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  1. CaptainKyle

    12 inch progressive shocks

    12 inch progressive shocks look nice & no leaks. These are an inch shorter than stock. $ 125 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not PM [email protected]
  2. speedcostsmoney

    Shocks used for 3 INCH stretch swing-arm

    looking for the shocks people use from another motorcycle when then add 3 inchs to the swing-arm,
  3. cuathetop

    28 or 32 inch drag bars?

    Im gonna put drag bar on bike this winter and was just wondering some opinions on size i was thinking of going with the 32 inchers anyone have and if so do you like?Would i be running into any issues? mods? I have a riser now so im sure that will help. I figured wider was better for me. Thanks...
  4. E

    15 or 16 inch front wheel options? Gen 1

    is there anyone out there running a smaller size front? If so which? Someone said that 80's Ventures might be an option, but they are 18's. Yes, i like balloon tires :biglaugh:
  5. leecifer

    Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails

    I saw Soundgarden Nine Inch Nails at the DTE Energy Center. I never thought I would get a chance to see soundgarden.probably be one of my top three concerts I ever been to. It was packed. Did anyone else see this concert?
  6. Traumahawk

    RC 18 inch rear wheel

    I just bought an 18 inch RC rear wheel from Sean. Along with the wheel, and the cush bushings, there is a needle bearing, a "hollow" tube, and 2 seals. One seal was already installed on the right side of the wheel. So I'm assuming that everything will will be placed into the left side of the...
  7. dmax1

    15 inch radial for the max?

    Saw this tire on amazon and was wondering if this may fit the stock rear wheel. :ummm:
  8. maxrom

    7 inch front spot

    I have a 7 inch H4 head light, All other lightning is LED i always protect that Vmax low rate electrical charge system since 22,000Km now at 105,000 i never had to repair any part of it (except battery change) fall on this today it`s near HID without electrical issue just share...
  9. Traumahawk

    Tires for 18 inch rims

    I'm looking at going to radials sometime in the near future. What are the available choices for 18 inch rear rims? I know that 17 inch rims have more choices, but I don't like the empty space there is around the tire and the fender. I wonder about something like this...
  10. B

    1985 17 inch wheel

    anybody seen this
  11. Fire-medic

    "Spirit of (Burt) Munro" Indian 111 cu. inch streamliner

    An interesting article!
  12. U

    5 inch tire to 4.5inch rim

    Hello I have a Exactrep rear rim- 17" / 4.5 inch I want to buy new tire and I am looking for a sporty tire I want to buy the bridgestone BT016 (170/60 17") The bt016 have a range of 5 – 5.5 inch (from bridgestone site) Although it</SPAN>, can I fit it in my 4.5 rim? uri
  13. P

    Lowering an inch

    Ok easy done with progressive springs and shocks,,, will I need to modify or get a custom kickstand? will the center stand still work? Thanks for the help
  14. firefly

    Installing 2 inch pivoting risers & their effect

    Thanks to a member here for posting the link below ~ 2weeks ago, I ordered them in the hope of bringing the handle bar closer to me so my elbows bend ~ 80* while sitting comfortably upright. I currently have the genmar universal riser, I wanted to use the stock wishbone clamp with the pivoting...
  15. N

    3 inch extention

    I am kicking around the mod converting my stock swingarm to a 3 inch extention. Besides the obvious Looks Bad Ass what other improvements can I expect along with any negative thoughts as well. I ride on the highway the most with few twisties around here. I don't run at the track but I do like to...
  16. maleko89

    Radials on stock 15 inch rear wheel

    FYI, I found out via the Yahoo! list that they do have a couple of 15 inch radials available. Keep in mind that the Bridgestone does not have a matching tire for the stock 18 inch front.
  17. ghostntheshell

    17/18 Inch / Radials : Discuss!

    Hey there. I am seriously thinking about the options on this conversion. Just looking for some experts to chime in and give some opinions on the pro's and con's of the available options. I am researching the subject - just looking for some input that may add to my list of things I need to find...
  18. T

    I have inverted front end with 2 inch extention--NEED HELP PLEASE!

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a sweet looking 2001 VMAX fully customized. It came with inverted Yamaha warrior triple tree and forks, and has 2 inch extension...the problem I have is the extension leaking oil and seems to be loose. took it to Yamaha dealer and was told that I need to replace it...
  19. Heretic

    Mad Max 8 inch stretch / 300mm / single shock

    Here are some pictures of a local Max owner's new setup that I thought you all would like to see. He never visits this site, even though I tell him to. It is a Mad Max 8 inch stretched swingarm with 300mm rear tire and a single shock setup that he fabbed himself. He originally had the 300mm but...
  20. M

    18 inch solid rear wheel

    could someone post a picture of this set up? I'll buy you a coke.:biglaugh: