Key, Florida. I haven't been down in a while but when I did we went diving and buzzing the reefs in his plane. He had a Yamaha Venture and later a Soft Tail. His wife Arlene was a nurse and sold real estate. They were hit very hard by...
  2. Regular Guy

    Found a Max for the wife

    I was on Kyle's Max Motorvation Facebook page and there is a lady on there that has this Vmax and I freaking dig it! My wife saw it and wants it. I need to find out what parts (seat, fender, windscreen) these are and see if I can find a reasonably priced Vmax for her and make her somewhat of a...
  3. poppop

    The wife's sleeps with a invisible creature

    Last night while tucking the wife into bed,I turned off the light and just about got outta the bedroom when i heard a GROWALLL!I ran back in there jerked the covers off her,She said what the hell is wrong with you!I said sug There's a creature in there with you !I HEARD IT!!She said you're a...
  4. poppop

    my wife

    We have had one of those weeks.Just nothing has went as planned.Today she came in with these.And said this is a new week and a new start.I really hope you like them,If you would have done this for me i would have cried.Just a really sweet thing.Thank you wife.I love her.If it dose'nt post she...
  5. Fire-medic

    Philly death produces competing obits: wife vs girlfriend

    Good for a laugh, if death can produce anything funny, this may be it: http://www.phillyvoice.com/nj-mans-dueling-obituaries-separately-list-loving-wife-and-longtime-girlfriend/ In the first obit, his “loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black” gets top survivor billing. In the second, however...
  6. VMax-Mike

    This is what your wife would like to do

    Spank the shit out of that mod monkey
  7. SpecOps13

    Mary's (My Wife's ) 50th Reunion

    Once in a lifetime event. We made it this far......:confused2::clapping: That's totally Amazing in itself.......... Me, on the Left, Mary and the man who my Son worked with at the University of Alaska. Past President of the University of Alaska, Major General, USA, Retired, Mark Hamilton...
  8. VMax-Mike

    Best wife ever award

    My wife has made me very happy. She actully built this for me. She even painted the box. I was near tears when she gave it to me. She knows how much i miss my bike and how much i miss riding with you guys.
  9. J

    afraid my wife is loosing her mind.

    Something is up. My dear wife has always been a bit tight with the funds. Thank heaven for that when times were tougher and I was out of work... Been talking about getting a bobcat for a couple years (we're all into the off road bikes and quads and have a bit of land). Boom! This year she...
  10. Bill Seward

    Wife's getting surgery today.

    Kathy's going into the hospital today for a bit of outpatient surgery. She had what she thought was a small wart on her calf near her ankle. It grew into this thing you'd see on "The Walking Dead" over a few weeks. Doctor looked at it, and said it had to come out, and today's the day. Weird...
  11. poppop

    keeping the wife in her place!

    Wife Told me the outside of the house was dirty.Who does she think she is.I guess Ill have to put my foot down and put her in her place,By granny ,Ill show her.I dont have to put up with that ill show her!.So guess what happend when she came home friday.She said good you washed the house.She...
  12. H

    took the wife for a ride this morning

    we got far out west where very little traffic was this weekend and I asked her if she wanted to experience v-boost. Well being a good sport she said ok. I was already at about 4k in 3rd and hit it. seconds into boostmania she was screaming at me I didnt let up until a shift into 4th and a bit...
  13. DakRatFink

    Wife rode the max for the first time today.

    My wife has been out of the saddle for a couple years now. Well, long story short, after a couple of hundred miles on the pillion today she took the Max for a spin around the residential streets around base. I asked her what she thought of her solo ride and she said that she half wanted to take...
  14. dannymax

    My wife the COPRUNNER!!

  15. bigrubbers4x4

    the wife is mad at me...

    but who's wife dont get mad at them sometimes right..... well, my wife is mad at me because we paid for insurance on the max last year and i never even got it out of the basement, so guess what that means... I plan to ride as much as i possibly can this summer with my dad and anyone else that...
  16. R

    bought a bomadier qaud for the wife

    Last weekend a pile of us went out dirtbiking and qauding. It was tons of fun. I havent had that much fun since I was a kid on my 1968 Suzuki 50cc. The wifes says.." boy, honey, it looks like you guys sure had fun" I wished I had a quad so I could come too":sad2: Soo,..one of the places I do...
  17. EvilD

    A good wife

    A real wife is a man's best friend. She will reassure him when he feels insecure & comfort him after a bad day. She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do, to live without fear or regret. She will enable him to express his deepest emotions. A real wife will enable him to be...
  18. mattness

    NSFW: guy busted by wife with 3..no wait 4..chicks

    http://www.efukt.com/20740_Cheating_Fail.html lol watch it all the way through they just come out of no where!! hahahhaa:rofl_200:
  19. jacoviii

    need a 250/+ for wife

    hi i live in kc mo and I'm looking for a 250 or so yamaha bike it will be her first shes 5'4" 120 lb so that is why i think a 250 would work for her
  20. dannymax

    Uh-OH!! Wife caught me looking......

    .... at this! http://www.newenough.com/pricing/private/236 Now she wants to get it for me for Christmas!! What a little sweetheart she is!!! :worthy::worthy::worthy: