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  1. Y

    Removal of bar ends with no Allen screw?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove these bar ends? There is no screw at all to remove.
  2. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Some odds and ends for sale

    Up for sale. Shipping not included in price. 1. Clutch master cylinder. $50 14mm bore so it will lessen clutch pull effort. Great if you have the DD mod. Adjustable lever is basically new. Reservoir cap had some scratches on it but I smoothed them and painted it. Site glass is good...
  3. henrysgmc

    Stock Bar Ends

    Looking for a set of OEM Bar Ends.
  4. frank5079

    Motorcyclist rear ends car...

    .....while doing a 140mph!! http://viralsurvival.com/2014/06/23/high-speed-crash-on-motorcycle/
  5. Thevmaxrider

    So, when the world ends tomorrow

    What will you be doing when the world "ends" tomorrow? Honest answers please:rofl_200:
  6. PDWeyand

    Lighted Bar Ends

    I was out one in my pick up at night and seen a fellow rider on his H-D. It was all dressed up with LEDs every where you could think of placing a light his bike had one. The one that really caught my eye was he had LED bar ends on his bike. So I got home a started looking into where to find and...
  7. I

    What does this 6-8-12 disc and closed ends mean on Supertrapp exhausts?

    Just that... If it's what i think it is, i took out my baffles today and took out 2 rings behind the caps that hold the baffles in, is this what people mean when they say they have 6-8-12 discs ect, why have so many! And what's closed ends....
  8. alorio1

    For those with whining rear ends

    I never thought about this when someone posted a Whine coming from their rear end, so this info is not to be credited to me but another member (Nick) from another forum: here is the C&P from another forum. I recently had a horrible whining coming from the back end, having just fixed a water...
  9. S

    6/20/2011 - National ride to work day ends badly

    I guess this is what you call irony. A day designed specifically to raise motorcycle awareness; Starts like this. Ends like this. Rear ended less than 1/4 mile from home at 8pm after a 12 hour day in the office. ---------------- I was stopped at a light behind a line of cars. All of the...
  10. mattmullins

    1990 with supertrapps open ends and 6 disc

    These was my numbers last night was 103.64 hp 69.80 tq they couldn't put the sniffer on with the disc but my plugs are white so I'm sure I'm lean a/f turned out 2 3/4 numbers seem low it was 98 f
  11. acammer

    OE sissybar on e-bay, ends tonight at aprx. 7pm EST

    I have my OE passenger backrest on E-bay right now, current bid is $255.00. I'd really rather see this go to a forum member, its been in the for-sale section for a while with minimal interest. If somebody is interested, I we can consider working outside of flea-bay and avoiding some of the...
  12. bigrubbers4x4

    which mirrors, bar ends or risers?

    i am trying to decide on a set of aftermarket mirrors to put on the max. the mod monkey bit me again....i'm gonna go broke with this little bastage around....lol. i cant decide whether or not i want to go with bar end mirrors or riser type mirrors. they are not all that expensive so i want to...
  13. SpecOps13

    Cleaning Up Loose Ends Around The Carbs

    I'm finally pretty satisfied that my carb adjustments are about as close as I can make them. Since there are no covers for the Air / Fuel Screw Holes, I wanted to do something to seal them against moisture entering or Fuel / Air leaking. I keep everything that is left over from any job so I...
  14. one2dmax

    Ultima Wheels-Engines-Front Ends

    It's official. I should have my dealer paperwork early next week. They have confirmed my account so should be able to get with Steve (Jedi) and start maybe offering more wheels for our bikes. Sean
  15. S

    Removing bar ends???

    I want to put new grips on the bike but I don't see how I can take the bar ends off. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Sid
  16. 85 MAX-fan

    Rockatansky's lucky streak ends

    With the decent weather we have had in the area lately many have pulled out their hardware to blow the cobwebs out of their exhausts. I felt the need last night to burn off some stabilized fuel and while checking out some local haunts learned that Rockatansky finally had to face the long arm of...
  17. 95spfldmax

    Another Horror Clutch Rebuild Story That Ends Well

    Another Clutch Rebuild Horror Story That Ends Well Hey guys, Just wanted to give you an update.......... I FINALLY got my clutch to bleed up!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping: Way more work than it should of been. But thanks to some of the suggestions (on my earlier post) to try the one that...
  18. F

    bar ends

    I am going to install a bar end mirror and was wondering how to take off the stock chrome bar ends? Do I just twist these off? I don't want to mangle anything? Thanks all
  19. Angel of Death

    R1 calipers for 93 and up front ends

    Just wondering for my pet project this year, what year R1 calipers 'bolt on' to 93+ front ends? And to they really just bolt right on? Thanks, Erik ________ Suzuki cultus history